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Adjustable Transfer Bench for Showers and Tubs

AvaCare Medical has a huge selection of adjustable transfer benches for showers and tubs. Since some people are taller than others, there are height adjustable transfer benches which enable you to easily find a transfer bench that is best suited for your needs. Read more...

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  1. Non-Padded Bariatric Transfer Bench
  2. McKesson Transfer Bench 2 Each
  3. PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    PMI Padded Transfer Bench with Non Skid Feet
    Starting at $176.45
  4. Lumex Bariatric Transfer Bench, 13" x 29-1/2" x 20-1/2", Grey
  5. Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Carex Transfer Bench w/ Commode
    Starting at $93.68
  6. Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench, Case
  7. Therafin Commode Transfer Board
  8. Padded Transfer Bench w/ Commode
  9. Sliding-Rotating Transfer Bench
  10. Maddak Adjustable Transfer Bench
  11. Bath Safe Transfer Bench
    Bath Safe Transfer Bench
  12. Heavy Duty Sliding Transfer Bench, Commode Opening

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

Why Height is Important for Adjustable Transfer Benches

As mentioned above, every user has individual height and weight needs. Because of this, it’s absolutely imperative that when someone purchases a transfer chair, it should be height-adjustable. One should also confirm that his preferred height is within the height range offered by the bench he is considering. Some transfer benches may be too small for a taller person, while others may be too high for a shorter person. This factor can give rise to dangerous conditions if the user doesn't choose an appropriately sized model for his needs. Some people can’t bend their knees or back well, so the base height proves important even with an adjustable shower bench.

There are other things to consider as well, though, such as how high an adjustable tub transfer bench can be raised. While a user or caregiver doesn’t want to go with a model too short, he also doesn’t want to purchase one that is too tall. Finding the right height is very important. Some transfer benches have a fixed height, and while this limitation may save some money in the short-term, over time it may prove a poor investment when an adjustable bath bench becomes needed anyway. 

Safety in Higher Settings

One should be sure to consider the safety of an adjustable bath transfer bench. A transfer bench with adjustable legs is more likely to tip when raised higher, while a bench with a seat that is too low can increase the likelihood of a fall occuring. Therefore, it is important to ascertain that it is being raised appropriately; not too high, yet not too low. Finding a ‘happy medium’ in terms of the right transfer bench is advisable, both in terms of height and ergonomic style.

The Stability of the Frame Itself

Many adjustable bath benches feature frames made with high quality aluminum, while others may simply be comprised of plastic. The most important factor is that the frame needs to be manufactured correctly, so it will hold the user’s weight properly. The legs are often constructed of the same material as the frame, because this makes assembly much simpler and facilitates adjustability.

Seat Design

It is of primary importance that an adjustable transfer bench features the right type of seat. While all benches are designed to help a person sit comfortably when accessing and exiting the bathtub, some additional features are available to enhance a user’s comfort and ability to shower with ease. For example, if extensive perineal care or incontinence represent user concerns, then a commode seat may be an option for a transfer bench. If the most important factor to someone is comfort, one may prefer a padded seat model (with or without a commode). Other users want the support provided by a backrest to alleviate back pain. In these cases, it’s important to have a backrest that is reversible, or can easily attach to and detach from the seat.

Rubber Feet 

When choosing an adjustable transfer bench, be sure that the rubber tips on the bottom of the legs are the right type. Keep in mind that although rubber-tipped legs do help to prevent the chair from slipping, certain materials (such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner) may be slippier than others when it comes to managing floor surface residue. Therefore, many users may require suction cup feet on their adjustable transfer chairs in order to increase security.

Seat Contour Can Make a Difference

Though it was mentioned earlier that a user may desire a padded (or non-padded) seat, it is a general requirement in the medical industry that one chooses a transfer bench that’s both adjustable and features non-slip seat properties. Sometimes it is the material itself that can be the leading factor in deciding this, but other times it can be the texture or contour of the seat itself. Many seats have different shapes and contours – concave seats gently cradle the user while flatter seats are meant more for bracing and support.

Be Aware of the Weight Limits on Adjustable Transfer Benches

Finally, as a little-known tip, many customers fail to check the weight rating of transfer benches. Most models can accommodate at most between 300 and 550 pounds. In AvaCare Medical’s inventory, options exist for every type of individual customer need. Remember to always value safety above comfort, though often both of these goals can be met simultaneously.

AvaCare Medical is one of the largest online medical supplies companies in the US. We are well-equipped to help you find the right adjustable transfer bench for your needs. If you don’t know which one you require or don’t have a recommendation from your physician, we can answer your questions easily and quickly when you call 1-877-813-7799 during our business hours. Otherwise, you can simply email or even chat with a customer care agent.