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Adult Disposable Diapers / Disposable Briefs

Adult disposable diapers are a reliable, convenient way of managing incontinence. As implied by their name, disposable briefs are used once and thrown away once soiled. Another, less-known benefit is that disposable briefs for adults offer a level of absorbency unparalleled in any of their reusable counterparts. Read more...

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Items 1-12 of 95

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Which are the best adult diapers for heavy wetters?

The most absorbent adult diapers are disposable briefs, which have super absorbent polymer (SAP) technology, one of the most effective absorption methods available today. Heavy wetters are therefore advised to use adult disposable nappies rather than using reusable options, which are generally less reliable when it comes to large amounts of urine output.

Adult Disposable Diapers vs Cloth Diapers

The following are the main differences between disposable and reusable adult diapers.

Disposable Vs Reusable Adult Diapers | Adult Disposable Diapers: ✓ Absorbency & Leak Protection ✓ Skin & Health Protection ✓ Convenience ✓ Breathability ✓ Odor Control | Reusable Adult Diapers: ✓ Budget Friendly ✓ Underwear-Like Feel & Fit ✓ Environment Friendly

Reusable diapers for adults are more budget-friendly, fit and feel more like regular underwear, and are significantly more environment friendly. This makes them a great option for some people, especially active individuals with mild incontinence who care about reducing waste.

However, for many adults with incontinence, all the benefits of reusable adult diapers is outweighed by the technology advancements and convenience presented by disposable briefs for adults. With time, adult disposable nappies have been advanced to the point where they offer significantly improved absorbency, leak protection, moisture wicking to ensure skin dryness, odor control and breathability.


While adult cloth diapers may work well for individuals with mild or infrequent incontinence problems, the absorbency of these diapers cannot be compared to the superior liquid capacity of disposable briefs.

To demonstrate, AvaCare Medical found the most absorbent reusable diaper on the market, a bulky washable diaper from Rearz, which boasts eight absorption layers and a liquid capacity of 15 oz. Some sources even claim that the Rearz nighttime diapers can retain as much as 6 cups (48 oz.) of liquid, although this has not been verified. In contrast, the Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Adult Briefs, a popular overnight disposable brief, is known to offer up to 34 ounces of liquid capacity. Other, more absorbent disposable diapers have a whopping 12 cups (94 oz.) or more of absorbency! Finally, the Abena series Abri-Form L4 can retain a staggering 135 ounces or nearly 17 cups of urine.

The difference is clear: when it comes to liquid retention, reusable briefs simply cannot compare to the technology of disposable briefs.

Leak Protection

As mentioned above, the absorbency of reusable diapers is generally much, much lower than that of disposable incontinence briefs. Another feature to consider is the leak protection ability.

The level of leak protection provided by a given diaper largely depends on the following factors:

  • Overall fit
  • Leg cuffs
  • Acquisition layers
  • Waterproof barrier

Depending on the design, some adult cloth diapers may offer a snug, secure fit and even effective leg cuffs to prevent urine escaping. However, unlike quality disposable briefs, these diapers generally do not feature acquisition layers and are usually not waterproof, necessitating the use of adult diaper covers.

In contrast, women’s and men’s disposable diapers feature good fit, effective leg cuffs, multiple acquisition layers to quickly absorb output, and a waterproof barrier. All these features combined make disposable diapers least likely to allow the escape of any urine, even after several hours of use.

Skin Protection

There are also several adult diaper features that are exclusive to disposable products. One of these features is moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking is a dryness technology that works to keep liquid off the user’s skin by quickly drawing away output and locking it deep inside the diaper’s core while maintaining dry at the skin level with a unique dryness layer. This may sound complicated, but it is a necessary and amazing feature of modern diapers that prevents skin breakdown and pressure sores, both of which are a significant risk for anyone who wears diapers for several hours or more a day.

Furthermore, some diapers offer urine pH neutralization, which promotes a healthier environment for skin. This is important because urine naturally has a high pH level, making it a caustic substance with the potential of breaking down skin.

The ability to promote skin health is another way that adult disposable diapers are superior in function to reusable cloth diapers for adults.

Health Protection

The very nature of disposable diapers is an important part of maintaining hygiene and preventing cross-contamination. Reusable diapers require multiple handlings, with each handling increasing the risk of spreading germs and disease. Conversely, diapers that can be wrapped up while the caregiver or user is still wearing disposable gloves and tossed immediately present minimal risk of contamination.

Odor Control

Another feature lacking in reusable diapers is odor control. While this aspect is crucial for active individuals, it is also important for bedridden and disabled users, as odor reduction is a great way of increasing patient dignity. With quick retention and bacteria neutralization, disposable incontinence products can naturally and effectively eliminate most of the smell of urine.


Breathability is yet another feature that is noticeably absent from reusable incontinence brief options. This is an important feature that increases comfort for many long-term users of diapers. If this is important to you, disposable adult diapers with breathability panels may be best suited to your needs.


Last but definitely not least, disposable briefs for adults are unquestionably more convenient than washable cloth diapers. Instead of dealing with stain-removal, eliminating odors, and unpleasant laundry loads, many diaper users and their caregivers prefer to save time, effort and discomfort by using diapers that can simply be tossed as soon as they are soiled.

Although this does cause a significant amount of waste and can cost a lot more than washing and reusing diapers, for many people, the extra work is just not an option, whether it’s because they are overworked, physically impaired or just emotionally unprepared for the labor-intensive upkeep of reusable diapers.

For all of these reasons, adults with incontinence, especially those with frequent and/or heavy output may do better with disposable diapers. If you need help finding the perfect product for your needs, give us a call today!