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Adjustable Hospital Beds / Medical Adjustable Bed

If you’re looking for adjustable hospital beds, check out the expansive collection at AvaCare Medical! Explore our line of fully adjustable medical beds, brought to you by the most reputable brands. There is more than one type of “adjustable bed,” and the level and details of adjustability depend on the features. If you’re searching for a high quality, dependable medical adjustable bed, here are some important pointers to factor into consideration before settling on a specific product. Read more...

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  1. Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,292.30
  2. Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,107.33
  3. Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,266.77
  4. Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Starting at $572.67
  5. Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Starting at $773.58
  6. Medline Full Electric Bed
    Medline Full Electric Bed
    Starting at $799.00
  7. Invacare Bariatric Full Electric Bed
    Invacare Bariatric Full Electric Bed
    Starting at $5,279.79
  8. Bariatric Plus Full-Electric Bed
    Bariatric Plus Full-Electric Bed
    Starting at $1,625.35
  9. Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Low Bed
    Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Low Bed
    Starting at $996.02
  10. Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Bed
    Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Bed
    Starting at $896.01
  11. Delta Ultralight Semi-Electric Bed
    Delta Ultralight Semi-Electric Bed
    Starting at $714.68
  12. Bariatric Full-Electric Bed
    Bariatric Full-Electric Bed
    Starting at $3,310.96

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction

Unique Benefits of Fully Adjustable Hospital Beds

While all hospital beds in our inventory are adjustable in some way, shape or form, there are definite, distinct differences between individual models. It’s important to understand the different types of adjustable beds for sale, and what they do. Some types of hospital beds share several similar or identical benefits, and yet each type of bed can be more helpful for different reasons, depending on the patient or user’s disability, age, or mobility limitations. Also, keep in mind the importance of the caregiver capabilities. Another thing to note is that these beds are capable of more than just typical height adjustment; they often have head and foot adjustments as well, making them unique when compared to other beds out there. Here are a few of the most popular types of hospital beds requested by our customers.

Electric Hospital Beds

Electric fully adjustable hospital beds for home use provide the most benefits in terms of positioning and stability for both the user and the caregiver. Caregivers don’t have to physically exert themselves when adjusting an electric home care adjustable bed. These beds feature functional adjustable electric controls, enabling users or caregivers to operate the position with a remote control, with push-buttons, or by means of electric foot pedals.

Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds may be fully or partially adjustable, but rather than using electronic controls, positioning is often achieved by using manual cranks or pedals. There are some benefits to manual beds; for instance, they’re reliable even if there is no electricity available. However, truthfully, these beds are only used by those who are fully bedridden and whose caregivers are physically capable of using the manual adjusters, as working a manual bed can cause more fatigue for caregivers.

Semi-Electric Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds are home care adjustable beds that feature both electric adjustments and manual adjustments. With many models, the head section can be adjusted electronically. Other semi-electric beds may have electric controls for both head and foot sections, and manual controls to adjust the bed’s height.

Low Hospital Beds

Low hospital beds are made to aid those who have a problem getting in and out of beds that are of typical height. These height adjustable hospital beds are meant to aid users who may have a greater chance of rolling or falling out of bed. Another benefit for low beds is that shorter people can position their feet so that their soles are flat against the floor when preparing to transfer to a walker, rollator, or wheelchair.

Bariatric Models

We understand that some users may need an adjustable hospital bed for home use that features a higher weight capacity than the typical 350 or 450 pound variety. Therefore, there are bariatric models which can hold anywhere from approximately 600 pounds all the way up to 1000 pounds. Users should always make sure that the mattress that they choose, plus attachments and accessories, won’t cause them to go over the weight capacity of their bed frame. Not only does being heavier than the weight limit cause more wear and tear on the beds themselves, but they also will cause the user to be at higher risk for personal injury. Further, if a person is above the weight capacity, the warranty of the product may be voided should any malfunctions occur.

Surgical Beds

Surgical beds, also sometimes called post-operative beds, are simply hospital-style adjustable beds which offer basic features while allowing the users to be assisted during periods of recovery or when managing other physical issues such as illness. Most people consider basic hospital beds and surgical beds to be one and the same. Of course, while all hospital beds may be used for post-op recovery, many users who only need the bare minimum will be better off using a surgical bed.

High Low Hospital Beds

High low hospital beds are often used by patients and users who are recovering just the same as those who purchase surgical beds. If they’re in need of medical or health care from a caregiver, these beds have some additional features that allow the caregiver and the patient to be more comfortable or to increase accessibility. These adjustable medical beds for the home may include an adjustable head, as well as feet and side rails which can be adjusted. The most important feature of these models is their height adjustability.

Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay for My Bed?

This is a very common question, and the answer is, both Medicare and Medicaid will cover the costs of most home care adjustable beds, as they are considered to be durable medical equipment that a doctor prescribes for use in the home. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid won’t actually pay for DME adjustable beds bought from AvaCare Medical, but they will reimburse patients. All items that are considered DME can be purchased outright through us, and then one can download the correct reimbursement form and receipt within a year after the date of purchasing one of our hospital-type adjustable beds. For more information regarding this, one can read our Medical Reimbursement Guide.

Are there Disadvantages to Adjustable Hospital Beds?

Each medical adjustable bed comes along with its own set of advantages. There may be some give and take, but disadvantages of a particular model are always far outweighed by all of the pros and benefits that a user (and their caregiver) can have by making this important purchase.

One of the major downsides to having a hospital bed is the appearance. Simply put, a home hospital bed appears to be nearly identical to a regular hospital bed, and some people might not like this. However, there are colors and varieties available which help a user to get a bed in the style they want, rather than just a plain hospital bed.

Also, most hospital-style beds are only about the size of a twin bed. Bariatric beds may be wider and longer. Some users may prefer full-size adjustable hospital beds, so they may need to consider more expensive options.

Regardless of any negative aspects, the positioning benefits as well as the numerous health benefits (improved circulation, ease of use, less fatigue, easier transfers, safety features, etc.) far outweigh the cons. Not only that, but most home hospital adjustable beds’ prices are often lower than $1,000, meaning they’re affordable even for those who live on a fixed income.

So, you’re looking for the best adjustable hospital beds on the market? We want to help you choose the proper one to suit you and your caregiver’s needs! If you have any questions, be sure to read our FAQ section and if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for or simply want to give us a call, please reach out to us at any time at 1-877-813-7799, or fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch!