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Category: Arthritis Aids
Brand: Apex Medical
Brand: Fabrication Enterprises

Arthritis Gloves & Cream / Arthritis Relief Products

For individuals who suffer arthritis, a common condition that unfortunately can’t be cured, arthritis aids are crucial for relief. Self care for arthritis always includes common arthritis products including arthritis gloves, pain relief creams, heating pads and more. Read More...

Arthritis Gloves & Wearable Relief

Arthritis gloves are a great way to increase hand mobility as well as reduce pain, swelling and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Other wearable relief products include copper bracelets for arthritis and arthritis socks. Another great product which has been proven effective and safe for patients with bone, joint or deep muscle pain are the DPL Flex Mitts, which provide deep penetrating light therapy to ease pain, repair tissue and improve circulation.

Arthritis Cream & Pain Relief

Whether you choose a cream, roll-on product, a gel or a muscle rub, the bottom line is the same: you need pain relief that works.

You can also choose a supplement that maintains bone strength, promotes joint flexibility and improves comfort and range of motion. These tablets or softgels decrease pain by easing stiffness and reducing the strain caused by joint movement.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are commonly used for arthritis as a way of soothing painful muscles and joints, in addition to draining skin infections. One popular heating pad for arthritis option is the Thermophore heating pad, which converts the natural moisture in the air into moist heat to relieve arthritis pain.

Other Arthritis Aids

The Hand Keyper, a 5-in-1 hand aid, is an example of a product that makes life easier for individuals with arthritis by minimizing the effort required for tactile-sensitive tasks such as turning keys, opening soda cans and more.

For more helpful aids and pain relief options, check out some of the following categories, which have some products that are ideal for patients with arthritis: Hot & Cold Therapy, Exercise Equipment, Eating & Drinking Aids, Grabbers and Bath & Body.