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Teak Shower Seats / Teak Bath Stools for Safety

Teakwood is an extremely durable and lightweight, but powerful hardwood that is sometimes used to make teak shower seats to assist the elderly and those who suffer from limited mobility, so they can sit in the shower or bathtub. Read more...

Teak Shower Seats Are Extremely Resilient

One of the amazing things about teak is that it has natural oils (even though some teak bath seats are finished slightly for shine and design). Those oils inside of the hardwood help it to resist mold and other bacteria, making it a perfect wood for a shower stool. While there are numerous types of bath stools on the market, teak is one of the most common hardwoods used even in luxury spas due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Using a teak shower chair can also help in terms of fighting or avoiding a fungal skin infection, which is another reason why it is a great tool for the elderly. Compared to other materials, a teak bath chair may be the best bet when it comes to having a great shower stool that can benefit someone’s health.

Are Teak Shower Seats Slip Resistant?

This question comes up a lot in regards to safety with anyone who owns a shower chair. Fortunately, teak shower chairs are actually very slip-resistant in its natural state. However, too much conditioner or soapy residue on them can cause slippage, but this is no different than other materials that shower chairs are made out of (such as plastic or even vinyl padded seats). Therefore, it’s always important to note that teak bath stools need to be rinsed properly after showering, and manual cleaning of a teak shower bench should be performed on a regular basis (at least weekly).

Are Teak Shower Chairs for Everyone?

While some teak shower chairs can come with handles, most popular models are only available as a simple shower stool. This is something that one needs to consider in order to maintain their utmost safety and security. While the chairs are extremely sturdy and can hold up to 300 pounds, not everybody has the range of free motion that these chairs can offer. On the positive side though, teak shower stools are also often great space savers, since many of them can neatly be stored away in a corner.

Cleaning a Teak Shower Seat

Once in a while, one may notice that the teakwood bath stool starts to lose its color, or even starts to change color a little bit (turning to more of a greenish-brown). Since the teakwood is constantly being exposed to water, this doesn’t mean that the teak wood is rotting. Of course, it can happen if the shower chair isn’t rinsed properly as well, or if it sat out to dry correctly either.

Cleaning a teak shower chair is relatively easy. The following is a great recipe for a teak chair wash that can help recover and clean it. You will need:

  • A small amount of mild antibacterial soap (such as antibacterial dish soap)
  • Vinegar (any vinegar works although many people prefer to clean with apple cider vinegar)
  • Scrub brush (virtually any soft nylon cleaning brush will do).

Ater mixing the soap and vinegar, make a cleaning solution by adding diluting with water, or simply use the soapy solution and rinse with warm water thoroughly. Some people choose to use professional-strength cleaners or commercial teakwood cleaning kits, but this is unnecessary. If any harsh cleaners are used, they can actually damage and discolor the wood itself.

Do Teak Shower Seats Need to be Oiled Frequently?

While it isn’t always necessary, over time with the care of a teak shower stool, the color will start to fade, regardless of how well or how often someone cleans it. Some people don’t like how the wood ends up developing a green patina finish. Therefore, in these rare cases, one can solve this problem easily by purchasing special oils that are able to help restore the finish and the lifetime of the hardwood. Most of these oils are available in standard home and hardware stores, and they can help to keep the teakwood from getting too dry. As with any wood, even teakwood is susceptible to dry-rot and cracking if it dries out too much. All one has to do, however, is put a little bit of these oils on a cloth and wipe the shower stool down. Just a little bit of work will go a long way in restoring the life back to the wood itself.

Do Teak Shower Seats Come with Arms?

When it comes to finding teak bath chairs, you may prefer models that have arms. If so, keep in mind that many of these teak shower stools are made available as shower benches, or even sauna benches, and they can get rather expensive. 

Are Teak Shower Chairs Expensive?

Teak wood is within the family of expensive hardwoods, but that is primarily because of its tropical origins as well as the amazing benefits that come with it. Teakwood chairs can be counted on to provide the most durability and last almost an entire lifetime compared to any other hardwood. In addition to these benefits, when it comes to the medical industry, there are several other great reasons to choose teak (as discussed above).


If you’re looking for the best teak shower seat on the market, as well as one that is affordable, you won’t go wrong with our specially crafted teak bath seats. Our teak shower stools can support up a 300-pound weight capacity and will provide you with the ability to shower in style and in comfort at the same time. Simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or get in touch with us via chat or email and we would be extremely happy to assist you for all of your teak shower bench inquiries!