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Incontinence Pads for Women / Female Bladder Control Pads

Reduced bladder control can lead to awkward situations, but it doesn’t have to. Female bladder control pads allow you to feel protected and self-assured, and ready to accomplish. Browse our extensive selection of incontinence pads for women from the privacy and comfort of your couch, and have them shipped straight to your front door! Read More...

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  1. TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad
    TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad
    Starting at $27.41
  2. Poise Ultra with Side Shields
    Poise Ultra with Side Shields
    Starting at $8.66
  3. FitRight Bladder Control Pads
    FitRight Bladder Control Pads
    Starting at $4.00
  4. Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency Incontience Liner
  5. Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Starting at $3.54
  6. Tena Intimates Ultimate Pads
    Tena Intimates Ultimate Pads
    Starting at $8.77
  7. Tena Intimates Moderate Long Pads
    Tena Intimates Moderate Long Pads
    Starting at $26.51
  8. Tena Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads
    Tena Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads
    Starting at $8.51
  9. Poise Ultimate Incontinence Pad Original
    Poise Ultimate Incontinence Pad Original
    Starting at $37.78
  10. Prevail Bladder Control Pad Overnight
    Prevail Bladder Control Pad Overnight
    Starting at $12.00
  11. Attends Discreet Female Disposable Bladder Control Pad
  12. Dignity Briefmates Super Guard Disposable Pad 45" - 58"

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction

For women who experience light or mild incontinence, female bladder control products are a discreet means to protect against leaks. A female incontinence pad is usually comprised of cloth-like materials and backed with adhesive strips to keep it in place. The adhesive side sticks to the inside of the underwear.

Like most bladder control products, incontinence pads for women are absorbent and lock away odors quickly, thereby preventing leakage and keeping the user’s skin healthy. They are also odor resistant.

The main benefit offered by feminine incontinence pads is discreetness: No one will know, since these are worn inside normal underwear. 

Why Choose Incontinence Pads for Women?

When it comes to discretion, women’s incontinence pads are unsurpassed.

  • They are small enough to be carried in your purse. 
  • They are worn inside regular underwear.
  • They don’t require one to get fully undressed in order to change to a new pad.
  • They are compact enough to be disposed of discreetly.
  • They don’t make awkward crinkly noises.
  • They often offer protection against odors.
  • They are more earth-friendly than bulkier products.
  • They are significantly cheaper than incontinence underwear.
  • They come in various absorbency levels.
  • They are more comfortable, and will keep the wearer less hot.
  • They are not underwear or diapers; all this is is a pad!

For all these reasons, ladies with mild incontinence often choose to wear women’s bladder control pads.

Panty Liners vs. Pads

Waterproof pads for women are often thicker and longer in length than panty liners. Since panty liners are thinner than pads, they are felt even less than pads. However, being that panty liners are thinner, they’re less absorbent than pads. For this reason, panty liners function best as a “just in case” precautionary measure for those with light leakage. 

Incontinence Pads vs. Menstrual Pads

As we all know, these two products were designed for different purposes. Menstrual pads are meant to soak up a slow stream of thick liquid. They’re not as absorbent as ladies’ incontinence pads. Women’s pads for incontinence, in contrast, are designed to rapidly absorb large amounts of liquid, and lock them in quickly to prevent leakage. Another difference is in the type of odor control: Menstrual pads often feature deodorizing properties which mask the odor, while incontinence pads contain properties which neutralize urine odors by means of pH balance. Also, bladder control pads, unlike menstrual pads, often feature elastic on the sides, for a more protective fit that prevents urine from sneaking out. 

Best Incontinence Pads for Women

Most ladies don’t enjoy the trial and error process of finding women’s pads for leakage that actually do the job the way you want them to. Reduce the amount of tries by sticking to pads that are known to work. Order a few free samples of the best incontinence pads for women, and you’ll surely find the perfect pad fabulously fast!

TENA Intimates Maximum Pads

Tena Intimates Maximum Pads are one of the best female incontinence pads; they are a proven solution for leakage issues. Aside from being reliably absorbent, these pads feature sophisticated technology that gently pulls moisture away from the skin, to prevent rashes or irritation, and keep the skin healthy. Tena intimates maximum pads not only protect against heavy leakage; they also neutralize unpleasant odors. These pads are 13” long, and are individually wrapped so that you can store one in your purse. 

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads feature the acclaimed ProSkin Technology, which allows the skin to remain healthy. These pee pads for women are specifically designed for overnight use: The wide back provides lie-down protection, and the rapid speed and large capacity of absorption helps prevent leakage. These TENA Intimates Overnight Pads let the user sleep peacefully through the night, free of worries. 

TENA Intimates Light Urine Pads 

TENA Intimates Light Pads are ultra thin and absolutely invisible under one’s clothes. They protect against light leaks, locking in moisture and keeping the wearer confident, dry, and worry-free. Cushiony foam side barriers are what keep this pad contoured to the body and prevent leaks from sneaking out. Don’t be afraid of sneezes or giggles; with TENA Intimates Light Urine Pads for Women, you’ll be fully protected! 

AvaCare Medical carries many other brands of bladder control pads; not just TENA pads for women, however, this is a curated list of the best incontinence pads for women, and the 3 best options for pads are all from TENA. 

For those of you looking for Depends Pads for Women, our apologies for any confusion, but please note that Depends does not currently offer pads. Browse our selection to find many quality alternatives at AvaCare Medical.

Take advantage of our incontinence pads that can be worn inside everyday underwear! Stay confident and look your best, as usual. 

Who Can Wear Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are most commonly worn by those with mild stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is caused by the weakening of pelvic floor muscles (often due to childbirth) which leads to urine leaks when pressure is put on the pelvic floor. 

Are you uncomfortable shopping for incontinence pads at your local pharmacy or big box retailer? If you are, it’s time to start shopping for pads online and having them delivered straight to your door. 

Browse the selection of women’s bladder leakage products at AvaCare Medical now for free next-day shipping with your order of $50 or more!