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Best Hospital Bed Mattress | Best Medical Mattress

At AvaCare Medical, we have the best hospital bed mattress for your needs. Whether you need a simple sleeping solution or special relief from bedsores, we are confident that our products will help you. Our best mattresses for pressure ulcers allow you to sleep in comfort and safety, and, at the same time, eliminate and prevent bedsores. The best hospital mattresses on the market, from the top brands, are affordable and improve the user’s quality of health overall. Read More...

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  1. Med Aire Plus Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System
  2. Inner Spring Mattress
    Inner Spring Mattress
    Starting at $291.03
  3. Protekt Fiber Mattress
    Protekt Fiber Mattress
    Starting at $111.11
  4. Protekt 600 Pressure Redistribution Mattress
    Protekt 600 Pressure Redistribution Mattress
    Starting at $460.12
  5. Protekt 500 Gel Infused Pressure Redistribution Mattress
  6. Protekt 100 Pressure Redistribution Mattress
    Protekt 100 Pressure Redistribution Mattress
    Starting at $167.32
  7. microAIR Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress
  8. Softform Excel Mattress
    Softform Excel Mattress
    Starting at $318.67
  9. Invacare Bariatric Foam Mattress
    Invacare Bariatric Foam Mattress
    Starting at $542.19
  10. Economy Foam Mattress
    Economy Foam Mattress
    Starting at $212.10
  11. Expansion Control Waffle Mattress
    Expansion Control Waffle Mattress
    Starting at $115.15
  12. Geo-Mattress 350 Therapeutic Foam Mattress

Items 1-12 of 64

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What Types of Hospital Bed Mattresses Are the Best?

With a wide variety of hospital mattresses on the market, the search for the right model may be confusing to some when assessing your individual needs. The type of mattress that is needed depends on the situation of the user, and many factors need to be considered when choosing the best pressure relief mattress. Some types of the best pressure relief mattresses we offer are: 

Alternating Pressure Relief Mattresses

Alternating pressure mattresses are considered to be among the best air mattresses for a hospital bed on the market. They are exceptionally useful in reducing pressure in the right points of the body and in allowing for bedsore relief so a user does not end up having to have too much pressure on one point of the body at a time. By using the best mattresses to relieve pressure points, one can also improve their circulation. This, in turn, can further help to reduce inflammation by prolonged lying in one position. The best alternating pressure mattresses also have special materials that help them to be both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Low Air Loss Mattresses

These mattresses are considered to be the best mattresses for preventing bed sores, and are some of the best mattresses for bedridden patients. They work to create a comfortable air cushion that a user sleeps on by using laser-made pinholes to create a cooling effect for the skin. These beds have alternating pressure relief functionality as well. Minimal air-loss mattresses are among the most popular types of mattresses overall, and doubtlessly one of the best mattresses for bedsores. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are another excellent choice in mattresses for pressure sores. Medical-grade memory foam allows an extra layer of protection between the user and the sleep surface, while providing additional comfort. Memory foam is one of the most breathable materials on the market, and is also frequently used in medical devices like wheelchair cushions, due to its ability to provide minimal yet adequate pressure relief. These mattresses are also some of the most affordable on the market, as their prices are much lower than other types. 

Cellulose Fiber Mattresses

There are many benefits to the cellulose fibers in pressure relieving mattresses. Cellulose fiber is hypoallergenic, as both the cover and polyester filling provide additional relief to those who have allergies or sensitive skin. They are also able to be cleaned easily, often utilizing a removable cover that can be washed with a patients’ mattress overlay and hospital bed sheets

Lateral Rotation Mattresses

Lateral rotation mattresses are considered to be the best low air loss mattresses, and are also one of the best medical mattress types available. They combine features of both alternating pressure mattresses with low air loss mattresses and allow the bed to bilaterally rotate patients. When a user has trouble shifting their body weight while they’re bedridden, this feature can be helpful to both the caregiver and the patient. These models minimize the need for continuous manual rotation from the caregiver, and often are considered the best air mattress option for bed sores because they keep subtly repositioning the patient. Lateral rotation mattresses are some of the best pressure relieving mattresses, and due to their advanced functionality, they can be more costly than other types of mattresses. 

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Pressure Point Relief

Finding the best bed for pressure point relief isn’t rocket science, but there are many things that a user needs to research before they jump into purchasing one. In order to find the best mattress to prevent pressure sores, one needs to consider factors very similar to the ones they would when choosing other medical devices. Some things to consider when looking for the best mattress for relieving pressure points are: 

Weight Capacity & Weight of the Mattress

The weight capacity is the primary thing to consider when purchasing an air mattress. The weight capacity and the mattress’s weight go hand-in-hand when choosing one for a hospital bed. It’s important that the mattress won’t add so much weight that when a user lays on it, they’ll exceed their hospital bed’s weight capacity. Further, the user needs to consider any additional weight that may be on the mattress at any given time. For elderly patients, this could mean grandkids sitting on the bed with them, having belongings on the bed, and anything that could cause them to go over the weight limit. 

The Size of the Mattress

One needs to make sure that the hospital bed mattress properly fits the size of the bed they’re intending to use it on. One doesn’t want to order a twin mattress for, say, a queen-size hospital bed (or vice versa). Getting the wrong size can present a safety hazard and cause the mattress to malfunction. Always make sure that the mattress size is equivalent to that of the bed that it is being used on. 

The Control Functions of the Air Mattress System

The functions of an alternating pressure system may seem confusing at first, but become quite simple with practice. If a user or caregiver doesn’t know how to properly operate their air-loss system, then they can cause damage to the mattress or the patient using the hospital mattress. It is important that the controls are easy to understand and adjust. 

Additional Safety Features

Many people need to have special safety features on their air mattress control systems. The control boxes of many low air loss mattresses may have tamper-proof functions on them that allow users to get in and out of the bed as needed (by using a “static pressure mode”). These features can also keep them from making accidental adjustments that may cause damage or injury. One should assess the patient’s specific situation to determine which additional safety measures should be implemented, no matter what kind of mattress they’re using.


Find the best hospital bed mattress that you can buy at AvaCare Medical! When you or a patient are in need of the best mattress for relieving pressure points, it’s important to have only the best models available to provide the utmost comfort, security, stability, and functionality for your needs! Call now and reserve your mattress today to access our free shipping offer and to get knowledgeable, professional assistance during your order! We’re available toll-free at 1-877-813-7799, by live chat on our website, or through email. Shop now!