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Bariatric Toilet Seats / Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Risers

Check out the wide selection of bariatric toilet seats on AvaCare Medical. Whether you need a bariatric raised toilet seat that can hold 350 pounds or or 600 pounds, you can find just the one you require at AvaCare Medical now. Order your Bariatric toilet riser today for free shipping!* Read more...

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  1. Tall-Ette Steel Elevated Toilet Seat
  2. Elevated Locking Toilet Seat
    Elevated Locking Toilet Seat
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  4. Elevated Toilet Seat, Single
  5. Carex Bariatric Toilet Seat
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5 Items

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A bariatric toilet seat is a seat which can hold over 300 pounds. It is placed on top of a standard bathroom toilet, in order to make it easier for bariatric patients and individuals who are on the heavier side to use the bathroom. A bariatric toilet is stronger and much more stable than a standard toilet seat. It will generally feature a wider opening in the middle of the seat. 

There are several different options of bariatric toilet seats. There is the classic bariatric toilet seat, which is your most affordable option. Then there are bariatric raised toilet seats with arms, which offers more support while the individual gets on and off the toilet, thereby reducing the risk of a fall. The last option you have is a Bariatric toilet riser with a steel frame, that has legs and arms. The aforementioned option is the most supportive type of bariatric toilet. There is also a heavy duty cushioned toilet seat; it features a padded seat.

Most bariatric toilet seats range between 4 and 5 inches in height.

Standard vs. Bariatric Toilet Seat

If you or someone under your care needs a raised toilet seat, before purchasing one, be sure to contemplate whether or not what you’re looking for is a bariatric toilet. It’s relatively simple to decide: If the person who will be using the raised toilet has a body weight that exceeds 300 pounds, a bariatric elevated toilet seat is the ideal option. Raised toilet seats that are not bariatric can only hold up to 300 pounds, so if one weighs more than that, the best choice would be to go with a bariatric toilet seat riser, which will offer the right amount of support. 


Be proactive and browse our selection of Bariatric raised toilet seats and heavy duty toilet seat risers today! Get one as soon as you can so that you will stay safe. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 and a customer care rep will gladly assist you. 


* Any heavy duty raised toilet seat that costs over $50 now qualifies for free shipping!