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Hospital Portable Toilet / Hospital Toilet Chair

A hospital portable toilet is a toilet designed to be used by those of limited mobility. It is movable, is not connected to water lines and can be placed wherever the user or caregiver desires it to be. Hospital toilet chairs are used in nursing home rooms and other healthcare facilities. They can also be brought into a bedroom for someone with compromised mobility who is living at home. Read More...

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  1. Knockdown Commode
    Knockdown Commode
  2. McKesson Heavy Duty Folding Commode Chair
  3. McKesson Commode Chair
    McKesson Commode Chair
  4. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair with Rust-resistant Aluminum Frames
  5. Extra Wide Bedside Commode, Case
  6. Uplift Commode Assist
    Uplift Commode Assist
  7. Mariner Rust-Resistant Rehab Shower Chair
  8. PVC Shower Commode Chair
    PVC Shower Commode Chair
  9. Drop-Arm Commode
    Drop-Arm Commode
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  10. Bedside Commode with Microban
  11. Folding Steel Commode
    Folding Steel Commode
  12. Steel Bedside Commode, Case
    Steel Bedside Commode, Case

Items 1-12 of 34

Set Descending Direction

Keeping a hospital portable toilet in a bedroom is practical and convenient thing to do, since it relieves the user’s anxiety about reaching the bathroom in time, and prevents seniors or others with limited mobility from having to make the long, stressful trek to the bathroom. 

This toilet can be moved to wherever the user wants it to be; for example, it can be placed in the bedroom near the bed for easy access during nighttime hours. Always make sure the wheels are locked in place after you move it, so that the commode will be optimally secure and ready for use when you need it. 

A hospital portable toilet can also be placed in the bathroom or in the shower. If you plan to use the hospital portable toilet in the shower, try to find one that is water-resistant and rust-resistant so that it will stay in good condition for as long as possible. 

Hospital Portable Toilet: Practical Features & Details

Different hospital toilet seats have varying weight capacities, and some feature adjustable legs so that they can be used by people on the tall side or on the short side, or by several people in a facility. Others have an extra large or elongated seat. There are hospital toilet chairs which are foldable; these are easy to take along while traveling. Drop arm hospital potty chairs feature arms which can be lowered and raised, and reduce the risk of falls when pulled up. For comfort purposes, there are padded hospital commode chairs, and for convenience’s sake, one can even find a hospital potty chair with a toilet paper holder. 

Choose the hospital toilet chair that will work best for you depending on your needs. 

To make cleanup easier, you may want to line the hospital toilet seat with a disposable commode bag

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