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Seat Lift / Portable Chair Lift

A seat lift is a portable cushion that converts a standard seat into a lift chair with a lifting mechanism that makes it easy to transition from sitting to standing. These portable chair lifts gently ease users into a sitting or standing position with a hydro-pneumatic lifting mechanism which is slowly activated by movement. Read More...

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  1. Upeasy PowerSeat Chair Lift
    Upeasy PowerSeat Chair Lift
  2. Upeasy Deluxe Manual Lifting Cushion
  3. Upeasy Standard Manual Lifting Cushion

3 Items

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Often referred to as the Uplift Seat Assist, this affordable seat assist option offers a winning combination of convenience, practicality and effectiveness.

Although most seat lifts for seniors are manual and do not require any batteries or electricity, the Uplift Power Seats incorporate electricity to allow the user to control the movement of the seat and ensure a safe, gentle lift every time.

Seat Lift Features

Some important features of manual and power lift seats include their durability, easy to clean surfaces and ease of transport. True to their name, portable chair lifts can be disengaged and folded and carried with the built-in handle so you can take it along and use it wherever you are, whether at home, work or even in the car. *

Other features to look out for include waterproof cushion covers (which is especially important for anyone suffering from incontinence), a non-slip bottom to prevent the cushion from shifting, and a memory foam core for high comfort and pressure relief.

When purchasing any seat lift, be sure to consider the recommended weight range, which will ensure that the user is heavy enough to engage the lifting mechanism, but not too heavy for the cushion to lift.

Seat Lift Benefits

Uplift seat assist cushions are designed for individuals who have a hard time getting up on their own due to limited upper or lower body strength. It also allows users to transition slowly from standing to sitting, relieving stress and strain on the joints even when sitting down.

Seat assist lifts are a safe solution that can lift up to 80% of the user’s weight. This product is ideal for individuals who have lower mobility due to Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, Parkinson’s, post-op conditions and more.

Safety Warning: Uplift seat assists is not recommended for use on wheelchairs, as the chair may move while the lifting mechanism is engaged.

* Please note that although many customers have successfully used seat assist cushions for travel, not all users find these products suitable for use in the car.