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Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Hospital Bed

Using a memory foam mattress topper for a hospital bed can provide pressure sore relief and prevention and improve the patient's sleep quality. Choose from the highest quality hospital bed foam mattress toppers from some of the top companies in the nation! There are numerous benefits that you can provide to your loved one or home care patient with a foam mattress overlay. Read on to find out why you should go with a foam mattress topper for your hospital bed! Read More...

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  1. Span America Convoluted Foam Overlay
    Span America Convoluted Foam Overlay
    Starting at $23.06
  2. Heels-Off Heel Elevator Convoluted Foam
  3. McKesson Mattress Overlay Convoluted Foam 33 x 72 x 2 Inch
  4. Premium Guard Gel Foam Overlay
    Premium Guard Gel Foam Overlay
    Starting at $170.00
  5. Convoluted Eggcrate Bed Pad
    Convoluted Eggcrate Bed Pad
    Starting at $48.98
  6. Geo-Matt Overlay
    Geo-Matt Overlay
  7. BioClinic Eggcrate Foam Bed Pads
    BioClinic Eggcrate Foam Bed Pads
    Starting at $29.15
  8. Eggcrate Therapad Overlay
    Eggcrate Therapad Overlay
    Starting at $76.00
  9. Premium Gel Foam Overlay
    Premium Gel Foam Overlay
  10. Standard Gel Foam Overlay
    Standard Gel Foam Overlay
  11. Convoluted Foam Bed Pads
    Convoluted Foam Bed Pads
    Starting at $148.70
  12. Multi-Ply Dynamic Elite Pressure Redistribution Mattress, 80"

Items 1-12 of 13

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What is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Hospital Beds?

Medical foam is one of the oldest “tricks in the books” as far as providing additional comfort for patients. Many home care bedridden users suffer frequently from bedsores because of their limited mobility (or when they’re completely immobilized) if they are simply on a standard hospital mattress for long periods of time throughout the day – especially seniors and bariatric patients. Medical foam mattress toppers are more than just the average foam overlays that you would find in most retail stores. There are multiple types of medical-grade foam that offers relief from pressure ulcers in mild to moderate stages, and they help prevent them as well (as mentioned above). 

Types of Foam Mattress Overlays

Depending on the severity of the patient’s bedsores, or the amount of pressure relief that they need, different types of foam mattress toppers can provide different levels of relief and many more health benefits. Common types of medical foam mattress overlays are: 

Egg Crate Foam

Convoluted mattress pads, also known as egg-crate foam or eggshell foam, has been around for decades. It is one of the most widely used foam topper types, and can even be used in the form of layered foam pads (as mentioned below). These toppers are some of the softest bed pads available and come in multiple sizes to accommodate most hospital beds. While designed more for comfort, it can add to a little bit of bedsore relief as well. Convoluted foam is one of the lowest-priced types of foam mattress pads available. 

Memory Foam

A hospital bed memory foam topper is another popular choice. This provides cushioning, proper alignment, and can offer patients anywhere from mild to moderate pressure ulcer relief and prevention. Most memory foam toppers are made with high-quality medical-grade materials, and they are frequently used in multiple applications and not just mattress overlays. Memory foam is often used in wheelchair cushions and other areas where prolonged seating or laying has to occur with patients. It has a high shock absorbency level and is an excellent choice for bariatric patients as well. While memory foam may be higher priced than convoluted foam, the memory foam overlays that are used without being in multi-layered or hybrid overlays are often cheaper than other mattress toppers. 

Multi-layered Foam

Most hospital mattress overlays are made with a certain amount of foam, and while convoluted and memory foam toppers can come in “standalone” overlays, multi-layered bed pads are also available. This means that the mattress overlay has various levels of foam firmness layered together to provide both cushioning and help to better maintain a person’s weight. Most multi-layered foam toppers are frequently used for seniors and bariatric patients because of the other health benefits that they provide. Multi-layered foam is on the next tier in terms of price when comparing to other foam overlay types. 

Hybrid (Gel-Foam) Mattress Pads

Since medical gel is rising in popularity, so are hybrid foam mattress toppers. These combine memory foam, multiple layers of other firmness of foam, and gel-infused either inside of them or as the top layer to provide numerous cooling effects, help aid in moisture control, and improve comfort even more than a basic foam pad. Hybrid overlays are commonly used in the home care setting to provide maximum pressure sore relief and comfort where bed-bound patients may have limited mobility, therefore it is on the higher side of the varying types of foam overlays available on the market. 

How to Choose the Right Foam Mattress Overlay

Depending on the pressure relief, spinal alignment, and other health benefits that are aimed for, a user needs to consider multiple things when choosing a hospital bed foam mattress topper. Medical foam has extensive variances in thickness, and even weight capacities, and it’s important to find the right type that you need since certain types are better adept for pressure sore treatment than others. There are many options to choose from, so some things that a person needs to consider are: 

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of foam overlays can vary from 300 lbs. (the average weight capacity for medical devices) and even higher. This means the amount of weight that can be applied to the surface of the foam before it begins to lose shape retention, etc. Some foam (aside from memory foam) can lose its shape over time, so for bariatric patients, one needs a higher weight capacity, or they may need to choose an alternative mattress overlay type, such as an air mattress topper[link to air overlays] 


The thickness of a mattress topper can also affect the weight capacity that a foam overlay has. Naturally, the thicker a foam overlay is, the more firm it is – which means it can withstand higher weights than average. Most medical foam mattress toppers range anywhere from 1 inch up to 6 inches depending on the type of foam listed above that it is. 

Moisture Control

Gel foam toppers along with other types of memory foam mattress toppers for hospital beds can vary in terms of the amount of moisture control that they provide to patients. Since sweat is a very important cause of bedsores, it’s crucial that the patient is able to experience a comfortable cool sleep (while not getting cold). Therefore, many foam overlays offer the capability to provide this for patients, while helping to wick away moisture because of its porous surface.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to get the best memory foam mattress topper for a hospital bed you can find anywhere! Because of this, we make sure that our customer caregiver specialists are able to answer any of your questions and concerns and even help assist you in selecting the most comfortable foam mattress overlay that will suit your needs. Give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 and remember – orders that are over $50 qualify for free shipping too!