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Semi Electric Hospital Bed / Semi Automatic Hospital Bed

Semi electric beds are the preferred choice of many patients and caregivers, due to their innovative makeup and, therefore, unique benefits. Browse through a diverse line of semi-electric beds in order to select the one that best suits your individual needs! Before viewing our inventory, you can read through this guide so that you’ll be well prepared and fully educated to choose the semi automatic hospital bed that ideally suits your preferences. Read more...

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  1. Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
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  2. Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
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  3. Delta Ultralight Semi-Electric Bed
    Delta Ultralight Semi-Electric Bed
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  4. MedLite Bed
    MedLite Bed
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  5. Merits Health Products One-Motor Semi-Electric Bed
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7 Items

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What is a Semi-Electric Bed?

Sometimes referred to as a hybrid electric hospital bed, semi hospital beds offer much of the same features that a fully electric bed does, but some methods of adjustment are manual only. Most commonly, the head and foot sections of a hospital bed are adjustable by electronic means, such as with a remote, by both the user or the caregiver. The height adjustability on semi-electric beds, however, is almost always done by using a hand crank, and therefore, the assistance of a caregiver will be needed whenever the patient needs the height to be adjusted.

There are numerous benefits that a semi-electric bed provides to both users and caregivers, as briefly stated above. Here are just a couple of the most touted advantages of semi electric beds! These benefits are why these beds are such a common choice.

Fast and Efficient Repositioning

Many bedridden users suffer from pressure sores or other sustainable injuries since they are unable to reposition themselves as frequently as is needed. Having electric controls for the head and foot section of a bed can allow for quicker and more accurate repositioning, allowing for more pressure relief and improved comfort. By using a semi-electric bed, one can also sit up straight when they want to. This can benefit users who need to sleep in an inclined position due to spinal problems, gastrointestinal issues, or similar conditions.

Lower Priced

Hospital beds in general can range greatly in price depending on the features of the bed, the weight capacity, the size of the bed, and many other factors. Most hospital beds range from about $500 all the way up to almost $5,000. Most semi-electric beds, while not as cheap as their manual counterparts, are usually more affordable than most fully electric beds. All of AvaCare Medical’s semi-electric beds can be purchased for less than $1,000.

Independence Promoting

One of the most important things that a person can achieve by using one of these devices is the independence, brought about by being able to control the head and the foot section of a hospital bed. There are so many users that suffer from lack of independence due to being bedridden. When they have a little bit of control, however, it helps them improve their state of mind and happiness, while at the same time enabling them to achieve maximum comfort since it allows them to reposition themselves.

Safer and Easier Transfers

Having to get out of bed is often painstaking for those who are in a hospital bed. By helping the user or patient to sit up, and by offering height adjustability to the caregiver, one can get out of bed (or get back in) much more easily. This means that semi-electric beds are exceptional when it comes to transferring into a transport chair, or even a manual wheelchair, a rollator, or when they need to get up using a walker.

Tips on Choosing a Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

When it comes to choosing a semi electric homecare bed, there are many things that need to be considered before a person even starts actively shopping for one. Anytime that a person must be in a bed for a long period of time, they can suffer from discomfort, pain sores (bedsores), and more. Therefore, they can benefit best when choosing a bed based on the following questions:

  • What does the user need in order to obtain comfort?
  • Is the bed going to be used long-term? It’s important that a bed has all of the accessibility, mobility, and adjustability features that you’ll need. If a person needs a long-term arrangement, then it’s important that the bed is used to maximize comfort and reduce adverse consequences related to a stationary lifestyle.
  • Consider the amount of time that will be spent in bed. The reason being is that most users who are going to spend all day in bed will more than likely need to purchase a full electric bed instead of a manual or semi-electric bed.
  • Manual and semi electric beds are primarily designed for those who are in bed only temporarily, and not all day.

Primary Safety Concerns

Along with the above considerations, once a user, caregiver, or loved one has figured out the answers, there are other things they can factor into their purchase decision. Some of these crucial things that a person needs to pay attention to when buying a semi electric hospital bed are as follows:

Weight Capacity of the Bed

This is the most important thing to consider. It’s imperative that users don’t go over the weight capacity of their beds either with their own weight, or even the combined weight of their body plus that of the mattress and accessories. Every addition to the weight of the mattress, with the exception of wheels, adds to the total weight of the bed in such a way that counts toward the weight capacity limit. In turn, it will also decrease the weight capacity that a user has left according to the frame.

How Tall and Wide is the Bed?

The bed’s height is also equally important as many short people may need a lower bed in order to achieve easy transfers and get in and out of bed respectively. Most semi-electric beds range anywhere from twin-sized all the way up to full-size (the latter being the size of some bariatric models). At the same time, most hospital beds have a sleep surface that is 36 inches wide and up to 80 inches long.


At AvaCare Medical, we offer semi-electric hospital beds for some of the most affordable prices on the market. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, we’re only a phone call away at 1-877-813-7799. Call us toll-free during business hours or don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected]!