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Full Size Hospital Bed / Double Hospital Bed

Check out AvaCare Medical’s selection of full-size hospital beds which meet the needs of not only most users, but also those who need bariatric alternatives. These full-size medical beds come in multiple sizes and types. Shop these double hospital beds now for free shipping! Read more...

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What is a Full Size Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed that is considered to be full size is different than most standard hospital beds. The typical hospital bed is only 36 inches wide, and approximately 80 inches long. Of course, the bed frames may be a little bit bigger than that when you consider the headboard and the footboard. A standard hospital bed, in contrast, is only approximately the size of a twin sized bed.

A double size hospital bed, as it has also been called, is larger than most standard models. Double size hospital beds are larger than 36 inches wide, and they are usually considered comparable to full-sized beds. Most full size hospital beds for home use are the most similar to the actual size beds used in most hospitals, as medical facilities often have to compensate for a large variety of patients of every size and height. Depending on factors such as the weight capacity of the bed frame, the needed mattress size may differ. Some of the options that we have in our inventory are:

Low-Range Bariatric Beds

These full hospital beds are smaller than most bariatric models. Their size is 88 inches long and only 42 inches wide; still somewhat longer, but not as wide as a regular full-size mattress which is normally about 54” wide and 75” long. The weight capacity of our lower-range double hospital bed for home use is 650 pounds.

Mid-Size Bariatric Beds

Our mid-size beds have a weight capacity of 750 pounds and they’re slightly larger than the hospital style double bed mentioned above (the lower-sized bariatric models). The size of mid-ranged double bed hospital beds is 48 inches wide and 94 inches long. These beds are perfect for taller people due to their increased length and allow a great amount of space that may be needed for accessories, bed rails, over-bed tables, or other items as well.

Extra-Large Hospital Beds

These double hospital beds for sale are the largest on the market, and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. While they are the same length as mid-sized bariatric beds (at approximately 94 inches long - not counting the headboard and footboard), they offer the widest sleeping surface at 54” wide. They are meant for heavier patients and taller patients who have a larger BMI than most, and they offer the most security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people may have questions regarding full size hospital beds. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder whether a double hospital bed is electric, what features they include, or most importantly, how secure they are and what benefits they offer. AvaCare Medical understands our customers’ concerns and we want to ensure that they are well informed when they are looking to purchase any product in our inventory. Some common questions are:

Q: Are bariatric beds electric, manual, or semi-electric?

A: All of our bariatric beds are electric. A full size electric hospital bed has many advantages to help accommodate the user’s and caregiver’s needs. While there are options for electrical adjustment, the manufacturers do understand that there may be a need for manual controls in an emergency. For this reason, many beds have manual cranks for such situations.

Q: What are full size hospital bed frames made of?

A: Just like many hospital beds on the market, the majority of all models, including our double medical beds, are made with high quality steel. The steel alloy used in hospital beds for the home is quite common in even hospital applications.

Q: Why are bariatric beds called full size hospital beds?

A: This is a very common question; many people wonder why they’re called full-sized hospital beds. The reason is that they have a 48” to 54” width, which is very close to a full-sized regular mattress. The only difference is that hospital beds are longer.

Q: Can I use a regular mattress on a hospital bed?

A: To answer this correctly, one needs to understand that the sizes of hospital beds differ completely from those of regular mattresses. Therefore, the answer is no, a person cannot use a regular mattress on a hospital bed. This is so for a few reasons. Mattresses specifically designed for hospital beds feature maximized flexibility intended to move with the bed. Standard mattresses wouldn’t allow the requisite amount of movement needed to glean the benefits of such a bed. While there are some innerspring mattresses on the market that are very similar to most regular mattresses, they are optimized in size and stability. These hospital bed mattresses also have certain adjustable features.

Q: Should a hospital bed have bed rails?

A: While this touches somewhat on a debate among both medical personnel and everyday people alike, the truth of the matter is that there are some very real pros and cons to having a hospital bed rail. Those who warn against them do so because of the dangers of strangulation, and how many seniors suffer from injuries due to the bed rails themselves. These arguments, however, don’t necessarily prove that the bed rails themselves are to blame.

The true answer to this question is that there are many benefits that can be achieved with having bed rails installed, or having them attached (some beds even come with rails to be installed in order to be fully adjustable). There are full-length bed rails, partial bed rails, and then head-only (which cover the top 1/3rd of the head side of a bed) rails. It is important to note the following benefits when it comes to bed rails:

  • Bed rails can be beneficial if a user is in need of assistance getting out of bed and needs something to hold onto during transferring.
  • Rails can reduce some of the load of caregivers during transfers.
  • Bed rails can protect users from falling out of bed or “rolling” out of bed, thus protecting them from injury or death.
  • Bed rails should be evaluated on a case by case basis, and if strangulation or injury is a primary concern for a particular patient’s medical case, one can always purchase bumper pads and covers to mitigate this possibility.

Here at AvaCare Medical, our primary goal is to make sure you are able to find the best full size hospital beds for sale. We are always ready to take your call, and would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-813-7799 or send us an email (to [email protected]) anytime!