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AvaCare Medical Fundraising Support

AvaCare Medical partners with GoFundMe

In 2016, AvaCare Medical partnered with GoFundMe, the world's #1 fundraising site, in an effort to assist seniors, disabled individuals and their caregivers in raising funds for medical supplies and equipment.

AvaCare Medical's involvement in eligible fundraiser campaigns is twofold: they will campaign on behalf of the fundraiser by spreading the word to a large audience, and they will cover the last 10% of the fundraiser efforts.

In order to be eligible for this assistance, the campaign must be a fundraiser for medical supplies or equipment available on AvaCare Medical.

If you or your loved one needs help raising money for the products you need, simply create a campaign on GoFundMe, send us the link, and we’ll cover the last 10% towards your new wheelchair, walking aid, accessibility home improvements, or whatever else you might need. In addition, we will help extend the reach of your campaign by promoting it to our company's large social media following.

So if, for example, your aging mother needs a mobility scooter to get around independently, but can't afford to pay $5000 for a new one, start a campaign, notify us, and then share it with your friends while we share it with ours - and we'll donate the last $500 to the cause!

Start fundraising

Getting started is simple. Get the ball rolling by creating a campaign on GoFundMe page, being sure to let others know what is being purchased and why. Then, send us a quick email letting us know about the campaign and providing the link to your Donate page. Finally, share the campaign with your community through email, text or social media (while we do the same) and start collecting donations within minutes!


Spread kindness

Medical supplies and equipment shouldn't be a luxury for anyone. Help us help people in need by making a GoFundMe donation today to a campaign for medical supplies. Remember - whatever you can give, be it $5 or $100, every dollar of your donation will go a long way to making someone's life a little easier.

Share the love!

Do you know someone who may benefit from this program? Show them you care - tell them about it today!