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Best Hospital Beds / Best Medical Beds for Home Use

Browse our selection of the best hospital beds you can find today on AvaCare Medical. These beds are not only the bestselling, most popular choices around; they’re also affordable and come with many essential and extra features. If you’re suffering from mobility issues or are confined to your bed, or have a loved one or patient who is bedridden, you’ll find the best hospital bed for the home right here! Read more...

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  1. Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,107.33
  2. Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,266.77
  3. Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Starting at $572.67
  4. Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Starting at $773.58
  5. Medline Full Electric Bed
    Medline Full Electric Bed
    Starting at $799.00
  6. Bariatric Plus Full-Electric Bed
    Bariatric Plus Full-Electric Bed
    Starting at $1,625.35
  7. Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Bed
    Delta Ultralight Full-Electric Bed
    Starting at $896.01

7 Items

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Benefits of the Best Hospital Beds

Hospital beds go by many names – hospital bed, inpatient bed, home care bed, you name it. No matter the name, though, to determine the absolute best hospital bed for seniors or disabled persons, one needs to evaluate all of the benefits that home hospital beds can provide for users. The best hospital bed for one person may not be the appropriate fit for the other. Therefore, a user must select the best bed for themselves based on their individual situation. Some positive benefits of home care beds are: 


Some people may have issues positioning themselves, but it is essential for a bedridden person or those who have to be in bed for numerous hours a day to be repositioned often. Staying in the same position for hours on end (and yes, even while sleeping) can pose a problem.

When a user or patient needs to be positioned, the best medical beds offer the most versatility by allowing full adjustment in the height of the bed as well as the level of the upper body and lower body sections. Some of this may be done by electrical controls and some by manual cranks and controls. Actually, some models even feature both of these affordable options. This way the patient can be moved appropriately at normal intervals, and thus be less susceptible to bed sores. If a user is not moved frequently, he is likely to develop pressure sores due to the increased and consistent pressure on one area of the body.


Numerous accessories can be attached to make a hospital bed more stable, to add convenience for the user or caregiver, and even to help to practice good overall safety routines. For example, some beds have rails that, when used correctly, can aid in helping users who are prone to falling or rolling out of bed to stay in place. At the same time, rails can even help patients when it comes to getting in and out of bed, as is the case in most models with partial handrails when the users still retain a good degree of mobility.

Improve Circulation

Along with the elimination and prevention of bedsores, having a completely adjustable bed can also improve circulation. This advantage is especially beneficial to help reduce inflammation associated with many debilitating conditions such as arthritis or even neurological disorders like fibromyalgia.

Easier Transferring

Caregivers often have to expend large amounts of their energy when it comes to the continuous transferring of patients. At the same time, the flat standard beds many are accustomed to may make it harder for patients with some mobility to get in and out of bed. By utilizing an adjustable bed, one can transfer to a transport chair or to any seated position much easier and more quickly.

Improved Experience for Caregivers

As briefly mentioned before, caring for patients who are bedridden can cause caregivers to experience discomfort and fatigue. Choosing the best hospital bed for home use, made possible by the top hospital bed manufacturers, is the key to aiding in this daily routine. While some caregivers can provide exceptional care and adjust patients easily with manual beds, this can still prove exhausting to some who may not be able to continuously crank the handles. Fortunately, semi-electric or fully-electric hospital beds offer more convenience and ease of use by allowing caregivers to take care of their patients at the push of a button.

Key Components of the Best Hospital Beds

Safety and durability remain the primary features that one should consider when looking for the best beds on the market. Weight capacity is important since a user should have a bed that withstands the weight of not only themselves, but their mattresses, bed rails, and any other implement they attach onto their bed. That is why safety should always represent the primary concern when choosing a good hospital bed.

Along with safety, users want to be confident in knowing that their comfort needs are being met as well. Most hospital beds aren’t purchased with hospital bed mattresses, but we offer those for a very reasonable price from the same top manufacturers in the country. If a user is looking to procure the most in security, handrails may be added to the bed. Indeed, some of the best beds for home use come with handrails attached.

Is Price Important?

Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a hospital bed, so it’s important to understand the many things that can affect the price of the best hospital beds. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions for our customers so we can guarantee that they get the hospital bed that features the benefits they need. Additional accessories and replacement parts may be available as well, such as remote controls to help manipulate full electric beds. While the price of a hospital bed can range anywhere from $500 up to $10,000 for higher-end models, most of the best medical beds in our inventory are available to our customers for less than $1,000.

Receive the Right Information

There are many different places where users can get the best hospital beds, but many times customers don’t know everything that should be on their “checklist” before they make such an important purchase. The way to fix this problem is to learn as much as possible about the best hospital beds, as well as how to choose one. We encourage shoppers to read both our Quick Hospital Bed Guide as well as our Full Hospital Bed Guide for more information. We composed these documents specifically to help customers evaluate their needs against the available bed options.

At AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that you have everything you need in order to achieve a successful purchase of one of the best hospital beds in the industry. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with a representative of ours online during business hours. Customers can email us anytime!