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Bedside Commodes / Bedside Toilet for Adults

For those with limited mobility, once-easy tasks can become complicated. Avacare Medical carries many products to simplify your daily living so that you can live your life without getting side-tracked by once-simple, now overwhelming tasks. Our daily living aids, such as bedside commodes, will help you to re-simplify your life as much as possible. Read More...

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Choosing an adult bedside toilet can be a perplexing task. Which material to choose? What size to get? Which features are important? 

These are important questions that need to be asked before choosing a bedside commode. 

Find the answers to these questions, plus lots more relevant and important information to know about bedside commodes, in this well-researched, thorough guide which will help you to choose the bedside commode that is best for your needs. 

Dimensions & Weight Capacity of the Bedside Commode

If you’ll also be using the bedside commode as a shower chair, take note of the bedside potty chair’s total width to ensure it will fit in your stall or tub. Even if you’ll just be using the bedside toilet as a standard bedside commode, it’s important to check the width before purchasing to make sure that it’s large enough. 

The standard bedside potty chair for adults usually features a width of 18 inches. If you feel that will be a bit small, there are bariatric bedside toilet chairs which are designed for individuals who want more space. Bariatric commodes usually range between 23 and 30 inches wide, and some can hold up to 1000 pounds. A standard bedside potty chair for adults can usually hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

Frame Material of the Bedside Toilet

Take note of what the bedside porta potty frame is made from, since this will either enhance or reduce its functionality. Here are the two most common materials used to construct the frame, and the differences between them.


Aluminum is durable, lightweight, and has a stable grip. Bedside toilets comprised of aluminum are often more expensive than those of steel, but since aluminum won’t rust, a bedside potty made of aluminum can stay in better condition for longer. Therefore, spending a bit more on a bedside potty chair may come out to be more worthwhile for some in the long run. 


Steel can get rusty if used in the shower or tub. Therefore, steel is not the ideal choice if you plan to multipurpose your bedside commode as a bedside commode shower chair. However, if you plan to use your commode for bedside use only, steel is a more cost-efficient option than aluminum, and is also very durable. Bear in mind that a steel commode is usually pretty heavy, so it isn’t as easily transportable.

Portability of the Bedside Toilet

If you’ll be moving the bedside commode around, you’ll want to research its portability. The two factors that contribute most to the bedside potty’s portability are foldability and weight. If the bedside toilet seat is very heavy, it’ll be hard to move around. 

Stability and portability are inversely proportional; the sturdier the commode, the harder it will be to move around. A commode that can hold more weight often weighs more, and that’s what causes it to be more sturdy. For this reason, not always can weight be a negotiable factor; individuals who need a bariatric commode won’t have a commode that’s as portable as a more lightweight one. 

Two things to look out for if you want a bedside commode that can be transferred are if the bedside toilet chair can be folded and if it has wheels.

Comfort of the Commode

Most people would prefer a bedside commode that is comfortable. There are 3 main parts of the commode that contribute to its comfort level. 

  • Padding: A padded bedside commode seat is considered to be more comfortable than the rigid, non-padded alternative. 
  • Size of Opening: A bedside toilet with a larger sized opening is more comfortable for larger sized individuals.
  • Position of Opening: The position of the opening will either enhance or detract from the bedside toilet commode’s comfort. Try to make sure that the position is conducive for your needs as a male or female. 

Supportiveness of the Commode

A wider commode will usually be more supportive. There are also commodes with drop arms which can be raised to provide a supportive and secure frame for the user. Drop arms give the commode user something to hold onto while getting on and off the commode. 

Functionality of the Commode

The most functional kind of commode is the all-in-one style, which has three uses: It can be used as a regular bedside commode, as a raised toilet seat, and as a toilet safety frame. The all-in-1 commode, also called the 3-in-1 commode, is ideal for individuals who prefer a bedside commode for nighttime use but at the same time would rather a raised toilet seat so that they can use their regular toilet during the day. 

Rubberized Feet

This is the alternative to wheels. The benefit of rubberized feet over wheels is that is can be more slip resistant; however, it is harder to move around a bedside toilet with rubberized feet. 

Bedside Commode Cost

There is no set price for a bedside commode; the bedside commode cost can vary greatly. Usually, the more you spend, the better medical bedside toilet you’ll end up getting. However, if you don’t plan on making use of the commode for too long (for example, you’re recovering from a surgery or injury) then it may not be worth it for you to spend a fortune on a bedside toilet chair; you may want to look into cheap bedside commode options instead. If you hope to utilize this commode for quite some time, then you may want to spend a bit more. 

Bedside Potty Features

Splash guards will help keep things more contained, and liners will make cleaning easier. Some bedside commodes even come with a toilet paper dispenser! Aside from a full selection of bedside commodes, AvaCare Medical also offers related products such as replacement seats for bedside commodes and bedside commode pails. 


Find the best bedside commodes for sale on AvaCare Medical. Choose from small bedside commodes, bariatric ones, and many other types of bedside toilets on our site. Get the best bedside commodes and accessories at AvaCare Medical now.