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Disposable Gloves: Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves for Medical Use

Stay clean and sanitary during clean-ups, chores and more with our selection of single use and disposable gloves, including popular options such as powder-free, non-sterile, nitrile and latex gloves. There are many types of disposable gloves available so you can choose the type that works best for your needs. Read more...

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Powdered vs. Powder-Free Gloves

Besides the material disposable gloves are made from, it is also important to consider powdered versus powder-free gloves. Powdered gloves help you get to work quickly due to their powdered insides which make them easy to slip on and off. More sensitive individuals, however, prefer non-powdered gloves, which are also mess-free, leaving none of the residue powdered gloves leave behind. Powder-free disposable gloves often offer better sterility and are used primarily in the medical field since they help to prevent infections and allergic reactions.

Nitrile vs. Latex

Of all disposable gloves, latex gloves provide the highest level of comfort, flexibility and more. Latex rubber gloves provide excellent protection against bacteria and viruses. Because of their high tactile sensitivity, these gloves are preferred for precise or delicate work such as surgery.

If your skin is latex sensitive, however, latex-free gloves are for you. Of the different synthetic glove types available, gloves made of nitrile are often preferred, since disposable nitrile gloves provide comparable comfort and protection to that of latex gloves. Nitrile gloves also provide a high level of protection, with durable, puncture-resistant material that protects users from chemicals and viruses.

Another non-latex gloves option is vinyl plastic gloves, which are generally cheaper than their nitrile counterparts and offer a lower level of protection. Vinyl gloves are ideal for those who prefer a cost-efficient synthetic glove that is comfortable and offers protection against chemicals, such as housekeepers, gardeners, painters and mechanics.

Medical Glove Color

There are many different calculations that go into choosing the color for disposable gloves. Some prefer a clean-looking white disposable medical glove to easily spot contamination and avoid the risk of reactions caused by the dye in colored gloves. Some choose pink disposable gloves as a way of supporting breast cancer and research. Others specifically prefer black disposable gloves, which cover up unpleasant messes, as well as provide excellent color contrast under light-colored gloves. Wearing dark disposable gloves as a first layer underneath lighter gloves is recommended when punctures and tears must be spotted immediately, such as when working with dangerous substances. Other alternatives for dark-colored gloves include blue and purple disposable gloves. 

Thickness of Disposable Gloves

Choosing how thick latex or nitrile gloves should be will depend on what the gloves will be used for. Glove thickness is often measured in mils or thousandths of an inch. While many types of gloves are very thin, thick disposable gloves may be utilized in order to eliminate moisture and contaminants which can build up on the skin while one is wearing thick gloves. Gloves that are 5 mil or less are often used in the medical industry, as well as by caregivers to handle patients with incontinence problems. Other gloves, however, may be thicker, so as to allow use in other non-medical applications. 

Materials also matter when it comes to thickness. For example, nitrile gloves are usually between 5 and 8 mils thick. Certain professionals, particularly those in the tattoo and piercing fields, use 8 mil gloves, and there are some radiologists who wear 18 mil gloves, which help to prevent exposure to chemotherapy drugs or other harsh chemicals. These thicker gloves are often made of latex.

Choosing the Right Disposable Glove Size

Gloves come in all different sizes, and its important for the user to select the glove that fits him best. The most common sizes that a person can purchase are:


Small disposable gloves are often used by women since they have, on average, smaller hands. These are a great glove choice for adolescents, as well as other individuals with small hands. 


As the name implies, medium-sized gloves exist between the small and large sizes. Those who struggle to fit appropriately into large and small should consider mediums.


Large disposable gloves are commonly worn by men of average size; however, that isn’t to say that women cannot benefit from them. If a person has a larger hand, or has medium-sized hands and wants a slightly looser fit, then this size may be ideal. Large gloves are one of the most widely used sizes in the industry.

Extra Large

If someone finds large gloves to be too snug, extra large gloves may be an effective alternative option. If someone with large hands would prefer a looser fit, or if, for whatever reason, an individual’s hands are swollen, then XL disposable gloves can be worn in to give additional room.

The primary purpose of any glove is to provide protection while maximizing dexterity. When choosing the right glove size, make sure that the gloves fit snugly and won’t slip off very easily (this is especially vital when the gloves are used in medical applications). For surgical measures and other hospital purposes, it is important to have a glove that can be put on smoothly, but fit snugly (although not too tight obviously). This will allow the wearer to have precision while still allowing him to have a firm grip on whatever tools he needs.

Disposable Medical Gloves

Examination gloves offer medical grade protection for those coming into contact with blood or bodily fluids and are therefore preferred by doctors, dentists, hospitals and caregivers. Medical exam gloves are also ideal for incontinence management. Other single-use gloves available include sterile gloves and surgical gloves, which are necessary for performing surgical procedures. 

Ordering Gloves in Bulk

At AvaCare Medical, we offer a competitive bulk pricing on disposable gloves: The more you buy, the more you can save. Make sure to contact us at 1-877-813-7799 to discuss bulk options, prices, and discounts!

If you are a medical professional or care for a loved one on a regular basis, set up an auto-reorder schedule for your case or box of disposable gloves with AvaCare Express to save yourself the hassle of reordering manually.

If you are not yet certain which type of sterile or non-sterile gloves will work best for you, check out our helpful disposable gloves buying guide to help you make your decision with confidence.

Browse our huge selection of cheap disposable gloves on AvaCare Medical now! Choose from Medline Gloves, Cardinal Health Gloves, and many other popular options.