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Powered Toilet Lifts / Commode Lift Assist Seats

AvaCare Medical offers select top-quality handicap toilet lift seats that are durable, convenient and exceptionally effective. Buy a toilet seat lifter for your bathroom today and discover the difference it can make to your life or that of a loved one! Read more...

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    Tilt Toilet Seat Lift Single Motor
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    Uplift Commode Assist

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Who Can Use a Handicap Toilet Lift Seat?

People with lower back, hip, knee, or joint pain often find getting onto the toilet to be a difficult ordeal. Others who will find it helpful to use a handicap toilet seat include those with arthritis or muscular dystrophy, and anyone recovering from surgery. Many seniors as well as individuals with disabilities can benefit from using a toilet seat lifter or lift off toilet seat. If you find it difficult to get on or off the seat, you may want to invest in a toilet seat lifter. A toilet seat lifter is a sure way to increase the safety in your bathroom; it will make life easier for you, and help you to maintain your independence. 

Over 3 million seniors visit emergency rooms each year due to falls, and over 80% of these falls occur in the bathroom (CDC, 2017). Keep your bathroom safe by investing in a commode lift seat. A commode lift seat will make it extraordinarily easier to take care of your needs. No more slowly and carefully bending your body into position while trying your utmost to maintain balance. A power lift toilet seat can make anyone’s life less stressful and more safe. 

What is a Toilet Seat Lifter?

A toilet seat lifter is a combination of a commode and a lift chair. It safely and smoothly eases the person into a normal sitting position on top of the toilet. Handicap toilet lift seats are quite easy to use; they work with a remote, so that you can get onto the seat with the press of a button. A toilet lift chair won’t usually require much (if any) arm or upper body strength. 

Some handicap toilet lift seats feature a splash guard, to keep things clean, and others feature handles which the user can grasp for support. Some lock in place when the person is seated, for optimal safety. You can find automatic toilet seat lifters on AvaCare that take less than a quarter of an hour to be installed!


AvaCare Medical, everyone’s favorite online medical supply store, doesn’t carry too many toilet seat lift assists, because we do our best to only provide you with the best. There are some cheaper toilet seat lifts for elderly and disabled individuals, but most of them don’t work that well. We want you to stay safe and get the most use out of your products, and therefore, we’ve carefully curated our selection of toilet lifts for disabled and elderly individuals. You won’t find just any toilet lift chairs on AvaCare Medical; you’ll only find powered toilet lifts that feature exceptional engineering and, therefore, actually work. 

Invest in a sturdy and durable self lifting toilet seat today so that you can retain your privacy and independence without compromising on safety. Get yourself an electric toilet seat lift today!

Are you unsure about which automatic toilet seat lifter to choose? Give us a call at 1.877.813.7799, and we’ll be happy to assist you with finding the perfect toilet lift assist and any other medical supplies, and we’ll have it shipped to your door FREE of charge! 


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