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Plastic Diapers for Adults / Plastic Backed Diapers

Plastic diapers for adults (diapers that are plastic backed, such as those from Tena and Attends) are preferred by some adult diaper users for their security, odor reduction, lack of friction and more. If you are looking for plastic-backed adult diapers, we’ve got what you need! Read more...

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  1. MoliCare Slip Maxi Briefs
    MoliCare Slip Maxi Briefs
    Starting at $22.38
  2. Wellness Brief Superio Series
    Wellness Brief Superio Series
    Starting at $27.36
  3. Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Brief
  4. Abri-Form Comfort Adult Briefs, Level 4 Absorbancy
  5. Protection Plus Briefs
    Protection Plus Briefs
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  6. Attends Disposable Poly Brief
    Attends Disposable Poly Brief
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  7. Depend Protection Brief with Tabs Small/Medium 19" - 34"
  8. Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Brief
    Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Brief
    Starting at $8.24

8 Items

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While plastic backing will not add actual absorbancy or liquid capacity to disposable diapers, the smooth outer layer will add loads of other important benefits, including leak protection, ease of use and more. Let us explore some of these benefits in more depth.

Leak Protection

The outer covering of plastic-backed adult diapers locks in moisture, preventing any wetness seeping out of the exterior of the diaper, which would be both uncomfortable and unsanitary. Because plastic adult diapers feature excellent containment, they are preferred by caregivers and patients who want the added security they provide. The strong backing is also important for individuals who suffer from fecal incontinence, when better containment is a must.

Odor Reduction

Similarly, since plastic backing is less porous, it may provide better odor protection than a cloth-like outer layer, preventing odors from escaping and thus keeping the smell down to a minimum. This feature is especially important for mobile users who want to avoid the embarrassment of being malodorous in public.

Friction Reduction

Because of its smooth nature, plastic backing allows for less friction in bed. Whereas cloth diapers and cloth-like diapers may get caught in the bedding and make moving around less comfortable, plastic adult diapers promote ease of mobility.

Ease of Changes

Because of the reduced friction provided by smooth plastic diapers for adults, caregivers find it easier to change bedridden patients. When changing these types of diapers, it is significantly easier to slide the diaper out from underneath the patient, an especially important feature when dealing with heavy patients, where lifting the patient enough to remove the soiled diaper is already a significant challenge.

Sag Reduction

Another benefit of the stronger plastic backsheet is that soiled briefs will sag less, increasing comfort and dignity for the user and making it more discreet. In addition, caregivers greatly appreciate that the improved shape retention of plastic adult diapers means that they last longer between changes.

When to Use Cloth-Like Diapers

With all these benefits, some people prefer cloth-like diaper backing over plastic backing, since they have a closer feel to regular underwear, making them more comfortable and more respectable. In addition, cloth-like adult diapers provide a more discreet wear because they are quiet and rustle-free, as opposed to plastic diapers which some people find uncomfortably noisy. Some users are also concerned about waste reduction and prefer not to use plastic if they don’t need it to ease the effects of plastic waste on our environment. Finally, cloth-like diapers are generally more breathable than their plastic-backed counterparts, an important consideration for people with sensitive skin, people who get overheated easily, or bariatric patients with multiple skin folds.


If you need help deciding which adult diapers or which backing is best for you, give us a call - we’re here to help!