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Handicap Shower Seats & Bath Chairs

People with disabilities might find their bathroom to be the most dangerous place to be as chances of falling or slipping off are high. This is why handicap shower chairs remain the best device for use in the bathroom. When you utilize the best handicap shower chair that assures safety and convenience, your showering experience will become more pleasant and enjoyable. Read more...

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  1. Carex Universal Bath Seat with Back
  2. Corner Shower Seat
    Corner Shower Seat
  3. McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    McKesson Bath Bench With Back
    Starting at $52.43
  4. ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    ProBasics Shower Chair with Back and Arms
    Starting at $75.52
  5. ProBasics Shower Chair
    ProBasics Shower Chair
    Starting at $47.17
  6. Low Profile Shower Commode Cushion 16" x 18"
  7. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair with Rust-resistant Aluminum Frames
  8. Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat with Backrest, 22" x 20" x 19", Blue
  9. Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Carex Adjustable Bath & Shower Seat
    Starting at $158.07
  10. Classics Bath & Shower Seat
    Classics Bath & Shower Seat
    Starting at $44.85
  11. Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Carex Compact Shower Stool
    Starting at $39.98
  12. Carex Universal Bath Seat
    Carex Universal Bath Seat

Items 1-12 of 58

Set Descending Direction

What is a Handicap Shower Chair and Who Can Use It?

A handicap shower chair is a type of waterproof seat, chair, or bench that can be used during showering by someone with a disability. For those who require extra assistance with shower mobility, handicap shower seats and chairs provide an added feeling of security. The most significant benefits of using a handicap shower seat involve the prevention of falls and undue risk of injury.

So, if you are lacking confidence when using the shower, you'll benefit from choosing the right handicap shower bench or chair. These products afford you all the necessary support needed to access your shower without assistance.

What is an “ADA Compliant” Shower Seat?

ADA compliant shower seats are universally accessible shower seats, chairs, and benches that allow easy entry into a shower area and are secure and safe. The bath chair for disabled adults is suitable for those who face disabilities, physical challenges, or handicaps. Here are some of the ADA requirements for shower seats.

  • The shower seat and its components must be able to withstand 250 pounds of force.
  • The top of the shower seat must be a minimum of 17 inches and a maximum of 19 inches above the shower floor.
  • It can be L-shaped or rectangular, so long as it fits appropriately within specific tub shower enclosures.
  • For both ADA roll-in showers and ADA transfer showers, both L-shaped and rectangular seat styles are allowable.

Types of Handicap Shower Chairs

There are many types of handicap shower chairs that can assist with your showering needs. However, before you dive into choosing the kind of handicap shower chair you need, you will have to determine where you are going to place the seat. You may have to take measurements of the area you plan to place the chair. Here are the most commonly used locations for handicap shower chairs:

  • Wall-Mounted Handicap Shower Chair

This type of handicap shower chair or bench is attached to the shower wall. The chair is bolted firmly to the shower wall to prevent accidents arising from falls and slips due to the wet surface.

  • Transfer Disabled Shower Chairs

The main function of the transfer disabled handicap shower chair is to transfer the individual from outside of the bath to the inside using a chair. This chair is especially useful to individuals who have difficulty entering the shower because of the high walls.

  • Shower Commode Chair

Those who need toilet support in the shower might consider the shower commode chair. These bath chairs serve disabled adults who also require more convenient access for washing the body’s lower areas using an opening in the seating portion of the chair.

  • Handicap Shower Chair with Wheels

These handicap shower chairs with Wheels can be wheeled directly into and out of the shower. The shower chair is waterproof, allowing caregivers to work efficiently around a disabled person to meet their personal needs. 

  • Standard Handicap Shower Chair 

If you are looking for a shower chair that fits a more compact space, the standard handicap shower chair could be the best option. These shower chairs usually feature a back and armrest, making them more comfortable to use. A similar option available to those not severely disabled is the handicap shower stool. 

The Most Important Features to Consider in a Handicap Shower Seat

Armrests and Back Supports

For the convenience of individuals with several disabilities, choosing a handicap shower seat that comes with an armrest and back support is highly recommended. The feature offers added stability along with increased comfort for you. 


Choosing a handicap shower chair that provides the ability to adjust to the correct height is ideal. Since most users have specific mobility needs, selecting a handicap shower chair that offers height options proves to be a wise decision.


A good handicap shower should be slip-resistant, comfortable, and wide enough to fit the user. Contoured or padded, most bath chairs have drainage holes that prevent water accumulation and unforeseen accidents alike. Finally, the seat should be wide enough to support users of different sizes.

Weight Capacity

A good handicap shower chair needs to support the user's weight. So, check the capacity to ensure the model can accommodate the user before making a purchase. A chair that is not compatible with the weight of the user is very dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to clean my handicap shower chair?

Yes. You can use water and a mild soap to clean the chair. However, avoid using an abrasive product or technique. Be sure to refer to any instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Does insurance cover a handicap shower chair?

The coverage will depend on the user’s insurance company. Each policy has varying stipulations, requirements, and coverage.

What is the best product construction material?

The material you choose depends mainly on the needs of the individual using the handicap shower bench or chair. A smaller, more mobile individual may fare well with a plastic shower chair. For larger or less confident users, an aluminum frame may prove ideal.


AvaCare Medical is pleased to offer a wide selection of ADA shower chairs for the disabled. We aim to provide you the best disabled shower seats with higher quality and lower prices. When reviewing our collection of quality products, you will also find many different handicap shower benches, handicap shower stools, ADA shower benches for disabled, portable shower chairs for the disabled, and other safety products. Want to find out more? Contact one of our customer service representatives today!