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Plastic Pants / Adult Diaper Covers

There’s nothing worse than leaking despite wearing adult diapers. Prevent leaks through the day and night with adult plastic pants designed to have plenty of room for the diaper but no room to let leaks through. These cover-ups can also be used together with pull-up underwear as well as absorbent pads. Read more...

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  1. Sani-Pant Moisture Proof Pull-on Cover Ups
    Sani-Pant Moisture Proof Pull-on Cover Ups
    Starting at $16.10
  2. Sani-Pant Moisture Proof Snap-on Cover Ups
    Sani-Pant Moisture Proof Snap-on Cover Ups
    Starting at $15.65
  3. Sani-Pant Lite Pull-On Brief
    Sani-Pant Lite Pull-On Brief
    Starting at $17.81
  4. Waterproof Vinyl Pull-on Pant
    Waterproof Vinyl Pull-on Pant
    Starting at $7.84

4 Items

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What are Diaper Covers Used For?

Adult diaper covers function as an added, waterproof layer that is worn under clothing but on top of the fitted disposable or reusable diaper. The most important benefit of adult plastic pants is improved containment. When an adult cloth diaper isn’t absorbent enough but you don’t want to switch to disposable, or when the diaper you are using is not very well-fitted, leaks are bound to happen. For this reason, many people like to use diapers and plastic pants jointly to ensure reliable protection.

Plastic diaper covers for adults aren’t only for diapers; in fact, plastic pants and other waterproof cover-ups can be used with absorbent pads and underwear as well, as a secondary form of protection. Because they are usually super easy to clean, many adults prefer wearing them instead of risking soiling their own undergarments or clothing.

Plastic Pants Types

There are multiple types of adult diaper covers available for purchase, including pull on style, snap-on, adjustable, vinyl and latex-free plastic. Although they are commonly referred to as plastic pants, there are actually many versions that are made with durable vinyl or plastic-covered nylon so they don’t tear too easily. When looking at closure types, keep in mind that not all snap-on styles are adjustable. However, these adult plastic pants still offer the ability to easily change an individual who is unable to stand.

Adult Plastic Pants Design

Plastic pants for cloth diapers or disposable briefs are a smart way to stay dry. Inexpensive, reusable and discreet, they are perfect for any adult looking for an extra level of protection. While they may seem like simple pieces of material shaped loosely like regular underwear, they are, in fact, carefully designed for their purpose.

Design Aspect Features

Overall shape

roomy enough even for thick adult diapers


non-slip and well-fitted

Leg openings

well-fitted to prevent links


durable and easy to wash


anti-microbial and odor-reducing


low-sheen white look mimics standard underwear


non-binding elastic for comfort


rustle-free for enhanced dignity

Plastic Pants Washing Instructions

Whenever plastic diaper covers for adults are soiled or wet by the user, they should be removed and rinsed immediately. If you prefer to hand-wash between uses, be sure to use soap and warm water to remove all germs before the next use. After several uses, or every one to two days, the plastic pants should be placed in a machine load. Plastic pants may be washed together with cloth diapers.


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