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Bedside Fall Mats for the Elderly | Fall Pads

Browse the extensive selection of bedside fall mats for the elderly and other individuals with limited mobility. Using a fall protection mat is a great way to keep your patient or loved one more safe, and less likely to become injured. Fall mats on AvaCare Medical are reasonably priced, and available in a selection of sizes, from trusted medical manufacturing brands. Choose between Posey fall mats, ones from Drive Medical, and other quality options. Shop bedside fall mats now! Read More...

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  1. Hermell Folding Fall Pad
    Hermell Folding Fall Pad
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  2. PrimeMat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mat
    PrimeMat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mat
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  3. Safetycare Bi-Fold Floor Mat, 24" x 2"
  4. Safetycare Floor Mat, 36" x 2"
  5. SkiL-Care FloorPro Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Alarm System
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  6. SkiL-Care Soft-Fall Bedside Mat
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  7. EZ Landing Fall Mat
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  8. SkiL-Care Safe-Side Bi-Folding Fall Mat
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  9. SkiL-Care FloorPro Floor Mat Alarm System
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9 Items

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What is A Bedside Fall Mat?

A bedside fall mat is a cushioned mat that is placed at a person’s bedside to prevent falls from causing severe injury. It’s sometimes termed a crash mat for the elderly, since it doesn’t eliminate falls; rather, it cushions the blow when one occurs. Fall pads are an important component of many comprehensive fall prevention plans. 

Who Can Use Bedside Fall Mats

Fall mats are designed for use by people who need assistance to get out of bed. They are there as a cushion to protect the individual from getting injured from landing on the hard floor. Often, a safety floor mat will be difficult for someone who does have some mobility to traverse over; however, keep in mind that a fall prevention mat is made to be used by people who shouldn’t be getting out of bed on their own. These individuals require assistance getting in and out of bed, and the safety floor mat is there for the elderly or not fully mobile individual in case they try to achieve this on their own; to cushion any blows. 

Fall pads are used for individuals with impaired cognition, such as those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Falls are an unfortunately frequent occurrence among certain populations, including the aforementioned, as well as the elderly population overall. These bedside safety floor mats for fall prevention can therefore be used for any elderly person who doesn’t have such a high level of mobility, or really anyone of any age that is prone to falls. Aside from being ideal for seniors, fall matts are also a smart choice for anyone with a toddler who possesses a tendency to climb out of his crib. 

Benefits of Bedside Fall Mats

Bedside fall mats are an important part of any comprehensive fall prevention plan, along with getting a fall alarm, clearing the floor, and other important tasks that must be done in order to limit the occurrence of falls as much as possible. There are several benefits to fall floor mats: Some of them blatantly obvious, and others somewhat less so. Here are the advantages to investing in a fall mat. 

Cushion Falls

Fall mats serve as a fall cushion - they cushion the blow and thereby reduce the impact of a fall. If a bedside fall safety mat is set up, and a fall happens, the injuries will likely be much less severe. This is the most often touted reason why a person will purchase floor mats for elderly people. 


Aside from cushioning falls, fall out mats also usually prevent falls from happening, since most of the time, they are non-slip. This means that they provide a high level of traction, and people find it easier to move carefully across it without falling. Of course, as mentioned previously, these fall cushions are not specifically intended for individuals who can get out of bed themselves. However, if the situation occurs that it is necessary for the person to get out of or into bed independently, a non-slip mat will make doing so a safer endeavor. 

What to Look for When Buying Fall Mats for the Elderly

Are you interested in investing in a fall mat for an elderly patient or loved one? Before you start shopping around for floor mats to prevent falls, here are just a couple of quick pointers. These tips will enable you to select the best possible option.

  • Outer Mat Material: Find out: What’s the outer layer of the bedside floor mat made of? The most ideal choice would be to get a mat that is covered in vinyl, which is simple to clean.
  • Mat Thickness: A thicker mat can better mitigate the impact of a fall. Therefore, when looking for a mat, do your best to find one that is substantially thick; preferably, it should be at least two inches thick.
  • Mat Size: A mat that takes up more space is more ideal, since it covers more of the surface area, and increases the likelihood that the person will fall entirely on the mat and thereby not suffer extensive injuries. A standard bed is generally 75 inches long, so you’ll want your mat to be at least 70 inches in length for the ultimate level of fall protection.
  • Mat Traction: If the bedside floor mat is able to skid out of place at all, the person standing on it will quite possibly experience a tumble. For this reason, it is critically important that the mat must have strong enough traction that it will not move out of place.
  • Handles and Folding Ability: These are two things to look out for if a caregiver will be moving the mat from one place to another. Handles make the mat easy to carry, and folding panels simplify the process of storage and of moving the mat when necessary.
  • Waterproof: Ascertaining that the mats you’re choosing from are waterproof is a practical thing to do in case a spill or other unpleasant incident occurs. Warranty: It’s always best to try to find a bedside fall mat that comes with a warranty, in case any sort of issue arises.


If you’re caring for a patient or loved one who you feel would benefit from having a fall mat at his bedside, don’t delay - be proactive and order one today! We have a full selection of fall mats for nursing homes, hospitals, and at home care. And don’t forget - you’ll get your mat shipped FREE if your order comes out to be over $50! Contact our customer service team today by dialing 1.877.813.7799, using our site’s live chat option, or by emailing us. A friendly care representative will assist you with your order promptly and efficiently. Shop now to find the best fall mats for elderly people!