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Medical Toilet Seats / Hospital Toilet Seats

Find medical toilet seats and hospital toilet seats at AvaCare Medical. Our medical toilet seats are available with different features and weight capacities, and at various price points. We also carry many other types of medical supplies for seniors. Read more...

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  1. Carex Economy Raised Toilet Seat 5"
  2. ProBasics Raised Toilet Seat
  3. Tilt Toilet Seat Lift Single Motor
    Tilt Toilet Seat Lift Single Motor
    Starting at $861.06
  4. Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles
  5. Standard Hinged Toilet Seat Riser 3-1/2"
  6. Velcro Toilet Seat Cushion
    Velcro Toilet Seat Cushion
    Starting at $35.57
  7. Toilet Seat Elevator
    Toilet Seat Elevator
    Starting at $28.58
  8. E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
    E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
    Starting at $67.68
  9. Padded Toilet Seat Riser
    Padded Toilet Seat Riser
    Starting at $35.28
  10. Elongated Elevated Toilet Seat
  11. Etac Hi Loo Raised Toilet Seat
  12. Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

Items 1-12 of 44

Set Descending Direction

Medical raised toilet seats can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, and even private homes. They are used to increase the level of bathroom safety to the highest standard. 80% of falls occur in bathrooms, and 1 in four Americans over the age of 64 falls each year.

In order to lessen the chances of suffering a fall in the bathroom, there are many bathroom safety products which can be installed, such as bathroom grab bars, tub mats, transfer benches, and, of course, medical toilet seats. 

What’s the Purpose of a Medical Toilet?

A medical toilet seat is placed on top of your toilet seat; it adds height to your existing toilet. The purpose of a medical toilet seat is that it makes getting on and off the toilet easier by reducing the distance the person needs to bend to get onto the seat. The reason why it’s important that the person doesn’t bend down more than absolutely necessary is that, while bending, it is possible to lose one’s balance. This is especially so for individuals with low muscle strength. Therefore, for safety purposes, it can be extremely beneficial to invest in a medical toilet seat. 

Types of Medical Toilet Seats

There are several types of medical toilet seats and risers; here are a few of the most popular ones on AvaCare Medical. These are all available from a selection of brands, at all different price points. 

Risers vs. Raised Toilet Seats

Medical toilet seats are available in two forms; risers and raised toilet seats. The difference between the two is that risers are placed between the toilet and the seat, while raised seats are installed in place of the seat. 

Medical Toilet Seat with Handles

For added support as one gets on and off the seat, you can choose a medical toilet seat with handles. The medical supplies toilet seat handles provide you with something to grasp in order to maintain balance and feel secure. You can find medical toilet seat chairs with handles on AvaCare Medical now!

Padded Medical Toilet Seat

A padded medical toilet seat is considered by many to be more comfortable than the standard raised toilet seat, which features a hard surface. Some also prefer it in the winter, when a hard toilet seat can get quite cold. We carry many types of padded raised toilet seats; check out the full selection now!

Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

Some toilet seat risers come with hinges. The reason for the hinges is that they allow for one to flip up the raised toilet seat in order to clean the underside of the seat, and the rim surface of the toilet. Find hinged toilet seat risers on AvaCare Medical today!

Bariatric Medical Toilet Seat 

A bariatric or heavy duty medical supplies toilet chair, or bariatric toilet chair, is designed to bear more than 300 pounds. Some can even hold up to 600 pounds! This is a great choice for individuals who want a more supportive medical elevated toilet seat.

If you’re looking for hospital toilet seats for a nursing home, senior care center, hospital, or private home, contact us now for free shipping!