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Pill Boxes, Pill Organizers, Pill Crushers / Pill Cutter

Prevent dangerous skipped doses, overdoses, and meds-confusion with medication aids that allow you to mind your meds easily, such as a pill box or pill organizer, as well as a pill cutter or pill crusher. You can also find a full selection of pill reminders, medicine cups, and other handy medication aids. Read More...

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  1. dynarex Graduated Medicine Cup 1 oz
    dynarex Graduated Medicine Cup 1 oz
    Starting at $1.33
  2. SinuCleanse Saline Refill
    SinuCleanse Saline Refill
  3. SinuCleanse Neti Pot, Clear Blue
  4. Tech-Med Pill Cutter 3in1
    Tech-Med Pill Cutter 3in1
  5. Tech-Med Pill Cutter
    Tech-Med Pill Cutter
  6. Tech-Med Pill Crusher 2in1
  7. NasaBulb Clear Silicone Bulb
    NasaBulb Clear Silicone Bulb
    Starting at $7.57
  8. Wireless Iontophoresis Drug Delivery System
  9. NasaBulb Nasal Aspirator
    NasaBulb Nasal Aspirator
  10. NasaMist Saline Spray, 75 mL
  11. The Medcenter System w/ Alarm
  12. SinuCleanse Nasal Neti Pot
    SinuCleanse Nasal Neti Pot

Items 1-12 of 13

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Medication Aids

Taking your meds in an accurate and timely manner is imperative for your health and safety. With our line of medication aids, we make it simple to take the correct dose at the right time – every time.

Pill Box

A multi-compartment compliance aid for storing planned doses of pharmaceuticals is a pill organizer, pill container, pill case, or pill box.

Pill organizers typically include square-shaped compartments for each day of the week. Still, various more compact and inconspicuous variants, such as cylindrical and pen-shaped cases, have recently been released.

Patients of all ages, including the elderly, those with memory problems, and those on several medications, can benefit from pill organizers to help them remember to take their pills in the appropriate dosages as prescribed by their doctor.

Choose a pill organizer to suit your dosage schedule. If you take medications at different times throughout the day, a pill case with the standard seven compartments may not be enough. Advanced pill boxes have three or more compartments per day for the morning, noon, evening, or night doses.

Some medicine organizers come with an alarm to help you remember to take your medication on time.

We also carry medication aids such as pill dispensers, travel pill containers, medicine cups, and more.

Pill Box Type Comparison

7-Day Pill Box vs. 30-Day Pill Organizer

Also known as a Weekly Pill Organizer, a 7-Day Pill Box comprises seven plastic enclosure sections. On the lid of each compartment is the first letter of the day. By extracting and organizing all of your dosages in one go once a week, you can easily keep track of your medicine. It provides peace of mind and removes the burden of checking your pills and dosages regularly.

On the other hand, the 30-Day Pill Organizer lets you organize a month's worth of medication or supplements in one go, which may also be removed and carried with you as required or left on the organizer stand for convenience. Each pod is individually labeled with the current day's number and is designed to hold several pills.

Pill Crushers vs. Silent Night Pill Crushers

A pill crusher, also called a pill grinder, is a must-have for individuals who have trouble swallowing or take huge tablets that are difficult to swallow. It allows them to take their prescription fast and effortlessly. Pill crushers pulverize tablets so they can be dissolved in beverages or sprinkled on food.

If you need to split or crush your pills, do so efficiently and accurately with a pill grinder, pill cutter, or combination splitter and crusher. Other combination products include pill splitters and crushers with storage compartments and crushers or pill boxes that include an attached drinking cup for on-the-go convenience.

Meanwhile, the fantastic thing about the Silent Knight Pill Crusher is it includes a safety pouch to keep pills contained during the pill crusher operation and avoid cross-contamination. It is fitted with an ergonomic handle that provides the ideal leverage for comfortable use, especially for people with arthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people crush pills?

Pill crushers grind pills into a small powder that may be combined with food to make medication more convenient.

Is it safe to crush pills?

Before breaking your medications or tablets, consult your doctor. If you smash some medications, they may not work correctly or become dangerous.                                              

How do I use a pill crusher?

Here's how to use a pill crusher: place the pill in the container, then cover it with the lid and twist it to crush it. It functions in the same way as a mortar and grinder.

Why do people split pills?

For several reasons, people split tablets. To make big tablets simpler to take, some people break them in half. Others divide them if their doctor prescribes a dose that isn't typical, such as one and a half pills. If a low-cost generic alternative isn't accessible, healthcare practitioners may advise splitting a higher-strength pill.

Is it safe to split pills?

Certain pills cannot be divided, which is why it's critical to speak with your doctor. If you're going to split tablets, avoid using a knife, scissors, or another sharp object since they may cause uneven splitting or damage. Use a pill splitter instead. They're made for cutting tablets in half and can have as little as 2% variation between split halves, making them a superior option.

How do I use a pill splitter?

Put the pill in the pill on the middle of the pill splitter. Close the lid, and the pill will be sliced in half by the blade. Store your divided pills in a medicine organizer or, if your pill splitter has one, in the pill splitter itself. Before using your pill splitter, please read the directions that came with it.

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