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Adult Bibs & Sippy Cups / Adaptive Eating Equipment

Mealtime gets easier with products such as adult bibs or an adult sippy cup. With a full line of reusable and disposable bibs for adults, plate guards and adaptive eating utensils, disabling conditions such as Parkinson’s and arthritis don’t have to get in the way of enjoying your meals. Shop our eating & drinking aids today! Read More...

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  1. McKesson Disposable Bib
    McKesson Disposable Bib
    Starting at $41.14
  2. Adult Bib w/ Velcro Closure & Vinyl Backing
    Adult Bib w/ Velcro Closure & Vinyl Backing
    Starting at $15.94
  3. Adult Bib w/ Velcro Closure
    Adult Bib w/ Velcro Closure
    Starting at $9.47
  4. Dignity Quilted Clothing Protector
  5. McKesson General Purpose Apron
    McKesson General Purpose Apron
    Starting at $0.26
  6. Kennedy Spillproof Drinking Cup 7 oz w Lid
  7. Provale Drinking Cup
    Out of Stock
    Provale Drinking Cup
    Starting at $66.69
  8. Good Grips Fork
    Out of Stock
  9. Comfort Grip Teaspoon
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  10. Straight Weighted Soup Spoon
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10 Items

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Adult Bibs

An adult bib is a great way to reduce messes caused by unsteadiness or a lack of stability, and our many options of clothing protectors include designs that can also help preserve the user’s dignity.

You may choose a reusable adult bib that offers long-lasting protection in a variety of styles, or you may prefer the convenience of a single-use, disposable adult bib. Once you’ve decided what type of adult bib you want, there are other features you should consider.

  • Waterproof: Be sure to choose a bib with water-resistance for maximum spill protection.
  • Length: If you need a bib that will protect your lap, check the length of the bib to ensure full coverage.
  • Closure: Adult bibs may be closed with snaps, hook and loop (Velcro), or ties. Velcro closures may be the ideal option for individuals who have limited dexterity and find snaps too difficult to use.
  • Crumb Pockets: This feature allows the bib to catch and hold crumbs so you have less to clean up when the meal is done.

Adult Sippy Cups

Adult sippy cups are spill proof cups designed for adult use. Also known as kennedy cups, this drink aid makes it possible for elderly people with tremors (or other hand mobility limitations) to drink independently without spilling.

Spill proof cups are also useful for ill or bedridden patients who need to drink in a supine position.

Adaptive Equipment for Eating

Besides bibs and spill proof cups, adaptive mealtime products for elderly and disabled individuals also include plate guards, pouring aids, safe cutting aids, nosey cups, suction plates and more.

In addition, we carry a variety of adaptive eating utensils such as:

  • Weighted utensils for Parkinson’s and tremors
  • Extendable utensils for those with limited reach
  • Easy-grip utensils for arthritis and individuals with weakened grasp

Let us make life easier for you. If you need help making your selection, we’re only a call away, and we’re waiting to help you!