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Bariatric Hospital Bed / Wide Hospital Bed for Sale

Sometimes, a person will need a bariatric hospital bed to accommodate their larger size or heavier weight. If you’re looking for a wide hospital bed that can provide the same benefits as other home hospital beds, our bariatric hospital beds, for sale by Drive Medical and other distinguished brands, can do the trick. Many people don’t know what size bed they actually need, so that’s where we come in; to help provide as much information about extra wide hospital beds as possible so that you can make a confident, knowledge-based decision. Read more...

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    Invacare Bariatric Full Electric Bed
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What’s a Bariatric Hospital Bed?

Most home hospital beds have a maximum weight capacity of between 350 and 450 pounds. Our bariatric adjustable beds offer more exceptional benefits exclusive to a heavy duty hospital bed while providing you with higher weight limits – 600, 750, and even 1000 pounds. Here are just some factors that set bariatric hospital bed dimensions apart from the standard hospital bed.

Extra Wide Frames

The higher the weight capacity of a bariatric bed, the larger the bariatric hospital bed size and the wider the sleep surface will be. Keep in mind that extra wide hospital beds for home use often have slightly longer sleep surfaces compared to standard weight capacity beds. Our 42-inch wide hospital bed can hold up to 600 pounds, while our largest bariatric medical bed (with a 1,000 pound weight capacity) features a 54-inch wide hospital bed surface.

Heavy Duty Materials

Another factor that sets a heavy duty hospital bed apart from the rest is the materials out of which it is made. Most beds are made out of steel, wood, aluminum, or a combination of these materials. The main thing is that bariatric beds feature heavier duty frame materials, and some may even be more solid. The frame may also influence the model’s ability to offer a higher weight capacity.

Sturdy Design

As mentioned above, the frames on most beds are constructed of metal or wood. Along with the strong and sturdy material, an oversized hospital bed features a unique design with additional support beams, often in the middle or along the sides of the bed. The bariatric medical bed’s slats are also more solid rather than featuring an open-framed design as many typical beds have.

Tool-Free Assembly

One great feature that many of our beds have, not excluding our bariatric beds for home use, is the unique tool-free assembly. Drive Medical constructs their beds with a split-pan design so assembly of the ends can be achieved quickly and easily. It also allows the beds to be removed to provide some portability when the bed is not in use. And of course, all XL hospital beds in our inventory can be completely folded up if needed!

How to Choose a Bariatric Hospital Bed

There are various different wide hospital beds available. One can browse through full-electric, semi-electric, and manual models. Here at AvaCare Medical, we only carry fully electric bariatric beds for hospital-grade safety, durability, comfort, and convenience. For additional security, all of our full electric bariatric hospital beds include both electric hand control as well as a hand crank so the bed can be adjusted should there be a lack of power (such as in emergency situations). Of course, the weight capacity of the bed in need is of utmost importance, but that’s a given if a user is looking for any bariatric electric hospital bed. Other things to look for include:

  • The bariatric bed size – this includes both width, and the sleep surface length.
  • The height of the bed; to ensure safe transferring.
  • The weight of the bariatric electric bed frame itself. This may range anywhere from 276 pounds all the way up to 338 pounds for higher weight capacities and more solid frames.
  • Accessories that can be purchased for the bariatric frames, including hospital mattresses, arm rails, remote controls, and more.
  • Safety features in case of power loss. Many electric beds have manual adjustability methods to ensure safety and transferability in case of a power outage or emergency.
  • Make sure that all hospital beds, especially bariatric hospital beds, have locking wheels which help to keep the bed stationary and to provide added safety during transfers or repositioning.

Drive Medical Beds

Drive Medical is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of DME (durable medical equipment) supplies as well as hospital beds, manual and electric wheelchairs, and many other medical devices. They have been around since the turn of the new millennium, and their design team has decades of experience combined. All of their products comply with FDA and other government regulations. Even the materials used in construction are subject to product testing, to ensure safety and quality for their consumers.

Are Bariatric Hospital Beds Affordable?

Bariatric beds do cost more than standard sized ones, since they are larger and more stolidly constructed in order to bear that additional weight and width. The primary factors that affect the price are weight capacity, the size of the bed, and the thickness of the materials. Most larger bariatric beds take more materials to produce them, and the tubing may be thicker as well for the steel frames. For all these reasons, bariatric hospital beds cost more than standard beds, but that isn’t to say they’re not affordable; actually, the bariatric hospital beds at AvaCare Medical are well-priced, and within most customers' budgets.

Hospital Bed vs. Regular Bed: Which Do You Need?

Many users can benefit from hospital beds. However, as mentioned above, the main reason that bariatric hospital beds are used is simply because they provide the needed support to heavier patients and users who are completely bedridden, or need to stay in bed for prolonged periods of time. They further enhance the ability for these patients to have mobility, transfer assistance, improved circulation, and pressure relief. If a heavier patient has trouble with any of these things or suffers from chronic pain associated with getting in and out of bed, they may benefit greatly from choosing a hospital bed instead of a regular mattress and bed frame.


Search through our selection of bariatric hospital beds for bariatric users to find just what you need. If you require any assistance, we’re only a phone call away! Give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, or chat live with one of our well-trained customer service representatives today!