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Elongated Toilet Seat Risers & Raised Toilet Seats

Find elongated toilet seat risers and raised toilet seats on AvaCare Medical today! Choose from our large selection of elongated toilet seat risers and raised toilet seats for elongated toilets. Read more...

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When choosing a toilet seat riser or raised toilet seat, it’s very important to pick one that will fit properly on your toilet. Therefore, if you have an elongated toilet in your bathroom, you’re going to need an elongated toilet seat riser or raised toilet. 

Difference Between Round & Elongated Toilet Seats

A round toilet seat takes up less space in the bathroom. Most older bathrooms feature these toilets. Round toilet seats typically measure up to 17 inches in length. Elongated toilet seats measure more than 17 inches; they are approximately 18 ½ inches in length, and they will take up more space in your bathroom. 

Most adults, especially those on the heavier side, find elongated toilet seats to be more comfortable for sitting on. 

Types of Elongated Toilet Seats

There are two types of elongated toilet seats to choose from: Elongated toilet seat risers, and elongated raised toilet seats. 

An elongated toilet riser, also known as an oblong toilet seat riser, doesn’t come with a toilet seat. It isn’t meant to sit on; it’s merely utilized to add height to your existing toilet. The toilet seat riser is placed on the toilet, in place of the seat, and the original toilet seat is then placed on top of the toilet. 

An elongated raised toilet seat, in contrast, is not only a toilet height extender; it simultaneously serves as a toilet seat. The original seat is pushed back against the rear side of the toilet or removed entirely, and the elongated elevated toilet seat is positioned in its place. 

Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Some elongated handicap toilet seats feature handles to grasp for support while getting on and off the toilet. An elongated toilet seat riser or raised toilet seat with arms can be very useful for anyone with limited muscle strength, painful joints, or lower back pain. 

Sometimes, the raised toilet for an elongated bowl can feature hinges which allow for the seat to be swung up and out of the way any time that it isn’t needed. 

Before deciding on a riser or raised toilet seat for elongated toilets, be sure to take down your toilet’s exact measurements, and, before making a purchase, note the measurements of any toilet seat you view on our site. Not every elongated toilet seat riser or oval raised toilet seat will have the same width and/or length, and you want to find one with the most similar measurements to your toilet as possible, for safety purposes. 

Once you’ve checked the measurements of your toilet, you can choose the oval toilet seat riser from the chart below that matches most closely with your requirements. 

Brand Raised Riser Length Width Added Height Weight Limit Arms

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser




300 lbs

Drive Medical Hinged Riser




250 lbs

Carex Toilet Seat Elevator




300 lbs

Tall-Ette Hinged Toilet Seat




350 lbs

Carex Seat Riser




300 lbs

* Note: these measurements are approximate and we do not guarantee their accuracy.

Find the best toilet seat for your needs on AvaCare Medical today! Choose from the best brands available on our easy-to-navigate website. Whether you’re looking for an elongated raised toilet seat with handles, hinges, or any other popular feature, you’ll find it on AvaCare Medical. If you have any questions regarding a product, or you’re not sure which oblong toilet seat riser to choose for your elongated toilet, feel free to chat with us online or give us a call at 1.877.813.7799. 

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