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Raised Toilet Seat with Arms / Elevated Toilet Seat with Handles

Browse the selection of raised toilet seats with arms on AvaCare Medical. These elevated toilet seats with arms are designed to raise the height of the toilet seat by a few inches. Choose from padded, contoured, or portable raised commode with handles. Read More...

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Benefits of Raised Toilet Seats with Arms

Many people find it difficult to bend themselves into position in order to get down onto the toilet seat. Often, when a person is finding it to be exceedingly strenuous to get onto the toilet, he’ll purchase a raised toilet seat, so that he doesn’t need to bend down quite so low to reach the toilet. A toilet seat is usually just 15 inches from the floor, and it can be strenuously painful for anyone with arthritis or back or knee pain to get onto it.

But sometimes, even though the raised toilet seat is helpful, you wish there could be something even better. Something that would offer even more support. If this thought has crossed your mind, you may be interested in a raised toilet seat with arms. 

A raised toilet seat with arms offers all the benefits of a standard raised toilet seat, but aside from that, it, it’s even more supportive, and makes falls significantly less likely. Instead of trying to balance as you bend down and concentrate on making it onto the toilet unharmed, you can simply bend just a bit, and then take hold of those arms, which will support you and keep you secure as you position yourself. By holding onto the arms, you’re doing your best to ensure that your weight is as evenly distributed as possible while you get seated, which allows you to maintain balance. Ergo, the more evenly your weight is distributed, the less likely a fall is to occur. 

Falls are all too common among older people, and reality has shown that once a fall has occurred, the injuries make it even more likely that the person will fall again. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there is a 50% chance that this will happen. To decrease the likelihood of a second fall occuring, or even of a first fall happening, be proactive and get a raised toilet seat with handles. 

Raised Toilet Seats with Arms: Available Options

Choosing a raised toilet seat with rails is not a very complicated decision, but it is an important one. The right raised toilet seat, with arms, can easily prevent countless falls from occurring. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re looking for the best raised toilet seat, you want one with arms, which will offer optimal support. Aside from that, here are several other factors you’ll want to take into account when choosing an over the toilet seat with handles. 

Portable vs. Permanent Raised Toilet Seats with Handles

For some people, a portable raised toilet seat with grab bars is a better choice, and for others, a permanent one is the ideal option. It all depends on the individual’s needs and circumstances. The advantages of a portable elevated toilet seat with handles is that it can be taken off and re-installed at will. If the user is sharing a bathroom with other people who don’t need the raised toilet seat, this can be very practical. A permanent raised toilet seat, in comparison, cannot be removed. It usually needs to be screwed on to the toilet. Some prefer the permanent toilet seat since its more secure than the portable one (the portable one is secure, but it’s best to check every so often that it’s firmly in place). 

Raised Toilet Seats with Armrests & Legs

A raised toilet seat with arms and legs will stay in place and offer lots of support. If you’re looking for a raised toilet seat with arms, that can be transferred or moved over if necessary, this one is a great option. Bear in mind, though, that an elevated toilet seat with arms and legs isn’t so conducive for travelers since it has a very large frame.

Removable Arms

Obviously, all toilet seats with arms have arms, but some don’t always have arms. In a nutshell, some toilet seats have arms which can be removed. If you don’t need a toilet seat with arms now, but think it may be helpful in the future, you can remove the arms and use them whenever you deem necessary. Alternatively, if you’re recovering from an injury and would like the assistance of arms, but don’t think you’ll need the arms long-term, removable arms are a solution.

Combined Height of Seat & Arms

The raised seat is usually about 5 inches, and the arms usually add another 5 inches. (If you need a seat that is less than 5 inches, you’d find more options without arms.) Altogether, the raised toilet seat with arms can add more than 10 inches to your toilet height. This will make it ever so much easier to get on and off the seat. 

However, before purchasing a raised toilet seat with handles, do check that the seat you’re getting is not too high, since that is not safe. You want to make sure your feet are able to comfortably reach the floor while you’re sitting on the toilet. Since many online medical supplies stores do not take returns on these products, to ensure that the one you receive will be safe and sanitary, be sure to figure out the measurements of which seat you want before ordering a raised toilet seat with arms.

Do this by having someone measure the length from the bottom of your heel until your knee joint. Standard toilet seats are fifteen inches, so take the measurement you got when measuring from your heel to your knee joint (if it’s an uneven measurement, round to the lower number), minus fifteen inches, and the total you’re left with is the height you’ll want the toilet seat itself to be. The handles themselves can be whichever height you’d prefer.

Size of Seat

Be sure to check whether the toilet seat in your bathroom is round or elongated, and find a raised toilet seat with arms that will fit your toilet.

Contoured vs. Padded vs. Unpadded

A padded seat is soft and comfortable, and not as cold as unpadded in the winter, but is usually harder to clean. An unpadded one feels the same as your standard toilet seat, and a contoured one isn’t soft, but is more comfortable to sit on than the unpadded type, and is still easy to clean. If someone has arthritis or pain in their backside or lower back, a padded seat is usually the best option, but otherwise, it’s really a matter of preference; choose the one you’re used to or the one you think you’ll like best.


Check out the many options of elevated toilet seats with rails on AvaCare Medical today! No matter what type of raised commode with bars you’d like, you can find it easily and fast on AvaCare Medical now.