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Tall Shower Chairs / Tall Shower Stools for Elderly

Shower seat height is a very important factor to consider when choosing your shower chair, especially when the user is taller than average. Taller people need a tall shower chair, meaning that the floor to seat height is higher than most. Of course, many of them are still adjustable to suit your needs. Read more...

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The Best Shower Chairs for Disabled or Tall People

The following are some of the best shower chairs we carry that are appropriate for tall people as well as those who have trouble bending. Be sure to check both the maximum seat height as well as the weight capacity to ensure that the shower chair you choose is suitable for your individual measurements and needs.

Product Name Max Seat to Floor Height Weight Capacity
Drive Medical Shower Chair with Folding Back 23 inches 300 pounds
Teak Adjustable Height Bath Stool 21.25 inches 300 pounds
Carex Universal Bath Bench 21 inches 400 pounds
Medline Knockdown Bath Bench 21 inches 350 pounds
Drive Medical Knock Down Bath Bench 21 inches 300 pounds
Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool 21 inches 300 pounds
Bath Safe Adjustable Shower Seat 21 inches 300 pounds
Rose Healthcare Deluxe Bath Bench 21 inches 250 pounds

Why Tall Shower Chairs Are Important

Many seniors and elderly individuals are in constant need of additional support. As their bodies age, it becomes harder to stand in the shower, and slipping in the bathtub or shower is more common the older they get, especially as they begin to lose their reflexes and ability to balance. Other people who benefit from shower chairs are the handicapped or disabled; this is primarily due to a lack of mobility or sufficient motor function. If this is the case, many need a high shower chair in order to help them sit comfortably, especially for those who are taller than the average person.

The following are some of the many benefits that one can get from using a shower chair.

  • Ability to Maintain Balance

When it comes to seniors and handicapped individuals, taking pain medications (or any other medications) that cause drowsiness or dizziness is common. This means that they are more prone to accidents, primarily stumbles and falls. When it comes to taller people, the common saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and this truism applies in a shower or bath setting as well. If the shower chair user is not only bigger than average but also heavier than average, consider shopping for a tall bariatric shower chair.

  • Everything Around Them is Easily Accessible

Another great thing about shower chairs is that they allow you free range while sitting. Of course, some shower chairs with backrests and armrests may end up hindering some of that mobility, but they often offer the convenience of knowing that one can simply hang or set their shower accessories on them, or next to them.

  • Tall Shower Chairs Are Height Adjustable Too

Even tall people vary in height. It’s important both for balance, as well as comfort that a shower chair is adjustable. Some people need a higher shower chair, while others need or prefer one they can sit lower on. The ideal height setting will allow the user to rest their feet at a 90° angle on the floor without straining their legs.

  • They Are Extremely Sturdy

Medical-grade shower chairs are extremely strong. They can often withstand weights of 250-500 pounds (some even more than that). The materials that are used are very common in the medical industry because of their ability to withstand the elements, let alone weights. It is important when choosing a shower chair though that you choose one that will actually hold your weight. Sitting on a shower chair that can’t withstand a person’s weight is not only dangerous for them but also risks damaging the chair itself.

  • Big and Tall Shower Chairs Are Safe

We can’t stress how safe our medical shower chairs are. They are designed with care, and all of our chairs are tested for safety. Most of our tall shower chairs also have a standard manufacturer’s warranty and can be considered as 100% safe for everyone - as long as they are used the way they’re intended. If you cannot see whether a manufacturer’s warranty is available when purchasing a product, you can do your research and find more information on manufacturer’s websites. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we’ll be happy to do that research for you!

  • Some Tall Shower Chairs Can Be Used Elsewhere

One great thing about a shower chair made for a tall person is that many can be used in numerous environments outside the shower or bathroom. Some of them are even portable and can be easily assembled and disassembled in order to take them on the go while traveling. 

  • Taller Shower Stools Are Made Specifically for Two Types of People

Unlike most common-sized shower chairs or smaller shower stools or bath benches, extra tall shower benches and chairs are made for people who are taller. As mentioned earlier, the height range goes higher than most other shower benches, allowing them to accommodate people who are of above-average height, and some are even made to compliment the extra weight that taller people have as well.

Along with those who are taller, some people have a hard time being able to bend. Patients who are post-op, chronic pain sufferers and users with hip problems often have a harder time sitting on smaller shower chairs, as they require more bending. Therefore, tall shower stools are able to help in terms of letting people sit down without straining as much, similar to the function of a raised toilet seat.

Are Tall Shower Chairs as Slip-Resistant as Others?

All shower chairs need to be made with safety and security in mind according to standards of complying with medical needs. Therefore, no matter what size a shower chair is, even an extra tall shower chair with arms has to be just as slip-resistant and safe as a portable shower chair does. There are many things that make tall shower chairs for the elderly safe. They are:

  • Materials

Most shower chairs are made with high-grade PVC plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, or a combination of all three. These materials are considered to be the most common materials used in the medical industry when it comes to providing safe and slip-resistant materials that are available in many medical facilities worldwide.

  • Rubber Feet or Wheels

Most shower chairs and benches have rubber feet or wheels. All of our tall shower chairs have rubber feet which help to reduce slipping no matter what surface the chair is on. Over time, these rubber feet may wear down. Most manufacturers offer replacement rubber feet, or you can find them online. We also provide rubber feet replacements for some of our shower chairs.

  • High-Quality Frame

As mentioned earlier, the material that the frame may be can vary in material. No matter what the frame is made out of though, the designs for shower chairs are extremely tough and they are made that way on purpose to ensure that someone can’t slip or fall out of them. They are also designed to withstand various weights.

  • The Seat Itself

Shower seats also come in different sizes, shapes, and even contours. All of our shower seats are specially created to help reduce slippage, whether it is the contour of the material or the drain holes that many shower chairs have in place in order to keep from retaining standing water or soap on them. 

If you or your loved one is in need of a higher shower stool, then you want to have options that can suit you. We offer only the best in terms of products made by some of the highest-rated manufacturers in the medical bath chair industry. We also have thousands of happy customers who can tell you that we care about your comfort and safety, especially if you are elderly or handicapped. Our shower chairs and benches are designed to give you the best experience possible, and they are very easy to order. Give us a call during business hours at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with us if you have any questions regarding our products, or have any specific concerns! We look forward to talking to you!