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Bedsore Mattress Topper / Mattress Pad for Bedsores

When patients are bed-bound for long periods of time, they may need a bedsore mattress topper to help alleviate the pain that inevitably arises from this condition. Being in one position for long periods of time can often lead to such pressure sores; indeed, bodies are meant to be moving. AvaCare Medical can help you find a mattress pad for bed sores. Our models are manufactured right here in the USA by the top medical equipment brands on the market! Read More...

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  1. Medline Aeroflow Static Air Overlay
  2. Span America Convoluted Foam Overlay
    Span America Convoluted Foam Overlay
    Starting at $23.06
  3. SkiL-Care Decubitus Bed Pad Synthetic Sheepskin
  4. Premium Guard Gel Foam Overlay
    Premium Guard Gel Foam Overlay
    Starting at $170.00
  5. Synthetic Sheepskin Roll
    Synthetic Sheepskin Roll
  6. Sofsheep Double Medical Sheepskin Pad
  7. Protekt Serenity Gel Overlay
    Protekt Serenity Gel Overlay
  8. Briggs Natural Sheepskin
    Briggs Natural Sheepskin
  9. Rolyan Synthetic Sheepskin Pad
  10. Sofsheep Sheepskin Pad
    Sofsheep Sheepskin Pad
  11. Premium Gel Foam Overlay
    Premium Gel Foam Overlay
  12. Standard Gel Foam Overlay
    Standard Gel Foam Overlay

Items 1-12 of 13

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What is a Mattress Topper for Pressure Sores?

If a user has a hospital mattress that is not specially designed to help them with pressure sores (such as alternating pressure and low air loss mattresses), then they may require the same support that they can get from these systems. However, many people only have an innerspring mattress or even a foam mattress, and they’re unable to purchase one of these air bed systems. Therefore, it’s important that they get the necessary equipment to properly manage their condition. 

Pressure sore mattress toppers come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, types, and styles. Depending on the severity of the user’s bedsores, or if they’re just looking for pressure relief to help prevent them, they may even be made of a variety of materials. The whole purpose of mattress overlays for pressure sores is to relieve the user of pressure ulcers that have already developed and to help keep them from getting more. However, there are some other benefits that are included with using a mattress pad to prevent bed sores, such as:

Contours to the Body

Users who need additional pressure relief often suffer because the mattress they own eventually becomes compressed or bottoms out. A user can prevent additional bedsores with a mattress topper because these products provide additional support by properly distributing weight across the various parts of the body that are subject to higher pressure being on them (such as the hips, shoulders, knees, or legs). Mattress toppers to prevent bed sores can help to mitigate such risks. Most bedsore mattress toppers are designed to somewhat contour to a patient’s body, and provide anywhere from mild to extreme pressure relief depending on the design and the capabilities of the product. 

Helps to Wick Away Moisture and Body Heat

One of the other common reasons why patients often suffer from pressure sores is that moisture is very hard on the body. Moisture most commonly arises from perspiration associated with becoming too hot. Bedsore mattress overlays are designed to provide the relief above, while also helping to wick away moisture and sweat. Certain other types may even provide more moisture control as well, such as a low air loss mattress overlay system, which pushes air at the user’s body from microscopic holes. 

Helps to Keep Body Aligned Properly

Most seniors and those with debilitation conditions that leave them bedridden require additional spinal and body alignment support. An overlay for mattresses treats pressure sores and also helps the user manage other issues, such as body positioning. By helping to cushion the body, a user can also achieve better spinal and joint alignment, thus helping to alleviate chronic pain and fatigue. The result is often improved alignment over time as well as additional support to promote a good night’s sleep and ultimate comfort for the patient. 

Improves Blood flow to Key Points

The longer a patient exists in the same position, the more problems usually arise. With a bedsore relief mattress, users can still get positioned properly (or repositioned when needed) to help improve their circulation. Certain bedsore overlays such as alternating pressure mattress pads can help to constantly push and alternate blood flow to numerous points throughout the body, such as the arms, legs, hips, back, feet, and brain. 

Having increased circulation can also greatly benefit a patient who suffers from being completely incapacitated. It has been proven that those who are in an immobile state can live at higher risks for liver, kidney, and other vital organ issues. The human body wasn’t meant to remain stationary, and if it does for prolonged periods, numerous health problems can arise aside from mere pressure sores. From pain to neurological problems, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular issues, the toll of remaining stationary can prove to be very taxing on the human body. 

Types of Bed Sore Mattress Overlays

As stated above, there are many different types of bedsore mattress pads available on the market. These can vary by the way that they are made, the design, the materials, and even the features. Some of the most common types of mattress pads to prevent bedsores include: 

Foam Mattress Overlays

Foam mattress pads are designed to provide minor to moderate bedsore relief as well as general pressure relief by giving patients an extra bit of contoured cushioning. Foam has many benefits, and one of them is that the material is not only resilient. It also offers the lowest prices in terms of mattress overlays on the market. 

Air Mattress Overlays

Air overlays are exceptionally popular as they are often cheaper than many air mattresses themselves. Some even have low air loss and alternating pressure capabilities with a pump system. These provide a low-cost alternative for those who already have access to a standard hospital mattress. 

Gel Pads

Gel mattress overlays offer a cooling effect and comfortable relief by wicking away moisture. They are often more expensive than regular foam or air mattresses but use special gel technology that has become increasingly popular over the years. While some gel pads are used by themselves, many are also available which combine a layer of medical gel on top of foam pads of variable densities to make them both firm but helpful to the skin. 

Sheepskin Pads

Sheepskin pads prove fairly expensive for an initial investment, but they represent a great pressure sore relieving alternative for years to come. Many users choose these all-natural sheepskin mattress overlays because of the benefits they provide. From their naturally antibacterial properties all the way to being easy to maintain and durable enough to last for decades, it’s clear why these remain a popular choice. Sheepskin has a great moisture wicking ability and helps to keep patients warm while keeping the skin cool and dry at the same time.


If you’re interested in preventing bedsores with mattress toppers designed to do just that, AvaCare Medical can help you! Our fully-trained customer care representatives are available at 1-877-813-7799 anytime during our business hours listed at the bottom of our website. They can answer any questions or concerns. Call today and we’ll assist you with your order and get the best deal for you possible!