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Bedside Commode Buckets & Seats / Commode Accessories

AvaCare Medical offers a full selection of commode accessories, including bedside commode buckets, regular and padded commode seat replacements, and commode arms. Find the commode replacement parts you need at the price you want! Read More...

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  1. Pee-Wee Urine Bag Display
    Pee-Wee Urine Bag Display

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Bedside Commode Buckets

Bedside commode buckets, or potty chair buckets, often feature a handle for handling and sometimes come with a lid. They are available in several sizes; try to find a bedside toilet bucket that is the same as your old one so that it will fit in your current commode. 

Regular & Padded Commode Seat Replacements

Instead of spending on a new commode if your commode seat requires replacement, you can find a regular or padded seat replacement that was designed specifically for your commode. Some people replace the seat for hygienic reasons every so often, and others do it when the seat isn’t in good condition anymore. 

Commode Arms

If your armrests are getting worn out, you may want to get replacement armrests or commode arms. 


Keep your commode good as new with our replacement products! Shop now for free next-day shipping on orders over $49.99!