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Brand: McKesson
Brand: Dawnmist


Find standard and specialty toothpastes here, as well as toothpaste holders and other toothbrush accessories. Read More...

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  1. DawnMist Toothbrush Cap
    DawnMist Toothbrush Cap
  2. McKesson Toothbrush Holder
    McKesson Toothbrush Holder
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  3. McKesson Toothbrush Medium Individually Wrapped

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Brushing your teeth properly with a good toothbrush before rushing out to work and at bedtime is imperative. It prevents plaques from forming on your teeth, and those plaques can turn into cavities. Brush in front, behind, and on top of your teeth, and then brush your tongue and your gums very softly, with a gentle circular motion. Brushing your teeth should take two minutes in total.