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Bariatric Mattress Topper / Bariatric Air Mattress Overlay

Bariatric mattress toppers provide heavier individuals with pressure sore relief and treatment. People come in all shapes and sizes, and those who need higher weight capacity products may benefit from one of our bariatric air mattress overlays – there are numerous benefits, as well as special features that can help them to reduce pressure sores, decrease their pain and discomfort, and more. Shop bariatric mattress toppers now! Read More...

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What Sets Bariatric Mattress Toppers Apart from Others

Heavier patients require more advanced features when it comes to their mattress toppers compared to other users. The more a person weighs, and the longer they are in bed; the more susceptible they are to getting bedsores. The higher weight capacity of bariatric air overlays can accommodate users that are above the normal weight limit of most typical mattress overlays – which is 300 lbs. There are additional systems in place and many times, they may have to purchase an air mattress system when they purchase them for the sake of additional weight capacity. Our bariatric overlays are able to withstand anywhere from 450 lbs. to 650 lbs., depending on what kind you choose.

Alternating Pressure Overlays

Alternating pressure is a very important feature that some overlays have, while low air loss has numerous benefits in terms of providing the right amount of pressure relief too. Some mattress toppers for bariatric users have the ability to provide both types of treatment as well. They use special air cells that are made out of polyurethane and nylon, have programmable adjustments to keep users from bottoming out (and they can be alerted when a user is going lower than the preset’s pressure levels. Our air mattress overlays for heavier persons also use cell-on-cell technology that helps a patient to avoid bottoming out.

Foam Bariatric Overlays

Foam overlays (also known as foam mattress toppers) are exceptionally popular, but many only withstand and retain their shape with weights up to 250-300 lbs. Our bariatric foam mattress topper can handle weights up to 450 lbs. If a user needs additional support than that, they may need to invest in an alternating overlay or a bariatric hospital mattress.

Benefits of Bariatric Mattress Toppers

There are many benefits that mattress toppers can provide. One of these is, of course, the ability to withstand heavier patient weights. The other most common feature is the advanced pressure relief and pressure ulcer relief that mattress overlays can provide patients with. All of our bariatric mattress toppers can do more than just help users combat against bedsores though – such as:

Caregivers Have it Easier

One thing is for certain – caregivers often have a much easier time when patients are using a mattress topper. Having a bariatric topper can benefit patients so much that it can literally decrease the amount of work that a caregiver has to do on problems such as bedsores and circulatory issues, thus increasing the quality of work a caregiver can provide to other requests and necessary treatments for the user. IT also helps to reduce the strain of helping a patient redistribute weight on items such as wedges and manual readjustment.

Healthy Circulation Promotes Cardiovascular Health and More

Bariatric users often suffer from circulatory problems, cardiovascular diseases, more problems with bedsores, and even more chronic pain associated with inflammation. Therefore, a bariatric mattress overlay can help to reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow, helping the heart and other vital organs to function better while weight is being redistributed much more. Using our mattress toppers reduces other inflammation and pain associated with it.

Aids in Spinal Alignment

Older people and bariatric patients often suffer from spinal misalignment that causes numerous problems in terms of pain. It is more common as patients have to stay in bed for longer periods of time than normal. As someone lies on a regular mattress longer, they end up developing irregularities in their spine positioning that can cause chronic health problems as well as spinal issues as their spine settles into the “broken in” position that they’ve created in the mattress. By using a weight distribution mattress system such as an alternating pressure overlay or even a bariatric foam mattress topper, their bodies are cushioned and there is less pressure on heavier parts of the body that are prone to bearing more weight on them.

Cooler and More Restful Nights

Due to all of the benefits above, many users don’t have as much pain that is commonly associated using regular mattresses alone. For even more additional comfort, one can purchase a bariatric gel overlay to put on top of their bariatric mattress for even more added protection. Gel allows a mattress overlay to have even more additional shock absorption, weight distribution, and even adds more moisture control to a bariatric patient’s bed.

Most users suffer from excess moisture being a damaging factor to the skin as their bodies sweat during bed rest. With a gel pad on their bed, they can decrease the amount of moisture that their skin is exposed to. This helps to alleviate even more pressure ulcers and helps the skin to “breathe” better.

How to Choose a Bariatric Mattress Topper

Bariatric mattress toppers aren’t necessarily for everyone, but for larger people, they are almost essential. It’s important to know just how prone you are to getting bedsores. One thing to consider first and foremost is the weight capacity needed. If a user goes over the weight capacity of a mattress overlay, especially an air one, they may end up causing damage to their air mattress or mattress topper. Therefore, they may need to buy a low air loss mattress to provide them the better cooling bedrest that a gel overlay would provide. It can also void the warranty of the air mattress should anything happen, and in a worst-case scenario, it can actually cause injury to the patient.


If you know someone (like a loved one, friend, or even a patient) or are just looking for a bariatric mattress topper for yourself, we’d like to help! When you order one of our mattress toppers over $50, we’ll even throw in free shipping to help get you the best in pressure sore relief possible! All you need to do is give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 and one of our professionally trained caregiver support agents will heed your call and get you taken care of so you can worry less! You can also send us an email anytime during or outside of business hours!