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Waffle Mattress for Hospital Bed | Hospital Waffle Mattress

If you're looking for an overlay for your bed, a waffle mattress for your hospital bed can be a great choice. A hospital waffle mattress is one of the most commonly purchased mattress overlays. People who need mild to moderate pressure relief and want to have a comfortable place to rest choose this option quite frequently. These mattress overlays provide numerous benefits to the bedridden patient and are very easy to use. Shop waffle mattresses for hospital beds now! Read More...

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    Waffle Multi-Care Pad
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3 Items

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What is a Waffle Mattress for a Hospital Bed?

A waffle mattress overlay is an air mattress that is made with a specially crafted ergonomic design compared to most other air beds. Many air mattresses and overlays are designed with individual cells either the full width of the bed or with small air pockets. The waffle mattress is a continuous air system that provides static air pressure throughout to provide relief. A waffle mattress topper has more of a diamond-patterned design and has relief “holes” in them to help increase ventilation. 

Benefits of Waffle Mattress Overlays for Hospital Beds

Waffle toppers offer a large variety of benefits for patients as well as caregivers and medical staff. While some users may primarily use them for their pressure sore relief and prevention, these overlays are not limited to just pressure relief. Other benefits that medical waffle mattress overlays provide are: 

Improved Circulation

Waffle mattress toppers improve the patient’s circulation and this has numerous benefits in itself. Blood flow can improve significantly and eliminate not only pressure sores, but also provide relief for inflammation, which many people suffer while they’re forced to be in bed for longer periods. Increased circulation is also great for the bedridden patient’s organs, and helps aid in positioning as well. 

Air Ventilation Improves Moisture Control

The holes in a waffle mattress provide more than pressure relief as well – they’re designed to help provide a cooling effect that’s often found in gel mattress pads. This feature helps the mattress overlay to also wick away moisture and sweat, which also helps to reduce the risks for developing pressure sores. It is a patented design that also helps the user get a broader range of weight redistribution. 

Improves Sleep Quality

Users who resort to using waffle mattresses are able to get a better night’s sleep. When someone is bed-bound, they don’t always sleep as often as we think they do, but it’s important that they’re comfortable, and regardless of repositioning, they need to get a full night’s rest. By adding an extra soft pillow for users to sleep on, waffle mattress pads can help the patient achieve this. 

Easy to Inflate

Almost all air overlays come with a pump, whether it’s an alternating pressure pad or a static pressure mattress topper. Our waffle mattress pads come with an easy to use pump that makes it easier for users (if applicable) and caregivers to keep the mattress topper inflated to the proper degree of firmness for the patient. 

Helps with Spinal Positioning

Sleeping on a waffle mattress can help ensure that a patient’s spine is straight and improve posture. The unique shape and the air pressure resistance provides enough cushion to keep their spine aligned properly which can offer the patient more back pain relief as well as help to increase comfort and reduce pressure ulcers. They (waffle mattress toppers) achieve this by reducing the amount of pressure above the hips and under the shoulders, as well as throughout the patient’s neck. 

Easy to Clean & Sturdy

Waffle toppers are extremely durable despite the supposedly thin layer of vinyl that they’re made of often. They’re designed to withstand weights of around 300 lbs. on average, which makes them an applicable solution for most patients. Also, they are extremely easy to clean, and can be washed with mild detergent and water, and sanitized easily. Sanitation is a very important factor when it comes to a patient’s bedsore treatment, and since some patients suffer from incontinence issues, other mattresses and toppers may make it more of a difficult job. 

Decreases Caregiver Workload

All of the above benefits listed can also benefit caregivers – not just the patient. By reducing the amount of bedsores a patient suffers from, caregivers don’t have additional work and have to risk themselves to exposure of harmful bacteria, infection, and more. The fact that their patients can sleep comfortably also helps so that caregivers and nursing staff aren’t as busy dealing with the patient’s discomfort, as this is a frequent issue in most medical facilities where a patient is bedridden. Caregivers are also often the ones who need to inflate the mattress pads and monitor the air pressure, so the convenient hand pumps and automatic pumps that we provide can help the caregivers do what they need to keep them inflated. If a patient needs it, users can even find automatic alternating pressure pumps that can be used with many of our air mattresses and waffle overlays. 

When used in conjunction with one of our high-quality hospital beds and mattresses, caregivers can help to alleviate many health issues that patients will suffer aside from just bed sores. Most patients need to be adjusted numerous times throughout the day to increase their organ function and keep them healthy. These waffle mattresses for hospital beds offer a flexible cushion that can adjust with the bed and user and keep redistributing weight properly in any position. 

Are Waffle Mattress Overlays Expensive?

Waffle mattresses can range anywhere from around $60 to $200 in most places that a person looks to buy them. We only offer the best brands in the country like Drive Medical, Medline, and others – all of them are dedicated leaders who provide the best mattress overlays along with other medical equipment throughout not only the nation but also the world. Waffle mattresses are often much cheaper though and more affordable than gel pads or dedicated alternating pressure mattresses, and they can fit on most standard hospital bed mattresses if a user can’t afford one of the more expensive air mattresses.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we take pride in being able to provide the best waffle mattress for hospital beds that your money can buy! If you are worried about anything before, during, or even after your order, you can call one of our specially trained customer caregiver reps at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with them online during our business hours!