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Category: Slings & Accessories
Brand: Drive Medical

Sit-to-Stand Lift / Patient Lift

Using a sit-to-stand lift (also known as Hoyer patient lift) can help you safely transfer your patient or loved one with less effort. Hydraulic patient lifts hoist individuals using a manual hydraulic system, while the electric Hoyer lift uses a battery-powered system. A Hoyer lift sling attaches to the arm of patient lifts to cradle the patient during transfer. Read More...

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  1. Transport Sling
    Transport Sling
  2. Patient Lift Sling
    Patient Lift Sling
    Starting at $44.37
  3. Full Body Patient Lift Sling
    Full Body Patient Lift Sling
    Starting at $104.60
  4. Bariatric Canvas Sling
    Bariatric Canvas Sling
    Starting at $97.01
  5. Replacement Chains for Sling
  6. Padded U Sling
    Padded U Sling
    Starting at $136.20
  7. Sit-to-Stand Buttock Strap
    Sit-to-Stand Buttock Strap
  8. Straps for Patient Slings
    Straps for Patient Slings

8 Items

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Although a patient lifter requires more time than transferring by hand, using a medical lift protects both the caregiver and the patient from injuries. In addition, patient lifts are often necessary when transferring bariatric patients.

We carry a large selection of patient slings of all kinds, designed to support the weight of the patient while suspended. Whether you need a full-body sling or a U-Sling for individuals with upper body strength, we have what you need. We also supply commode slings for easier commode transfers. When buying a patient lift sling, the size, weight and medical condition of the patient must be considered.

Another type of lift is the stand assist lift, commonly referred to as the sit-to-stand lift, which uses the same method as a standard patient lift to ease patients into a standing position. A patient lift scale allows for easy weighing of patients who are less mobile.

Save yourself time and effort – buy a patient lift today!