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Overnight Diapers for Adults / Most Absorbent Adult Diapers

Overnight diapers for adults are one of the most important adult diapers to get right. Since adult nighttime diapers are usually not changed for several hours at a time, the risk of leaks is very high. If you or a loved one is worried about sleeping through micturition and waking up soaked, read our guide below to find the best overnight adult diapers. Read more...

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What is the best overnight diaper for adults?

While there isn't one nighttime incontinence diaper that works for everyone, the following are the most important features of overnight diapers for adults to look for to ensure that you get the protection and comfort you need:

  • Absorbency
  • Skin protection
  • Leak-proof
  • Comfort

Each of these features are important for all adult diapers but are especially crucial for adult nighttime diapers, as a deficiency in these areas can lead to uncomfortable situations including interrupted sleep, soiled bedding, and even skin damage.

Most Absorbent Adult Diaper

To begin, adult diapers are only considered overnight if the absorbency level is high enough to absorb the full contents of the average bladder, which can hold approximately 400 to 600 milliliters (13.5 - 20 oz) of urine.

While many products are clearly labeled for overnight use, the best way to choose an overnight diaper for adults is by confirming the fluid ounce capacity. Some diapers clearly specify their absorbency levels; for example, the Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Diapers offer between 540 mL (youth size) to over 1000 mL (XL size). Unfortunately, many overnight diapers do not provide exact measurements, and trial and error will be necessary.

Perhaps the most absorbent adult diaper on the market today is the the Abena series Abri-Form L4, which is said to have the capacity to retain nearly 4000 mL of urine (although why anyone would need that is unclear).

Skin Protection

Because most users will not be changing their adult diapers for several hours overnight, with an average of eight to ten hours passing between changes, skin dryness is an integral part of choosing the best overnight adult diaper.

First and foremost, ensure that the overnight diaper for adults you are considering is designed to wick away moisture immediately and lock it into the core of the diaper pad. In addition to having an absorbent core, a skin-safe diaper will also feature a top layer that pulls moisture away from the skin. With these combined features, urine will be kept off the user’s skin for longer, preventing eventual breakdown.

Leak-proof Diapers for Adults

When you’re looking for an adult nighttime diaper, preventing leaks - and thus ensuring dry bedding - will obviously be an important goal.

Although we already discussed absorbency, even the most absorbent overnight diapers for adults can leak if made or worn incorrectly. This is because there are two aspects to leak management: intake and absorption. If the diaper you are using for nighttime leaks does not do a good job with the initial intake process, no amount of absorption will keep the urine from getting all over the place.

Leak-proof diapers for adults must, therefore, consist of several design components: a super absorbent core, a great acquisition layer on top, and multiple distribution layers in between. The diaper must also fit individual users securely, especially by the leg openings.

If the diaper does not provide full coverage and has too much space around the legs, the urine may end up traveling down the user’s leg instead of filling up the diaper’s core as intended. In addition, cheap adult night diapers or those that are badly designed may have a top layer that does not promote super-quick intake of liquid, especially when there is a large amount of urine output. Furthermore, if the diaper is not equipped with appropriate acquisition and distribution layers, the urine will run out of the diaper before the core has enough time to absorb all the liquid and turn it into gel.

This is clearly seen in the difference between menstrual pads and incontinence pads, where menstrual pads, designed to absorb a slower, thicker flow and lacking distribution layers, cannot put up with the rapid flow of urine.


While an adult night diaper that provides absorbency, skin protection, and leak-proof properties will fill its function well, discomfort may weigh out the benefits by keeping the patient up at night. In addition, confused adults such as those with dementia may resist wearing necessary protection if it is not comfortable. For this reason, it is important to explore adult night diaper features such as breathability, cloth-like backing, friction-resistant covers, odor-guards, pH balance to prevent irritation, stretchability and more. While no one diaper will offer every aspect of comfort, it is possible to find an adult night diaper that covers your most important requirements.

As always, if you need any help finding the right overnight diaper for adults, we’re only a phone call away, so dial 1-877-813-7799 now to speak to a dedicated customer service representative!