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Small Shower Chairs / Shower Seats for Small Showers

Small shower chairs are just a little bit different than most standard shower chairs you’ll see on the market to help numerous people. They are meant to help aid those who are elderly, disabled, hurt, or just in general anyone who is concerned about their safety or have less space for their small shower stool. Read More...

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How Small Shower Chairs Are Used

Small shower stools are crucial for individuals who need support while bathing but don't have enough space for a standard sized shower chair. Whether it's because your tub is narrow or you have insufficient storage space, a small shower chair can be the perfect solution for some disabled people.

There are numerous other features that small shower seats have that make them much better for some people in universal applications as well. Some features are:

  • They have many similarities with other larger chairs.
  • They feature slip-resistant feet on the bottom of the legs.
  • They are great at saving space and eliminating clutter.
  • Perfect for fitting into smaller bathrooms.
  • They are designed for ultimate safety in the shower.
  • Most are designed to hold up to 400 lbs.

Benefits of Small Shower Chairs

Standard shower chairs are a little bit different primarily in the fact of size compared to the compact variety, and as we mentioned earlier, the ability for them to be more compact. They usually don’t require as much to set up or put together either. Simply attach the legs with wingnuts or simply by snapping the legs on.

The smaller shower chairs without a back can also act as a small bath stool, making them a breeze if you should have to reach for something outside of the shower, or your shampoo (if you are able to move around easily). Of course, we don’t recommend that you ever step on a wet small bath chair, as this can greatly increase your risk of falling.

How to Choose the Best Small Shower Chair

There are numerous things to consider when you’re trying to choose the right shower seat for a small shower.


Every person has their own unique size, shape, and figure. Because of how unique we all are, it’s important to realize that your shower furniture may need to be adjustable too. We are all different, and some people actually prefer to sit higher or lower. The best shower stools have adjustable legs, but they still adjust high enough for what you need it to.

Weight Capacity

Even though the weight capacity varies on these small shower benches (they all can withstand an average between 250lbs. and 400 lbs.), how much body mass you have can also affect how you choose them, so you need to carefully choose the right size. The universal shower chairs may be better if you’re heavier set for security, comfort, and extra safety.

Small Shower Benches with Back vs. No Back

When you hear the phrase back or no back, they’re talking about whether or not the small shower seats you’re choosing is one with a back, or just simply a small plastic stool for a shower. If you’re looking to have more comfort and the ability to rest a little, then you may want to choose the option to have a backrest. If you’re able to have a little more flexibility though, and you want to be able to have open movement in all areas, then you’ll want to choose the small plastic stool for a shower or bathtub that doesn’t have a back. When you’re choosing a shower seat for small shower areas, you need to also consider the backrest feature that bath chairs have, because it can also affect how much space it will ultimately take in the bathtub. Either way, the backrest feature is there to help you if you have back problems and aid you in helping you balance while you’re sitting. This is perfect for those of you who may need a small shower bench due to being disabled or elderly. You may sometimes spend a little more on shower chairs that have backs on them, but your comfort is worth much more than that difference!


You also need to consider materials into play on this one. While shower stools vary in size, they also tend to be made of different materials that not only affect their durability but also their price. Don’t be fooled by the price though. There are pros and cons with every shower chair you choose, so it’s more of a matter of your comfort and safety than anything else.

Why Should You Choose a Small Shower Stool? – Other Great Benefits

Not everybody has the luxury of having a large bathroom. That’s one of the primary reasons why this type of chair is better. At the same time, even if you have a large bathroom, unfortunately, not all bathtubs or shower stalls are large, so these small shower stools for small showers are a perfect fit as well. If you need a shower chair for small tubs, buying compact shower stools is the best alternative to a standard chair.

Along with their size being perfect for smaller areas, if you’re a traveler, many of these chairs are easy to disassemble and assemble, so you can literally take them on the go if you’re going to your destination vacation or your nice little cruise.

Also, if you’re injured, smaller shower chairs can make a great addition to your shower so you can still be able to maneuver in the tub or shower. Nobody wants to not be able to bathe, and you should have the ability to in the comfort and security of your own home if you can without assistance. If you have the room for it, you can even fit both a universal bath seat and a compact shower chair/stool as a footrest (set on its lowest level of course) so you can kick your feet up and have an even easier time showering.

How Sanitary is a Small Bath Stool?

Compared to many other things that we have in our bathtubs and shower stalls, bath chairs are made with high-quality materials no matter which material you choose as the base material. Most metal constructed shower stools are made with high-quality aluminum and they are rust and corrosion-resistant. The ones that don’t have a back still have a very sturdy plastic seat on them, which is actually also mildew and mold resistant. If you’re worried about sanitization, they can easily be sprayed and rinsed with bleach, or household cleaner, then rinsed off. Both shower stools are made with just the right feel to them that they help to keep you in place, and are designed to not let you slide around on them as well.

The all-plastic shower chairs often feature numerous drainage holes in order to also make those just as mildew resistant as the ones made from metal and are just as easy to clean and sanitize with hot water and antibacterial cleaner or disinfectant.

When You Need the Best Small Bath Chair:

Finding the right way to effectively wash up by using a shower chair for small shower enclosures, it has never been easier. At AvaCare Medical, we pride ourselves in offering the best shower stools that can help you safely stay clean. We offer the best small shower chairs for elderly patients across the country. If you’re considering buying the best of the best, then we’re just a phone call away! Call 1-877-813-7799 between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM and place your order now, or simply contact us via our live chat to get ahold of a representative who can help aid you in picking the right shower seat for your needs!