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Adult Bed Pads / Pee Pads for Adults

Adult bed pads, often called pee pads for adults, are placed atop bedding to prevent the bed and linen from getting soiled or damaged. These bed wetting pads for adults are most commonly used by those with incontinence. Read more...

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  1. Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
    Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
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  2. UltraSorbs Extra Strength DryPad & Drawpad
    UltraSorbs Extra Strength DryPad & Drawpad
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  3. Cardinal Health Disposable Underpad, Max Absorbency
  4. Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
    Wings Quilted Premium Strength Underpad
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  5. McKesson Underpads Ultra
    McKesson Underpads Ultra
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  6. Medline Polymer Underpads
    Medline Polymer Underpads
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  7. Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
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  8. McKesson Underpads Regular
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  9. Priva Reusable Underpad 34" x 52"
  10. Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Simplicity Fluff Underpad
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  11. UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    UltraSorbs AP Underpads
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  12. Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
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How to Choose Adult Bed Pads

When searching for an adult bed pad, there are several features to look out for in order for the bed pad to provide the user with the most positive experience. Since one can only keep an eye open for these important features if he knows what they are, AvaCare Medical has created a thorough, detailed guide about how to choose a quality underpads for adults, and what your bed pad should feature.

How Adult Bed Pads Work

A standard adult bed pad will include most or all of the following 4 layers, which each have different roles in adult incontinence management and offer different features which are available in different bed pad designs. Depending on the bed pad you choose, some of these layers may be combined, with one layer playing more than one role.

Layer Role Optional Features

Top Layer

Comes in contact with patient skin

1. Soft and comfortable

2. Smooth

Acquisition Layer

Pulls in fluid, drawing away from skin

1. Dry technology

2. Quilted / embossed design

Inner Core

Absorbs fluid

1. Varying absorbency levels

2. Fluid locking

Waterproof Layer

Prevents fluid from leaking out the back

1. Breathable

2. Quiet


Strengthens pad and holds in place during use

1. Cloth-like feel

2. Breathable

3. Positioning ability

4. Varying non-slip capabilities

Let’s dive into some of these layers, roles and features to get a better understanding of the most important aspects you should consider in choosing an adult bed pad.

Smooth & Comfortable Top Layer

The top layer of the adult incontinence pad needs to be smooth to prevent friction and resulting skin irritation and help prevent pressure ulcers or bedsores. A soft, comfortable surface will further ensure that the user can have a good night’s sleep.

Acquisition Layer

Some bed pads, aside from pulling in moisture, also distribute the fluid evenly along the whole pad. The acquisition layer is what makes this possible, keeping the person’s skin as healthy as possible and preventing skin shear. The less time the skin is exposed to fluid the better, so the quicker the fluid is absorbed, the better the bed pad will be in maintaining skin integrity.

While the acquisition layer generally also functions as the top layer of the adult underpad, it is unique in that it is designed specifically to draw the fluid away from the skin, quickly distribute it throughout the pad, and maintain a dry surface against the skin. Bed pads that are designed with an embossed or quilted top often provide improved acquisition abilities.

Level of Absorbency

Most adults need adult bed pads with a high level of absorbency to prevent leakage. However, to make sure that each individual is provided with the optimal level of absorbency for his needs, waterproof bed pads for adults are available with several different standard levels of absorbency; light, moderate, heavy, and maximum. See more details on absorbency levels of bed wetting pads for adults, in the chart below.


Light amount of urine or infrequent leaks

Moderate amount of urine or continuous leakage

Large amount of urine and/or fecal incontinence
Maximum / Overnight

Very large amount of urine and/or fecal incontinence

There are varying factors which may cause someone to require the use of underpads for adults with lower absorbency levels. If someone uses adult diapers, he may not need a bed pad with such a high level of absorbency, and if someone only has light incontinence, he also may not require a bed pad with a very high absorbency level. 

Always make sure that your bed pad is the right absorbency level. Using multiple bed pads instead of just one with the highest absorbency level can be problematic. One of the main issues with doing this is that the bed pads are more likely than not to move a bit out of place, which can cause uncomfortable situations and may result in leakage. 

Breathable Bed Pads

For patients who are immobile, breathability can be a crucial feature. This is because they are at risk for bedsores, and these painful ulcers are sometimes caused by the adult incontinence pad itself. Because standard bed pads do not allow the skin to get air circulation, a breathable bed pad for bed sores is extremely important for any patient, but especially so for immobile ones. The reason for this is that the more breathable an adult bed pad is, the less likely the patient is to get bedsores. A breathable adult bed pad, for elderly or other incontinent individuals, where the back sheet lets in air through tiny, microscopic holes, while still containing the moisture in the core, has an important role in preventing bedsores.

Best Breathable Incontinence Pads 

Attends SuperSorb Breathable Underpads are extremely breathable chux which are known to help prevent bedsores. The attends Breathable Underpads feature innovatively designed air-permeable layers through which air can flow through. This is known to prevent skin infections and rashes. These airflow pads are considered by many to be the best around in terms of breathability and skin irritation prevention. 

Similar to the Attends SuperSorb, Medline’s UltraSorb is also a great choice of air flow pads. The Ultrasorbs pads are popular and are known to be strong, durable and highly effective at both absorbing large amounts of urine as well as allowing for sufficient airflow.

Strong Back Sheet 

The side of the adult bed pad which faces down, against the sheet, referred to as the back sheet, should be comprised of a strong, durable fabric. This allows for any patient, even taller, heavier or bed-bound individuals, to be repositioned and sometimes even transferred while still on the adult bed pad, without the adult bed pad getting ripped or torn in the process. Constant repositioning is necessary in order to prevent bed sores, and this can be done most efficiently on an adult bed pack with positioning underpads that come with a back sheet that is strong enough to handle the patient being turned or moved over on it.

Non-Slip Bottom

A non-slip bottom prevents the adult bed pad from moving out of place. If your bed pad is not non-slip, you can tape the edges to your bed with masking tape for the same non-slip effect. There are adult bed pads that actually come with flaps or elastic that will hold them in place. Other adult bed pads feature heavy duty backing to prevent them from slipping out of place. It’s important to ensure that your adult bed pad won’t slip out of place, and will provide adequate protection.

Reusable / Disposable Bed Pads for Adults

Depending on your preferences and circumstances, you’ll want to use either disposable or reusable bed pads for adults. Disposable bed pads for adults are designed for single use, and can be more convenient. Reusable bed pads for adults are more likely to stay in place, are more environmentally friendly, and can last through repeated washings. If you sweat or get hot at night, you may prefer disposable bed pads, since they retain less heat. 

Size of Bed Pad

There should always be at least 6 inches of extra space on all four sides of the bed pad. This will prevent leakage, and allows for the individual to slightly change his position without uncomfortable results. A larger bed pad should always be used for a larger bed and a smaller one for smaller spaces.

Full Selection of Bed Pads for Elderly

AvaCare Medical carries all the best bed pads for seniors. Find both reusable and washable pee pads for adults at AvaCare Medical today! Browse our broad selection of reusable and washable bed pads for adults, and you’ll be sure to find adult incontinence pads with all the features you need.