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King Size Hospital Bed / Extra Long Hospital Beds

King size hospital beds are sometimes difficult to find. While there are hospital beds that are considered to be king sized (and we have them here at AvaCare Medical), the truth is that measurements may be a lot different than those of standard beds. There are many benefits to having an extra long hospital bed, and one needs to look out for certain features in order to find the one that suits a patient’s or user’s needs. Read more...

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What is a King Size Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds enhance the at-home recovery or mobility experience of a patient or homebound individual. Regular king size beds have a different width and length compared to a regular mattress. Most of them are generally 72-76 inches wide and about 80-84 inches long (surprisingly about the same length as a queen size bed). The largest bed to be found is a bariatric hospital bed which has a smaller width and a longer length when compared to a normal king-sized bed. King size hospital bed frames (the largest in bariatric beds) are generally about 54-60 inches wide and about 94 inches long.

How to Choose the Right King Size Hospital Bed

There are many things to consider when one is searching for a hospital bed. Depending on the patient or user’s needs, one needs to determine what actual type of available hospital bed will suit their specific needs. Thus, the ‘right’ hospital bed is often determined on an individual need basis.

Types of Beds Available

There are generally three types of hospital beds available on the market. They all serve the same general purpose of assisting patients in positioning and stability. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, one can figure out what type of bed to choose.

  • Full-Electric Hospital Beds: Even though they are on the expensive end, full electric beds allow for the easiest adjustment by patients and caregivers. This is just one reason why most medical facilities choose this type of bed. Electric beds allow full adjustment by the means of electronic buttons, either with a remote control or on-bed settings (or both in some higher-end models). This allows the user to individually control the head section, foot section, and even the height of the bed itself. These king size medical beds are the most universal and they help particularly those who are completely debilitated, those who have some mobility, and even caregivers who may have trouble physically operating the manual controls.
  • Semi Electric Hospital Beds: Semi-electric beds allow the user to adjust the bed as needed. However, for safety purposes, the height adjustment of the bed must be done manually by a caregiver with a hand crank. These beds are a great choice for those who are bed-bound, but they also provide benefits for the caregiver. Being equipped with the option to use easier means to position the patient is an excellent way to avoid numerous health conditions and also helps the caregiver to conserve upper body strength. These are also a good choice for users who require fewer adjustments to the bed height (other than once in a while), as well as for people who need their bed to be at a lower height.
  • Manually Controlled Hospital Beds: Manual beds are somewhat old-fashioned, as they have been around for a while. They are operated with a hand crank system. These beds are best for those who don’t require continuous bed adjustments. After all, this saves a lot of energy – once the head, foot, and height are set at desired positions, one may leave them as is in order to save their energy. Another great thing about manual beds is that they are often the lowest priced bed options. On the other hand, they may also lack more features due to the manual controls.

Consider the User’s Needs

Once one figures out what type of king-sized bed to choose, he can begin looking into specific models. Most king hospital beds are bariatric models of the largest size. These beds are actually quite common to see in medical facilities because they are able to handle the vast variety of patients who may have to stay in the hospital bed at any given time. However, no matter if a person wants a full, queen, or king sized bed, there are some questions to consider. 

  1. What weight capacity is needed? Weight capacity is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. While some may only have a need for a standard bed (which on average holds anywhere from 350 to 450 pounds), often they end up opting for a smaller bed. For larger beds, such as the 1,000 pound models, the bed frame and mattress are larger, and offer the highest weight capacity possible. It is important to choose a bed that will hold both the user and the mattress, and that neither they nor anything they have on the bed will exceed the weight capacity.
  2. How long are they going to be in a bed? If a person is only going to need a bed for a short amount of time and doesn’t require a bariatric bed, then they may want to opt for a full hospital bed or even just a standard twin hospital bed instead. However, for long-term care, one may want to enjoy the comfort of knowing their loved ones (or themselves) are safe, secure, and have the most comfort possible. For these types of reasons, a king bed is often the best choice.
  3. What kind of accessories will be needed? This is often a question that some overlook until later, but one may want to think about options for accessories before, during, and even after they make their purchase. Many items that are designed to help patients are available, and one of the most common one is a set of bed rails. Despite the ongoing debates concerning their utility, many users find them helpful, since it can help prevent patients from rolling out of bed. They also provide support to users while getting out of bed, giving the person something to grasp.

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