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Geri Chair / Geriatric Chairs

The geri chair is a fully reclining chair with wheels attached that provides seniors with a comfortable, spacious seat. Fully padded and designed for total safety, geriatric chairs offer the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Recliner
    McKesson Recliner
  2. Lumex Three Position Recliner
    Lumex Three Position Recliner
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  3. Lumex Clinical Care Recliner, Warm Taupe, Extra-Wide
  4. Clinical 3-Position Recliner
    Clinical 3-Position Recliner
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  5. Basic 3-Position Recliner
    Basic 3-Position Recliner
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  6. Deluxe Wide 3-Position Recliner
    Deluxe Wide 3-Position Recliner
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  7. Deluxe Adult 3-Position Recliner
    Deluxe Adult 3-Position Recliner
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  8. 3-Position Geri Chair Recliner
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  9. 3-Position Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner
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  10. Clinical Care Geri Chair Recliner
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  11. MTC Elite Recliner
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    MTC Elite Recliner
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11 Items

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The wheeled base of these medical chairs for elderly patients allow those with low mobility to be transported by a caregiver or attendant. Although they are less portable than transport chairs, geriatric chairs are often preferred as comfortable, movable seats, since they provide more seating space. Most geri chairs are narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, but always be sure to check the measurements before purchasing.

Like most typical recliners, the geri chair recliner often has the added feature of a wing or lap tray to facilitate activities such as eating, reading, writing and more.


The geri chair is sometimes referred to as a clinical recliner, because it is ideal for use in rehab centers and care facilities, as well as for individuals recovering at home from surgery or illness. In hospitals, geriatric chairs prove useful as a temporary hospital bed for family members staying with a loved one overnight, especially since they are fully reclinable and can be moved easily.

Geri chairs are ideal for patients recovering from surgery, thanks to the fully reclinable backrest and elevating leg rests. Leg elevation can improve blood circulation, particularly for patients who sit for long periods of time; it is also important for individuals suffering from leg fatigue or edema or are recovering from bone injury.


Every part of the geriatric chair, including the headrest, backrest, seat and armrests, are fully padded and cushioned. In addition, these hospital recliners are extra wide and feature padded elevating leg rests, giving the user plenty of room to sit back and get comfortable. The adjustable headrest also offers neck support.


One of the most important parts of the design of geri chairs is the built-in safety features, especially since these chairs are often used by elderly patients who are frail and have a higher risk of falls. These safety features include wheel locks, which allow the chair to be locked securely in place, as well as safety belts or restraints, which are often built in to the chair to keep the user safe and secure.


Geriatric chairs are adjustable and easy to clean, making them low-maintenance and highly practical. In addition, most geri chairs are manufactured with a moisture barrier on the seat to prevent liquid damage, an important feature for patients who are incontinent. They are often equipped with drop arms, allowing for easy patient transfer.

A reclining geri chair is perfect for home or clinical use and provides excellent, safe support for its users. Bariatric geri chairs are available for users with heavier weights. Get yours by placing your order online or over the phone today, and we’ll have it shipped by tomorrow, free of charge!