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Air Mattress Topper for Hospital Bed / Air Mattress Pad for Hospital Bed

For the best in pressure relief and comfort for a loved one, a patient, or even yourself, you should look into buying an air mattress topper for a hospital bed. AvaCare Medical is happy to inform our customers that we can help you find the best air mattress pad for your hospital bed to suit your needs! A hospital bed air mattress pad is an overlay that can accommodate users for the purpose of helping soothe and prevent pressure ulcers, alleviate joint pain, and improve comfort. Read More...

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What Is an Air Mattress Topper for Hospital Beds?

An air mattress overlay for a hospital bed is a large mattress pad secured to a patient’s hospital bed mattress. They are made with numerous air pockets and the overlay itself is inflated to a certain degree of pressure to provide both support and comfort at the same time to a patient. Some medical air mattress toppers come with a pump for inflation, while others on the market don’t require electric pumps. 

Some air mattress overlays feature waffle-style air pockets, while others (such as the ROHO Mattress overlay System), have hundreds of individual small air pockets. Air mattress toppers come in many different sizes, but most are designed to fit any standard hospital bed to accommodate a patient’s needs. They are often made of medical-grade vinyl or polyvinyl materials, both of which have many of their own benefits (see these below). 

How to Choose an Air Mattress Topper for a Hospital Bed

Hospital bed air mattress pads may come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and types. They accommodate users and patients who have very different needs. When choosing an air mattress overlay, it’s important to know a few things that are essential (just as it is with any medical device). Moreover, it is important to know that these are medical aids and should be treated with utmost care, following the manual and manufacturers’ instructions. Failure to do so may result in possible injury to the patient, reduction of the life of the hospital mattress overlay, and can even void the warranty on any product. Some things to consider when choosing an air mattress pad for a hospital bed are: 

  • Weight Capacity – Depending on the style, design, and type of air mattress topper chosen, the weight capacity may be anywhere from 250 lbs. up to about 300 lbs. on average. If a user cannot find a mattress overlay, it may be much more beneficial to purchase an air mattress.
  • Style – Depending on the style of the air pockets, users can achieve different results and receive pressure relief on different levels. Some advanced air cells such as the ROHO one listed above can provide advanced bedsore treatment, whereas others can provide lower levels of pressure relief.
  • Price – This is always something of a concern to users, but it shouldn’t be. Mattress overlays can be expensive, while alternating pressure and other air systems may cost more. Many factors may influence the price of an air mattress topper, so it is important to shop around for the top two. This way, one can narrow their search for the right mattress overlay that best suits their needs.

Benefits of Hospital Bed Air Mattress Pads

Though mentioned a bit above, what follows is more detail on some important things that a hospital bed air mattress topper can provide. Many people already know that when choosing a product for bedsore or pressure sore relief, these air beds are very effective in treating patients. There are more benefits than just pressure ulcer alleviation or prevention, though. These include: 

Air Toppers Promote Better Circulation

When it comes to using air overlays, it is important to know that they can improve the circulation of a patient, especially one who is being adjusted in their bed frequently. By providing a soft but efficient amount of pressure on the various points of the body, users can experience improved circulation. This is essential for elderly patients and those who are subject to inflammation problems. The inflammation can be reduced by adequate circulation, which in turn can help to alleviate joint pain and other common condition symptoms. 

Supports Joints and Back Better Than Mattresses Alone

Air mattress toppers are designed to be used for the most part with standard or innerspring mattresses. By adding air pockets to help contour and cushion the user while keeping them from bottoming out on the sleeping surface, these mattresses can help to reposition the body properly for correct weight distribution. It also ensures that while the weight is distributed evenly throughout the body, a user can improve their posture, helping to resolve things like back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and more. 

Most Air Mattress Toppers Are Extremely Cost Effective

While there are some more hi-tech overlay air systems on the market which are more expensive, most air mattress toppers are extremely affordable. Many air mattress overlays can be purchased under $100. While some may cost more than that, it is often due to the price of the pump or other equipment. Even if a mattress overlay pad has any problems, we have many replacement air pads available for a very low price. 

Lightweight and Often Portable

In terms of additional weight, air toppers are probably the most lightweight of the overlays that a person can buy. Even most gel mattress pads and foam overlays weigh more than an air overlay, and this can all make it harder for the model to position and adjust when needed. The lightweight capabilities can also make matters easier for a user by not adding more weight to their hospital mattress or bed. This can help them to remain safer and more secure, as well as keep them from exceeding the weight capacity of their bed. Since the air mattress toppers are inflatable and deflatable, they can be rolled up and considered portable for travel or in the rare case that a patient needs to transfer to another bed.


At AvaCare Medical, we can’t wait to hear from you! We’d love to help you find the best air mattress topper for your hospital bed. Our customer service representatives are waiting by our phones every business day (hours are listed at the bottom of the page). All you have to do is call us at 1-877-813-7799 or send us an email. Further, don’t forget that all of our overlays of $50 or more qualify for free shipping!