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Hospital Bed Mattress / Low Air Loss Mattress

In order to find the right hospital mattress, one needs to know what kind of mattress they need, as well as what benefits they can gain by using the right medical mattress. Here at AvaCare Medical, we have dozens of medical bed mattresses made by some of the country’s top medical manufacturing companies which can benefit all types of users! Browse our selection now to find the hospital bed mattress that suits your needs, or the needs of your patient, perfectly. Read More...

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These beds are often used in settings such as medical facilities, or for at home use. If you need a hospital bed mattress or low loss air mattress for yourself, your patient, or your loved one, you’ve come to the right place! For bedridden or immobile patients, the risk of bed sores can be mitigated with an air loss mattress, while patients who already have pressure sores can benefit from using an alternating pressure mattress.

Why Hospital Bed Mattresses Are Necessary

Hospital beds not only come in different sizes, but also have special features that make them primarily necessary for hospital beds. Regular mattresses cannot be used on hospital beds due to many reasons, size comparison and adjusting functionality being the two primary ones. While there are innerspring mattresses available for hospital beds, they aren’t commonly used, as many people need more features to protect their skin as well as increase their safety. Hospital bed mattresses for sale are therapeutic in nature and provide more for the patient as well as for the caregiver or medical professional. 

Over time, hospital mattresses can become worn out, and at a certain point it may be easier to buy a replacement mattress for a hospital bed instead of getting the mattress repaired. Therefore, it is important to find the right mattress for an adjustable hospital bed if a replacement is needed to provide the same benefits as the original. This will enable the patient (or user) to be adequately taken care of and comfortable. Due to the many differences in patients’ needs, a hospital bed and mattress go hand-in-hand to provide the right relief and care for users at both hospitals as well as at home. 

Benefits of Hospital Mattresses

There are many different benefits that different types of mattresses provide. Each type has their own unique benefits, but one can improve their overall health regardless of the type of comfortable hospital bed mattress that they choose to use. Some mattresses are more widely used as a home hospital bed mattress while others may be used more frequently with manual beds (to allow slow but safe adjustments). Electric hospital bed mattresses, on the other hand, are meant to be used with a majority of full-electric hospital beds. Others may be more specifically suited as a semi-electric hospital bed mattress. Some of these benefits include: 

Hospital Mattresses are Waterproof

Waterproof hospital mattresses are absolutely necessary, always. Users often perspire while in bed, and, when sleeping in regular mattresses, this can give rise to bacterial infections and pressure sores. By having a medical waterproof mattress, these maladies can be forestalled. Further, they also allow for easy cleaning, sanitation, and incontinence protection. 

Added Joint Control and Posture Support

Since hospital mattresses are able to fit a hospital bed as designed and have special interior makeup to allow for adjustability, even a firm hospital bed mattress can have soft points that contour to a user’s body and provide comfort for the user’s joints and bones. They can also improve posture while the user sleeps in them. There are many comfort benefits to these beds. 

Pressure Sore Relief

An inflatable hospital bed mattress is essential for maximum bedsore prevention and treatment. Even though some users don’t necessarily need this additional feature when they are using a hospital-grade mattress for a hospital-type bed, having pressure sore preventing features can greatly benefit those who have to use a med mattress for hours each day. The longer a user has to stay in bed, the more likely they are to need an inflatable medical mattress that can provide pressure sore relief. These beds are also essential for many bariatric users, as those individuals are more prone to develop bedsores due to lack of mobility and increased pressure on certain parts of the body. 

Are Hospital Mattresses Expensive?

This is a very common question, but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Basically, the price of medical adjustable beds and mattresses for the home depends on the needs of the individual as well as the features that the most comfortable hospital bed mattresses provide. Indeed, even the materials, electronic controls (if applicable), and the brand name can affect the price. Most people who are looking to buy mattresses for their hospital beds at home may want to find a cheap hospital bed mattress, while medical facilities usually opt for a hospital-type mattress that provides additional functionality and support. 

Home users may find that it’s preferable to buy an extra-firm hospital bed mattress or perhaps even an extra-long hospital bed mattress if they’re taller than average. This too can affect the hospital mattress price. In addition to these factors that influence cost, the size of the mattress being selected remains a major example. Most clinical mattresses are similar to that of a twin-sized bed while larger hospital-style mattresses may be close to a full-sized or queen-sized mattress. 

Depending on a person’s needs, a basic hospital mattress may be ideal for healthcare facilities. High-quality, fully adjustable mattresses may be a better choice, however, for home and long-term care facilities. Prices for hospital mattresses range from $100 for a basic innerspring hospital mattress, up to about $6,000 for a deluxe LAL mattress for bariatric users who are suffering from skin breakdown. 

Necessary Features of a Medical-Grade Mattress

There are some things that users need to look for no matter what type of mattress for bedridden users they are purchasing. Whether one needs an inflatable medical mattress or a plastic hospital mattress, the patient (or user) needs to be completely safe at all times and be able to reposition easily without becoming uncomfortable. The hospital mattress manufacturers know this, and they provide the highest quality patient care mattresses on the market, all of which go through rigorous testing to provide the best medical mattresses for sale. These necessary features are: 

Easy Adjustability

One of the purposes of a hospital bed for use at home or even for medical applications is that it allows easy positioning adjustment of the patient. Regular mattresses lack the functionality and spring placement to adjust as easily, and that’s if at all. A hospital mattress for a bed-bound patient must have specific support points in order to provide comfort and safety while retaining the ability to be folded in accordance with the bed’s adjustments. 

Weight Capacity Accommodations

Not everyone is the same shape or height, and the mattress manufacturers recognize this. Many patient bed mattresses are able to accommodate up to 450 pounds, while some bariatric mattresses may be able to hold up to 1,000 pounds. Companies have to produce the mattresses to be compatible with the bed frames as well, and the mattresses themselves can’t weigh over a certain amount in order to ensure that the mattress combined with a user’s weight won’t exceed the weight capacity of their bed frame. 

Exact Measurements for Compatibility

Since hospital mattress frames come in specific measurements that aren’t like standard or regular bed frames, it’s crucial that the mattresses themselves also come in precise measurements. The most common single hospital bed mattress is approximately 36 inches wide and 84 inches long, designed to match a single bed frame accordingly. The same goes with larger size mattresses and bed frames. It’s important to always choose the mattress that is needed to match the frame itself. Otherwise, a user can be subject to injury or damage to the mattress or themselves. 


Whether you need a mattress for a hospital bed or a bariatric hospital mattress, we have a full range of sizes to suit your preferences! If you need help finding the right hospital mattress, give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, and a care rep will be happy to speak with you! You can also send an email, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!