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Limb Restraints | Finger Control Mitts

Find soft limb restraints on AvaCare Medical now! These products are available at great prices, from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. There are many different types of limb restraints, and there are options of finger control mitts as well. Choose from Posey finger control mitts, Skil-care soft limb restraints, and other well-designed personal safety devices. If you have any questions about these products, be sure to give our customer care team a call. Shop now! Read More...

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What is a Limb Restraint?

A limb restraint is a device utilized by healthcare providers that prevent or reduce a patient’s movement. This device prevents the patient who is agitated or violent from moving excessively in a manner that is harmful to either himself or others. Limb restraints cannot be purchased by anyone; the person making the purchase must have a prescription from a medical professional. 

What Types of Restraints are There?

There are several different options of restraints. Some prevent the person from flailing their arms or legs. Other restraints, such as belt or vest restraints, ensure that the person stays put where he is and cannot wander off. There are restraints that prevent the person from scratching himself excessively or causing himself harm in any other way. Here are some examples of restraints: 

  • Soft limb restraints
  • Leather restraints
  • Vest restraints
  • Belt restraints
  • Finger control mitts
  • Body restraints
  • Pelvic restraints

Soft Limb Restraints

Soft limb restraints are restraints constituting of fabric. They can usually be used for restraining either a person’s hands, or a person’s feet. One common option of a soft limb restraint is the Posey limb holder restraint. 

Leather Restraints

Leather restraints are basically the last alternative. They are used in place of soft limb restraints in the situation that the soft limb restraints do not help to immobilize the patient to the necessary extent, and sedating the patient is for whatever reason not an alternative. 

Vest and Belt Restraints

Vest and belt restraints both help a person stay safely secure when he’s in a sitting or lying position. They can be used to keep a patient safe in bed. They can also be used to secure the patient in a wheelchair. 

Finger Control Mitts

Finger control mitts are one of the most popular types of restraints. A person who is wearing finger control mitts can move his hands, but he can’t pull out IV or catheter lines, or any other kinds of tubes. He also can’t scratch himself or others. 

Full-Body Restraints

Full-body restraints limit basically all movement. They are not commonly used, and are not offered at AvaCare Medical. They should be used sparingly. 

Pelvic Restraints

Pelvic restraints are usually utilized for patients who are prone to getting up from their wheelchairs, and are either physically not capable of getting around on their own, or slightly confused, and therefore prone to wandering off. Pelvic restraints are most similar in type to belt and vest restraints. 

Soft Limb Restraints: The Benefits, and the Disadvantages

Soft limb restraints can be extremely beneficial in situations where they are needed, but are not the solution in every circumstance. There’s a reason why, according to Federal Law, a prescription is needed to purchase these products. Otherwise, they can only be ordered by licensed medical professionals. To find out the benefits as well as the disadvantages soft limb restraints offer, read on! 

Benefits of Soft Limb Restraints

Soft limb restraints offer multiple benefits to users and caregivers. Although they should only be used when necessary, when they are needed, they can help to keep the patient, caregiver and sometimes anyone else around free of harm. 

  • Prevents flailing bodily appendages from causing harm to the individual himself, or others.
  • Beneficial for those who are prone to scratching, or to self-inflicted injuries.
  • Optimal for anyone with seizures or tics.
  • Ideal for patients who pull at IV lines or catheter tubes.
  • Used as a solution for confused patients who can attempt to get out of bed and wander off.
  • Prevents falls from occurring.
  • Good for children or individuals who have a very hard time remaining still during a procedure.
  • Can be beneficial for a suicidal patient.

Disadvantages of Soft Limb Restraints

As you’ve just seen previously, soft limb restraints pose plenty of benefits to the user, as well as anyone around him. However, before you jump to order soft limb restraints, keep in mind that there are some disadvantages you’ll want to be aware of. Due to the disadvantages, soft limb restraints are not meant to be used by just anyone. A qualified healthcare provider can make the decision on whether or not soft limb restraints are the option to go with. 

Limb holder restraints can cause the patient emotional problems. Prolonged use of restraints can lead to physical problems, such as limited mobility. 

When Limb Restraints are Used

Medicine is not a good thing to take; it often comes along with side effects, and shouldn’t be taken unless you are recommended to do so by a licensed medical professional who is able to weigh the risks and benefits against each other, and make a decision based on your individual circumstances. The same goes for limb restraints. Yes, they can be helpful, but they should only be used when absolutely necessary. Restraints, like medical drugs, are usually used as a last resort, when all else has failed to work, and unnatural measures need to be taken for the good of the patient and for the sake of his safety. 

Find soft limb restraints and finger control mitts on AvaCare Medical now! Whether you’re searching for something specific such as Posey finger control restraining mitts or a Posey limb holder restraint, or you just want a limb restraint that works, and is affordable, we have something for you.


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