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This clear 11" Drainable Pouch with the MicroSkin® adhesive barrier has a durable MicroDerm™ thin washer to provide additional protection to the peristomal skin. The pouch has a tapered shape, odor-proof film and comfort backing. Available in opaque and transparent pouches, with cut-to-fit and pre-cut sizes.

  • Cymed's one-piece pouches have a simple application process; the barrier and pouch are one unit.
  • MicroSkin™ barrier is composed of a hypoallergenic polyurethane film with an acrylic non-ether adhesive. The MicroDerm™ washer is pectin-based.
  • MicroSkin™ products do not require belts, tapes, cement, or other ancillary products to achieve security and comfort.
  • MicroSkin™ barrier is moisture and vapor permeable and therefore creates a drier environment for the skin that is less conducive to the growth of fungus.
  • MicroSkin™ barrier with integral MicroDerm™ thin washer provides adequate protection for most colostomies with formed stool.

Item#: 9381X00V

Brand: Cymed

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