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Brand: Patterson Medical
Brand: Stander

grabber tool, hand grabber, Reacher grabber

If bending or stretching has become a literal pain, you’ll benefit from a grabber, gripper or other reaching aid. These reachers and tools with extended handles allow you to go about your daily routine without struggling or straining your muscles and joints. Read More...

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  1. Patterson Reacher
    Patterson Reacher
    Starting at $27.06
  2. Patterson Hip/Knee Kit
    Patterson Hip/Knee Kit
    Starting at $58.92
  3. Reach 'n Range Pulley w/ Metal Bracket
  4. Pick-Up Reacher
    Pick-Up Reacher
  5. Patterson Hip Kit
    Patterson Hip Kit
  6. Patterson E-Z Spray Handle
    Patterson E-Z Spray Handle
  7. Stander Security Pole
    Stander Security Pole
    Starting at $182.23
  8. EZ Stand-N-Go
    EZ Stand-N-Go
  9. Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher
  10. Great Grips Doorknob Gripper
  11. Auto Mobility Combo Pack
    Auto Mobility Combo Pack
  12. Lever Extender
    Lever Extender

Items 1-12 of 18

Set Descending Direction

Grab bars and stand assist poles can also help those with low flexibility by providing stable support that makes it easy to get from a sitting to standing position.

Whatever your need, we can provide you with affordable tools designed to make your life easier. If you could use some help making your selection, give us a ring at 1-877-813-7799 – we’re here to help you!