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Medical Alert Systems for Seniors / Medical Alert Pendants

Medical pendants, also called medical emergency alarms or home emergency buttons, help seniors to stay safe and allow caregivers to stay more calm. The best medical alert systems for seniors are affordable, high quality, and user friendly. On AvaCare Medical, you’ll find durable medic alert pendants and panic buttons for seniors that are well worth the cost, and can be shipped free of charge to your doorstep. Shop the best senior medical alert systems now! Read More...

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  1. Logicmark Guardian Alert
    Logicmark Guardian Alert
  2. FreedomAlert Emergency Pendant

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Who Can Benefit from Using Medic Alert Pendants?

Anyone who is elderly and doesn’t have a caregiver with them at all times can use a medical alert pendant. To be specific, there are several types of people who will benefit the most from using such senior personal alarms. They include people with high fall risks, and those with high risk medical conditions. There are also others for whom it is advantageous to use emergency alert devices. 

Seniors Living Independently

29% of seniors live alone; without family and not in a care facility. These elderly individuals, who are living alone, can benefit immensely from investing in an emergency pendant for seniors and elderly individuals. In case of an emergency, having a personal emergency alarm makes help within reach. For many seniors, just having a home medical alert system allows them to feel less anxious, and more secure and more safe. It allows them to stay independent, safely. 

Those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

A mobile medical alert system can be helpful for those with Alzheimer’s. It’s also used for people with dementia. If the person wanders off, and is lost, the caregiver can trace where the person is by means of the emergency medical alert system. 

Anyone with High Risk Medical Conditions

Someone with a high risk medical condition, who can be in need of sudden emergency assistance, will benefit from using an elderly person alarm. It allows them to quickly reach out for help as soon as they need it. Whether the senior has diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or any other condition that can call for the need for immediate assistance, a wearable emergency call button for elderly people can be very useful in case of emergency. 

Individuals with High Fall Risk

Seniors are at a very high risk for falls. Every year, one in four seniors experience a fall; that’s a quarter of all seniors. Also, once someone has had a fall, studies predict that they are twice as likely to fall again. Since seniors have such a high fall risk, a personal medical alarm can be very useful to them. 

Although wearable emergency buttons for elderly people won’t prevent falls, they will provide the user with a way to hopefully get help if a fall occurs. However, bear in mind that they should not be used as the only measure to prevent falls; rather, wearable panic buttons for the elderly should be a part of a fall prevention plan, along with bed alarm pads, walking aids, and other fall safety products. 

Medical Pendant Systems Can Be Used Anywhere

Often, people aren’t aware that nearly half of senior falls occur outside. They know that the bathroom is a common place for falls, and they thus invest in bathroom grab bars, and they know that falls can happen in the bedroom, so they get safety products meant for that purpose, but they don’t really think about falls that can happen outside. 

The reason why many people don’t really think about getting safety products which can help them stay safe outdoors is often because they don’t realize there are such products. One such product would be an emergency alert device. An emergency alert device is a product that is excellent for use when outdoors. Whether a senior is on his way to a doctor’s appointment or taking a stroll through his backyard garden, in case of an emergency, the senior can get help fast. 

Of course, an emergency alert pendant can also be used indoors. The reason why we’re specifying its use for outdoors is because most often, a senior’s home has been adapted to service his needs, and be as safe as possible for him. Hopefully, he’ll be pretty much safe in his home. Of course, anything can happen, but preventative measures are in place. When the senior is traveling outside, though, there isn’t really anything to do to make the area more safe. However, if something does occur, an emergency alert device will help the person get the help he needs. 

Emergency Alert System Vs. Other Options

There are alternative options which are used for the same purpose as emergency alert pendants. These include Google Home, Alexa, and other smartphone apps. The issue with using such technology instead of an emergency alert device is that it is hard to keep the smartphone on hand at all times. Most medical emergency call buttons for seniors are designed to be worn by the user, so it's within reach at all times. 

Best Emergency Alert Devices

At AvaCare Medical, we’ve curated our medical alert collection so that it only includes options that are the best of the best. If we carry it, you can depend on it. Here is our top choice for personal medical alert systems for the elderly. 

Freedom Alert Pendant

No matter where you’ll look and who you’ll ask, you’re most likely to hear only raving reviews regarding the Freedom Alert pendant. This emergency alarm is considered by many to be the best emergency call button for elderly people. This wireless medical alert system that calls family or caregivers can save up to four contacts, plus 911. The Freedom Medical Alert System is from LogicMark, a most trusted emergency alert device manufacturer with almost two decades of experience. This device can not only dial the aforementioned contacts as well as 911, but it can also receive calls. The Freedom Alert Emergency Alarm for seniors has a microphone as well as a speaker, so that it is easier for the user to hear during conversations. Its base unit features a battery back-up. This emergency alerting device weighs less than two ounces, and is water-resistant. The user is alerted when the Freedom Medical Alert System’s battery needs to be charged (which usually happens twice a year). 

Aside from the Freedom Alert Pendant, there’s also the LogicMark Guardian Alert 911, which is another great option.


Costs of in home medical alert alarm systems vary. The best medical alert systems for elderly people can cost around $500, but there are options for just over $100, as well. We carry the best emergency alarms for elderly people, including Guardian Alert 911, the Freedom Alert Pendant, and more, on AvaCare Medical today! If there are specific options you’re looking for in a medical call button for elderly people, give our customer service team a call at 1.800.813.7799. Shop Medical Guardian Pendants now!