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Specimen Collection / Blood Tubes, Vacutainers and More

AvaCare Medical offers the full variety of specimen collection essentials, with blood tubes, BD Vacutainers, urine containers, and many other related products. They also offer swab cultures, urine collection bags, and other similar specimen collection products. Read More...

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Specimen collection is an important component of many diagnostic decisions. Therefore, using specimen collection products that are of the highest quality, such as BD Vacutainer products, is extremely important.

What is Specimen Collection?

Specimen collection is when samples of a bodily substance, such as tissue, blood or fluids, are collected from a patient.These specimens are then tested at the lab, and the results of the lab test will be used to render a diagnosis. To ensure that the most accurate diagnosis is determined, specimens must be collected, labeled, and stored carefully in the proper specimen containers before they are being analyzed. They must also be handled carefully during the testing process.

What is the Purpose of Specimen Collection?

The purpose of specimen collection is to provide medical laboratory professionals with specimens to analyze, so that they can provide you with a most accurate diagnosis based on their educated observations.

Blood Tubes

A blood collection tube is a plastic or glass tube that has been fully sterilized, and is used for drawing blood. Blood test tubes usually contain additives that ready and preserve the blood for testing. Each tube features different color rubber stopper that vacuum seals the tube. The color of the stopper indicates which additives are in the blood tube.

Blood collection tubes usually contain either coagulants, which activate clotting, or anticoagulants, which prevent the blood from clotting as quickly.

Common Questions About BD Vacutainers

What is a vacutainer? A vacutainer is a sterile, vacuum sealed blood collection container used for drawing blood.

How does a vacutainer work? The Vacutainer collects blood through the following three steps:

  1. The Vacutainer tube is inserted into the Vacutainer holder.
  2. The tube’s inner needle punctures the cap of the holder.
  3. Blood is sucked through the needle into the vacuum sealed tube.

Can a vacutainer holder be reused? No, they cannot. Reusing tube holders is unsanitary and unsafe, and should never be attempted, regardless of whether or not the blood tube holder is designed for single or multiple use (OSHA, 2002).

Urine Containers for Urine Collection

Urine collection is the process of obtaining urine from the body for the purpose of checking for bladder- or kidney-related diseases or conditions. Urine containers are used to collect urine and store it properly until it is analyzed by laboratory professionals. Like blood tubes, urine containers are a kind of specimen collection container.

There are several kinds of specimen containers that are used to collect urine, including the following:

  • Urine collection bag for babies: This pediatric urine collector is used for collecting urine from infants
  • Urine specimen cup: Used for collecting urine easily and safely, a urine collection cup is the most common urine collection container.
  • 24 hour urine collection container: Once collected, the urine is stored in this container for 24 hours at room temperature, after which it is checked by lab workers.

Specimen Collection Containers At AvaCare Medical

Now that you’re aware of the different types of blood tubes and urine containers, you can choose the type that best suits your needs or those of your facility. Start finding vacutainer holders, swab cultures, and even capillary tubes for blood collection, all at AvaCare Medical!

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