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Dog Pads & Cat Litter Mats / Discounted Pee Pads for Your Pets

Browse our broad selection of dog pads, cat litter mats and other pee pads for your favorite four-legged household member. AvaCare Medical carries a full variety of dog pee pads that can be used as potty liners or puppy training pads for your pet. Read more...

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  1. Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
    Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads
    Starting at $3.58
  2. Cardinal Health Disposable Underpad, Max Absorbency
  3. Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads
    Starting at $7.04
  4. McKesson Underpads Ultra
    McKesson Underpads Ultra
    Starting at $3.86
  5. Medline Polymer Underpads
    Medline Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $4.69
  6. Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Protection Plus Polymer Underpads
    Starting at $41.73
  7. McKesson Underpads Regular
    McKesson Underpads Regular
    Starting at $2.51
  8. Priva Reusable Underpad 34" x 52"
  9. Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Simplicity Fluff Underpad
    Starting at $0.19
  10. UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    UltraSorbs AP Underpads
    Starting at $22.83
  11. Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
    Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
    Starting at $14.54
  12. ReliaMed Reusable Chair Pad 21" x 22"
    ReliaMed Reusable Chair Pad 21" x 22"
    Starting at $9.92

Items 1-12 of 119

Set Descending Direction

Puppy pads can be used as puppy potty training pads for your young pet, or dog incontinence pads for a dog that is elderly or infirm. These bed pads can also be used as cat pads for your kitten or old cat.

Find Cheap Puppy Pads in Bulk at AvaCare Medical

Having a pet is a very rewarding experience, but, like with raising any child, it’s expensive. Save money without compromising on the care your pet deserves by choosing cheap dog training pads that will do the job just as well.

Puppy pads are usually expensive, and they’re also often flimsy and low-quality. Therefore, savvy shoppers, who are aware of this, often use bed pads instead, since they are significantly cheaper than pet pads. They’re also more absorbent, and much larger-sized than pet pads usually are. So, aside from the financial aspect, the thickness and larger size of adult pads means that there are fewer leaks. In addition, bed pads for human patients are designed to be durable for nighttime shifting as well as heavier weights, which can be useful if your dog tends to tear or ruin their dog pee pads easily.

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As you’ll see from the positive reviews below, many people prefer to use bed pads as a practical and economical alternative to pet potty pads or dog pee pads. Whether you choose a disposable or washable pee pad, our thousands of pet-owning customers serve as testimony to the fact that this is a tried and true method of saving money without compromising on pet care.

Using Bed Pads as Pet / Dog Pads: What Our Customers Have To Say

The reviews below are all on the Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads, a popular option for pet owners and human caregivers alike for its durability, excellent absorbency and especially its low low price.

“As a pet sitter and a dog owner - I use these pads as washable wee-wee pads. I am ordering the larger ones to sew covers for the dog beds. And YES, I highly recommend this product to my clients.”

- P. G., New Jersey

“Very happy with the quality and price of the Reusable Underpads. They are being used in my dog kennel.”

- Elaine C, Pennsylvania

“I order washable pads for my pets. These are top quality, last a long time, are the best price out there and shipped very quickly. I would recommend these for anyone looking for the best alternative to high cost retail pet stores.”

- Andrea M, Pennsylvania

“Quick and EZ ordering process! I ordered these for my dog to use so I can quit using expensive disposable pads than end up in landfills. These pads are really nice quality, too.”

- Julie M, Washington

“I use the washable bed pads for wee wee pads for dogs in my dog boarding business. I'm really happy with how well they hold up after daily laundering. I have recommended them to my many friends in the pet industry. Thanks!”

- Patricia, New Jersey

“I order reusable potty pads for my puppies! Perfect solution when you’re potty training before they have all their vaccinations.”

- Lisa, Georgia

“I'm pleased with ur prices and ur products...I use the washable pads for my dogs so I prefer not to pay a lot for them...thank u for making them available”

- Lisa M., Kentucky

“The pricing is great! [I got these dog pee pads for] our elderly pet.”

- Elizabeth S, South Carolina

“Great product. Large, thick pads. Washes and dries nicely. We use these for dog training pads. Ease of ordering and quick delivery. Price cannot be beat!!”

- Mary O, Louisiana

“Good quality products at discount prices from other retailers or pet specific retailers.”

- Raven B, Virginia

“I think these pee pads will work for my pet pig”

- Melanie A, Florida

“I was searching online for reusable incontinence pads to use for dog breeding… Shipping was thankfully very quick since puppies were a few days early. The dog potty pads work great and seem to be good quality. I am very pleased with the whole transaction. Thank you!”

- Emily, Washington

“I found the site quite easy to navigate and order the medical bed pads I needed for my pets... I found the price very reasonable.”

- Amanda, New Jersey

“Have an old cat who sleeps with me. Do happy my order arrived so soon! Was getting sick of changing my bed every day. BTW Web page very easy to maneuver Thx”

- Anne, Massachusetts

Top 10 Tips for Training with Puppy Training Pads

Here are some of the best tips to help you train your puppy most quickly and easily. 

  • Use dog potty pads to prevent frequent trips outside.
  • Schedule your puppy’s meals, and have them followed by a trip to his potty spot. 
  • A puppy can control his bladder once he’s 3-4 months old, but not usually before then. 
  • Signs it’s time to go to the puppy pee pad include scratching, circling, whining, squatting, or sniffing the ground.
  • Take the puppy to the same spot each time.
  • Reward him for “going” on the dog pad or outside. 
  • Never punish the puppy for accidents.
  • The accident should be cleaned up with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odors that may prompt the puppy to do it again in that same place. 
  • Keep an eye on the puppy as much as you can.
  • Only let your puppy hold it in for 1 hour per month of age at most. 

If you need a pee pad for your little pet but you don’t feel like overspending on low-quality puppy training pads, you’ve come to the right place. AvaCare Medical carries top quality bed pads that can be used as cheap puppy pads. The puppy potty pads and pet incontinence pads they offer are more durable, larger, and thicker than most other wee wee pads available today. They are usually even better than the best puppy pads. 

The bed pads at AvaCare Medical can also be used as a pet pad for other animals and can effectively replace expensive alternatives such as Guinea pig pee pads or cat litter pads.

WHY USE BED PADS INSTEAD OF PUPPY PADS? Standard bed pads are more affordable than those designed specifically for pets, and it's not because they're inferior. In fact, the opposite might be true. PRICE: Bed pads are generally less expensive than puppy pads. SIZE: Bed pads are larger than puppy pads, and therefore better contain leak overflow. ABSORBENCY: Bed pads are more absorbent than most puppy pads, and therefore make leaks even less likely. DURABILITY: Reusable bed pads often last longer, and can be washed many more times than puppy pads. QUALITY: Bed pads are often made of better quality fabric than puppy pads.