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Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench / Bariatric Transfer Bench

Bariatric tub transfer benches are constructed of stronger materials and meant to accommodate higher weight capacities than standard transfer benches. Bariatric transfer benches, like other transfer benches, come in various different models, including shower chairs and sliding boards. Read more...

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The Purpose of Bariatric Tub Transfer Benches

The concept behind bariatric tub transfer benches is the same as any other transfer bench on the market: The goal is to create a safe and secure environment for showering. However, these transfer benches do have unique features. Bariatric shower transfer benches help users bathe with confidence and the knowledge that they have a lower risk of injury when stepping over bathtub walls and ledges. Users and caregivers are easily able to transfer from outside of the bath or shower with the use of a heavy duty shower transfer bench. Heavy duty tub transfer benches are capable of supporting higher weight capacities, and are tested to ensure that they can safely hold the weight capacity they specify. Some bariatric transfer shower chairs feature cross bars underneath to help them accommodate weight capacities up to 700 lbs, ensuring safety to bariatric users.

Bariatric Transfer Bench Benefits

There are many benefits to using bariatric tub transfer benches, some of which include the following:

  • Heavy duty aluminum or plastic, tested to support higher weight capacity
  • These benches prevent the need for stepping over bathtub walls
  • They eliminate the risk of lacerations
  • These benches reduce risk of falls
  • They afford the users a sense of confidence
  • They allow for a safer bathing experience

With bariatric transfer benches, users can safely transfer into the bath and back out without the risk of skin tears, tripping over the bathtub wall, or falling. Bariatric transfer benches allow for bariatric caregivers and users to have a sense of security while sitting safely on a structure that is capable of holding their weight. Bariatric tub transfer benches come in a variety of sizes as well as weight capacities ranging from 300 - 700 lbs. Some other features a bariatric transfer chair can come with include padding to aid in comfort, a chair back to aid in back support, and arms to help with grip for ease of sliding. Some bariatric shower benches have a sliding seat that can slide from left to right and back to the left.

Picking A Transfer Bench

In order to find the best bariatric tub transfer bench, one should always look at the description and details of the bariatric tub bench. When looking for heavy duty tub transfer benches, pay attention to the weight capacity. When choosing a bariatric shower transfer bench, one should consider whether the seat and legs are height-adjustable. Measuring the leg width and length will make it easier to decide if the bariatric bench would fit the bathtub area. Some transfer benches offer extra features such as a padded seat and back rests. Some models have arm rests, while others may have a sliding mechanism that allows for easier maneuvering outside the bath to inside, and vice versa. These considerations may be worth thinking about when it comes to purchasing a bariatric transfer bench.

In order for a medical product to be considered bariatric, it must be able to bear a minimum of 300 pounds. For larger patients, look out for more durable chairs; you can easily find a transfer bench that can safely accommodate up to 700 lb. Another thing on your checklist should be to evaluate the materials used in construction to ensure the structural integrity of the model. One example of an ideal design is durable blow-molded plastic. 

Most Bariatric Benches Are Heavy Duty Transfer Benches

When looking to purchase a bariatric transfer bench, it is important to look for a few key features instead of just searching for a basic transfer bench. Keep in mind that the price will likely be higher if the bench is from a more well-known brand, or if it features many extra details. Although extras are nice, the primary consideration to keep in mind when looking for a heavy duty transfer bench is how safe it is. The following factors can influence how safe the bench is:

Materials Matter

The bariatric shower transfer bench should be constructed from heavy duty materials so that it will be able to hold higher weight capacities.

Plastic Matters

Blow-mold PVC plastic is a more heavy-duty plastic, built to withstand weight capacities of up to 700 lbs. 

Aluminum Framing

Look for heavy-duty aluminum and cross bar structures under the shower transfer bench to help ensure the durability. 

Support Clamps

Lower brace clamps on the outside legs or A-frames will also help to make bariatric shower benches sturdier. 

Special Seat Features

When it comes to the seating area, look for non-slip surfaces which augment the safety of the bench. Some bariatric transfer benches are padded, while some have swivel seats or even commode seats for comfort and safety.

Does the seat need to slide? Bariatric sliding transfer benches offer the ability to easily slide in and out of the tub or bathroom spot (rather than having to manually scoot about).

Safety is the Primary Concern

As mentioned earlier, bariatric tub transfer benches were designed in order to increase bathroom safety for bariatric individuals, who won’t get the necessary support from a standard transfer chair. Bariatric shower transfer stools are meant to hold more weight and often have non-slip grips on the feet, seat, backrest, and armrests, which aid in security. Another safety feature that many bariatric tub transfer benches have is the placement for the shower curtain. The shower curtain will be able to close even with the bariatric shower transfer stool in place, keeping all water in and keeping the outside of the bath dry. This measure reduces slip and fall risks when getting out of the bath or shower.


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