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Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay / Low Air Loss Overlay

If you’re looking for an air loss mattress overlay, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some of the best low air loss overlays available on the market, which are perfectly compact and great for high risk stage 5 patients. Low air loss technology delivers some of the best pressure ulcer treatment capabilities, and can be extremely useful for anyone who is at risk of developing pressure sores (bedsores). Shop our selection of low air loss mattresses now! Read More...

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What is a Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay?

Low air loss mattress toppers combine the benefits of air cushioning, with the benefits of alternating pressure and low air loss combined. These overlays made by Drive Medical and Medline are made of the highest-quality materials and offer more benefits than a traditional mattress overlay without being as expensive as an air loss mattress system. Low air loss provides a unique cushion that helps to treat and manage bedsores in any situation, whether it's in a long term, acute, or home care setting. They use a high tech air pump to provide more proper weight redistribution as opposed to static air overlays. 

Low Air Loss Overlays – Key Benefits

Low air loss mattress toppers allow the user to get the same amount of relief as a low loss air mattress provides, but there are benefits that are unique to these mattress overlays. For example, one doesn’t have to spend as much money as they would on a complete air mattress, but they can get the same cushioning. Other benefits of these mattresses are: 

Portable and Compact

One great thing about a LAL is that they’re not as bulky as a mattress. Therefore, many low air overlays can be rolled up and compacted in case of emergencies, or travel situations that may require the user to be able to have a hospital bed elsewhere. Some of our models of LAL mattress toppers can even be conveniently packed into a bag and toted along – this means that they’re much lighter than even some other items, such as gel mattress pads or foam mattress toppers

Automated Air Treatment Pump

The pump itself is designed with medical-grade accuracy. Users and caregivers can use the controlled pump adjustments in order to provide an accurate amount of air pressure and air redistribution for their patients. It also helps to provide numerous other benefits as mentioned below, as the airflow completely adjusts as needed to help give relief to pressure ulcers and improve comfort. 

Spring Lined Air Tubes

Some individual celled models of air mattresses provide great relief but are susceptible to getting the cells twisted, or bottoming out when the patient is lying on them. These special cells are optimized to retain their shape and protect the patient from bottoming out, as well as ensure that the right amount of air is getting to them at a given time. 

Available for Many Functions

Low air loss overlays in our inventory have more than one use – the air pump can also provide alternating pressure. This means that it can continuously maximize the right pressure to designated points of the body and alternate them at regular intervals to give even more bedsore protection and relief. Alternating pressure is essential for bedsore relief from mild all the way to severe levels. 

Circulation is Better

When using a low air loss or alternating pressure relief system, the average patient can benefit from having increased circulation. They both have their ultimate benefits of providing circulation increase to the patient so they can have better blood flow to target areas that often suffer from bed rest – such as the feet, the hips, shoulders, and even the internal organs. 

Prices of Low Air Mattress Overlays

When one is wanting to get the same low air loss treatment, they’ll find that the same mattresses can provide exceptional relief, but that they cost more than their budget. Fortunately, low air loss overlays allow a user to have the same treatment as other air mattresses without having to pay the higher price associated with them. Along with this, low air overlays can be used on standard hospital bed mattresses. Because of their cell design as well as the way their covers are made, they are perfect for adjustable hospital beds, and can still help the patient get the same amount of relief no matter what position they’re in. 

Benefits for Caregivers

AvaCare Medical understands the need for caregivers, and we also know how hard they have to work at their jobs in order to keep their patients comfortable. This applies to a home care setting just as much as it does in a medical facility or nursing home. All of our low air loss overlays are able to provide the right amount of relief that helps the patient of an electric hospital bed get the care they need, but they also make the caregiver’s job easier in turn as well. Bedsores require special care in order to combat them as well as prevent them, and our mattress overlays are able to provide some relief to patients in this regard as well. 

What to Consider When Buying a Low Air Loss Overlay

Of course, the main thing to consider is that these are only designed to withstand weights up to 300 lbs. (the standard for most hospital mattress overlays). If a patient needs a more bariatric model, they may need to opt for a mattress that has a higher weight capacity. Aside from this, users also need to take special note on mattress care – the same rules apply as they do with other mattress overlays. 

Low air loss users have the tendency to try to get out of bed when the bed is in “treatment” mode. This means that the pressure is alternating back and forth, and when the user tries to get out of bed, the cells themselves give too much resistance and can be damaged. In order to avoid this, it’s best to enter standby mode or turn the pumps off completely when a patient/user is transferring to their wheelchairs or other devices that help them get out of bed (when possible).


At AvaCare Medical, we want to give you the best low air loss mattress overlay possible. If you can’t afford one of our LAL overlays, you may be able to purchase a different overlay that can be used on top of regular mattresses. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask any question though if you need help finding the right LAL mattress topper for you. You can reach a customer care representative at 1-877-813-7799 during our business hours, and even send an email anytime!